Max's Max's Merienda Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Max’s Max’s Merienda Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Max’s Max’s Merienda menu has menu items like Chicken Burger, Chicken Burger With Cheese, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich with Kamote Chips, Triple Chocolate Champorado, Arroz Caldo, Seafood Lomi, Chicken Lomi and Ube Cheese Turon in Philippines.

Max's Max's Merienda Menu Prices

Max’s Max’s Merienda Menu Prices

Max’s Merienda
Chicken Burger₱195
Chicken Burger With Cheese₱235
Chicken Salad Sandwich₱235
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Kamote Chips₱255
Triple Chocolate Champorado₱265
Arroz Caldo₱265
Seafood Lomi₱289
Chicken Lomi₱289
Ube Cheese Turon₱175

Nutrition information of Max’s Max’s Merienda Menu

Food ItemPrice (₱)Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)
Chicken Burger195400-50020-2520-3030-40
Chicken Burger With Cheese235450-55020-2525-3530-40
Chicken Salad Sandwich235350-45015-2015-2530-40
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Kamote Chips255400-50015-2020-3040-50
Triple Chocolate Champorado265300-4005-1010-1540-50
Arroz Caldo265250-35010-1510-1530-40
Seafood Lomi289350-45015-2015-2540-50
Chicken Lomi289300-40010-1515-2530-40
Ube Cheese Turon175150-2001-55-1020-30

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Max’s Merienda Menu?

Max’s Merienda Menu is a selection of delightful snacks and light meals offered by Max’s, featuring a variety of flavorful options suitable for mid-day cravings or afternoon tea.

How much do the items on Max’s Merienda Menu cost?

Prices vary for each item. You can find the specific prices listed beside each item on the menu.

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