Max's Max's Corner Bakery Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Max’s Max’s Corner Bakery Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Max’s Max’s Corner Bakery menu has menu items like Caramel Fudge Cake, Troubador Cake, Assorted Polvoron, Cream Cheese Brownies, Classic Caramel Bar, Mango Caramel Bar, Chocolate Message Cake, Mocha Message Cake, Vanilla Message Cake, Choco Meringue Delight, Triple Treat Cake, Nutty Caramel Cake, Coffee Tiramisu (Half Roll), Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake, Choco Dulce Delight Cake, Mini Red Velvet Cake, Mini Caramel Cake, Mocha Cake Roll (Half), Ube Cake Roll (Half), Chocolate Cake Roll (Half), Cake Roll Slice, Cake Slice, Pandesal, Wheat Bread, Tasty, Pan de Rosa, Spanish Bread, Ensaimada, Cheese Roll, Mamon, Banana Loaf, Choco Loaf, Macaroons, Choco Crinkles, Caramel Biscotti Regular, Mango Cookies, Cookies and Cream, Buko Pandan, Halo-Halo, Classic Ice Scramble and Ube Ice Scramble in Philippines.

Max's Max's Corner Bakery Menu Prices

Max’s Max’s Corner Bakery Menu Prices

Max’s Corner Bakery
Caramel Fudge Cake₱1169
Troubador Cake₱935
Assorted Polvoron₱315
Cream Cheese Brownies₱265
Classic Caramel Bar₱135
Mango Caramel Bar₱219
Chocolate Message Cake₱585
Mocha Message Cake₱585
Vanilla Message Cake₱549
Choco Meringue Delight₱1055
Triple Treat Cake₱819
Nutty Caramel Cake₱965
Coffee Tiramisu (Half Roll)₱465
Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake₱465
Choco Dulce Delight Cake₱965
Mini Red Velvet Cake₱465
Mini Caramel Cake₱465
Mocha Cake Roll (Half)₱345
Ube Cake Roll (Half)₱345
Chocolate Cake Roll (Half)₱345
Cake Roll Slice₱49
Cake Slice₱39
Wheat Bread₱75
Pan de Rosa₱89
Spanish Bread₱109
Cheese Roll₱49
Banana Loaf₱169
Choco Loaf₱169
Choco Crinkles₱179
Caramel Biscotti Regular₱365
Mango Cookies₱179
Cookies and Cream₱179
Buko Pandan₱115
Classic Ice Scramble₱119
Ube Ice Scramble₱119

Nutrition information of Max’s Max’s Corner Bakery Menu

Food ItemPrice (₱)Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)
Caramel Fudge Cake1169400-5005-1020-3040-50
Troubador Cake935350-4505-1015-2540-50
Assorted Polvoron315150-2002-510-1520-30
Cream Cheese Brownies265200-3002-515-2030-40
Classic Caramel Bar135100-1501-35-1020-30
Mango Caramel Bar219150-2001-310-1530-40
Chocolate Message Cake585300-4005-1015-2540-50
Mocha Message Cake585300-4005-1015-2540-50
Vanilla Message Cake549300-4005-1015-2540-50
Choco Meringue Delight1055400-5005-1025-3540-50
Triple Treat Cake819350-4505-1020-3040-50
Nutty Caramel Cake965350-4505-1020-3040-50
Coffee Tiramisu (Half Roll)465200-3002-510-1530-40
Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake465200-3002-515-2030-40
Choco Dulce Delight Cake965350-4505-1020-3040-50
Mini Red Velvet Cake465200-3002-515-2030-40
Mini Caramel Cake465200-3002-515-2030-40
Mocha Cake Roll (Half)345150-2002-510-1520-30
Ube Cake Roll (Half)345150-2002-510-1520-30
Chocolate Cake Roll (Half)345150-2002-510-1520-30
Cake Roll Slice4950-1001-32-510-20
Cake Slice3950-1001-32-510-20
Wheat Bread7580-1203-52-515-25
Pan de Rosa8990-1403-53-715-25
Spanish Bread109100-1503-63-715-25
Cheese Roll4970-1102-43-610-20
Banana Loaf169150-2003-57-1020-30
Choco Loaf169150-2003-57-1020-30
Choco Crinkles179100-1502-48-1215-20
Caramel Biscotti Regular365200-3005-815-2030-40
Mango Cookies179100-1501-38-1215-20
Cookies and Cream179100-1501-38-1215-20
Buko Pandan11580-1201-36-1015-20
Classic Ice Scramble119100-1502-43-720-30
Ube Ice Scramble119100-1502-43-720-30

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Max’s Corner Bakery?

Max’s Corner Bakery is a delightful extension of Max’s Restaurant, offering a delectable range of baked goods and sweet treats. It features an array of cakes, pastries, and bread, perfect for various occasions.

How much do items on Max’s Corner Bakery Menu cost?

Prices vary for each item. You can find the specific prices listed beside each item on the menu.

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