Genki Sushi Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Genki Sushi Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

When it comes to sushi enthusiasts seeking an authentic and affordable dining experience, Genki Sushi stands out as a top choice. The Genki Sushi chain has gained widespread popularity for delectable offerings and pocket-friendly Genki Sushi menu prices. With a commitment to delivering high-quality sushi in a warm and welcoming ambiance, Genki Sushi has become a go-to destination for both casual diners and passionate sushi connoisseurs. Genki Sushi menu prices have always been a significant factor in attracting a diverse clientele. The restaurant prides itself on striking a perfect balance between taste, presentation, and affordability.

Genki Sushi Menu Prices
RestaurantGenki Sushi
Delivery Timing10 am to 9 pm
Location2nd Floor, Ayala Malls Manila Bay Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, cor Aseana Ave, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63277523603
Food Categories14

From classic nigiri to creative specialty rolls, Genki Sushi ensures that their diverse menu appeals to all palates. Whether you’re looking for traditional favorites like tuna and salmon or innovative sushi combinations, Genki Sushi’s menu caters to a wide range of preferences without breaking the bank. Despite offering competitive prices, Genki Sushi never compromises on the freshness and quality of its ingredients. This commitment to excellence is evident in each dish they serve. Diners can relish the tantalizing flavors of their favorite sushi without worrying about hidden costs. At Genki Sushi, transparency is paramount, and the upfront menu prices reflect the true value of the culinary experience customers can expect.

Genki Sushi Menu Categories


Genki Sushi Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Aburi Set₱ 1600.00
Roll Set₱ 1150.00
Genki Cooked Set₱ 2000.00
Small Salmon Set₱ 820.00
Phillippine All Star Set₱ 1300.00
Genki Supreme Sushi Set₱ 3100.00
All-Star Set₱ 2000.00
Japan All-Star Set₱ 1250.00
Rainbow Trout Set₱ 850.00
Genki Sushi PLATTER Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Chuka Wakane Gunkan₱ 140.00
Kanikama Salad Gunkan₱ 140.00
Tuna Salad Gunkan₱ 10.00
Fried Chicken Gunkan₱ 140.00
Corn Gunkan₱ 110.00
Lobster Salad Gunkan₱ 250.00
Spicy Salmon Gunkan₱ 180.00
Flying Fish Roe Gunkan₱ 200.00
Shrimp Roe Gunkan₱ 200.00
Salmon Roe Gunkan₱ 390.00
Kyuri Unagi Gunkan₱ 200.00
Spicy Rainbow Trout Gunkan₱ 180.00


Menu itemsPrices
Kanikama Handroll₱ 180.00
California Handroll₱ 160.00
Tuna Handroll₱ 180.00
Salmon Handroll₱ 200.00
River Eel Handroll₱ 220.00
Spicy Salmon Handroll₱ 200.00
Ebi Tempura Handroll₱ 140.00
Salmon Skin Handroll₱ 180.00
Rainbow Trout Handroll₱ 200.00
Genki Sushi TEMAKI Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Hana Sushi₱ 260.00
Yellow Tail Nigiri₱ 200.00
Chub Mackerel Nigiri₱ 180.00
Norwegian Fresh Salmon Nigiri₱ 180.00
Salmon Belly Nigiri₱ 180.00
Fresh Tuna Nigiri₱ 180.00
Squid Nigiri₱ 150.00
Shrimp Nigiri₱ 180.00
Northern Shrimp Nigiri₱ 180.00
Kanikama Nigiri₱ 160.00
Tamgo Nigiri₱ 140.00
Spam Tamago Nigiri₱ 160.00
Tempura Kanikama NIgiri₱ 180.00
Fried Gyoza Nigiri₱ 180.00
Tuna Croquette Nigiri₱ 200.00
Squid Taberu Layu Nigiri₱ 180.00
Tuna Tataki Nigiri₱ 180.00
Salmon Taberu Layu Nigiri₱ 200.00
Shrimp Taberu Layu Nigiri₱ 180.00
Fried Tofu Skin Nigiri₱ 140.00


Menu itemsPrices
Seared Salmon Supreme Nigiri₱ 220.00
Seared Salmon with Black Pepper Nigiri₱ 220.00
Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe Nigiri₱ 220.00
Premium Grilled Salmon Belly Nigiri₱ 330.00
Seared Tamago with Black Pepper₱ 190.00
Seared Tamago with Pollock Roe Nigiri₱ 200.00
Seared Shrimp Garlic Butter Nigiri₱ 190.00
Seared Cheese Shrimp Nigiri₱ 250.00
Seared Shrimp with Black Pepper Nigiri₱ 190.00
Seared Shrimp with Pollock Roe Nigiri₱ 200.00
Seared Grilled Ricer Eel Nigiri₱ 220.00
Seared Creamy Garlic Scallop Nigiri₱ 280.00
Seared Salmon Skin Nigiri₱ 180.00
Seared Rainbow Trout Supreme₱ 220.00
Seared Trout with Black Pepper₱ 210.00
Seared Rainbow Trout with Pollock Roe₱ 220.00
Genki Sushi SEARED Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Salmon Trio₱ 330.00
Shrimp Trio₱ 290.00
Kanikama Trio₱ 290.00
Gunkan Trio₱ 290.00
Rainbow Trout Trio₱ 330.00


Menu itemsPrices
Spicy Double Salmon Roll₱ 250.00
Genki Roll₱ 250.00
Lobster Salad Roll₱ 250.00
Spicy Tuna Roll₱ 200.00
Fried Salmon Cheese Roll₱ 230.00
California Roll₱ 220.00
Chicken Teriyaki Roll₱ 200.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll₱ 200.00
Crunchy Salmon Nori Roll₱ 220.00
Salmon Taberu Layu Roll₱ 250.00
Tempura Spam and Tamago Roll₱ 200.00
Salmon Roll₱ 200.00
Tuna Roll₱ 200.00
Cucumber Roll₱ 110.00
Spicy Beef Teriyaki Roll₱ 200.00
Salmon Cucumber Roll₱ 140.00
Genki Sushi MAKIMONO Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Yellow Tail Sashimi₱ 450.00
Salmon Sashimi₱ 390.00
Tuna Sashimi₱ 350.00
Salmon Belly Sashimi₱ 390.00
Northern Shrimp Sashimi₱ 350.00
Tamago Sashimi₱ 320.00
Rainbow Trout Sashimi₱ 390.00


Menu itemsPrices
Genki Salad₱ 320.00
Chuka Wakame₱ 200.00
Kanikamam Salad₱ 180.00
Edamame₱ 140.00
Steamed Egg Custard₱ 190.00
Miso Soup₱ 140.00
Salmon Miso Soup₱ 180.00
Genki Sushi APPETIZERS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Shoyu Ramen₱ 330.00
Spicy Miso Ramen₱ 490.00
Beef Teriyaki Ramen₱ 330.00
Kake Udon₱ 250.00
Shrimp Tempura Udon₱ 450.00
Niku Udon₱ 450.00


Menu itemsPrices
Gyudon₱ 420.00
Chirashi Don₱ 620.00
Salmon Oyako Don₱ 690.00
Ebi Tempura Don₱ 390.00
Unadon₱ 520.00
Salmon Black Pepper Don₱ 490.00
Salmon Teriyaki Don₱ 490.00
Black Pepper Chicken Don₱ 330.00
Chicken Teriyaki Don₱ 330.00
Chicken Oyako Don₱ 330.00
Chicken Katsu Don₱ 330.00
Pork Teriyaki Don₱ 330.00
Spicy Pork Don₱ 330.00
Genki Sushi RICE BOWLS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Fried Chicken Bento₱ 490.00
Shrimp Tempura Bento₱ 520.00
Shrimp Tempura Supreme Bento₱ 800.00
Chicken Teriyaki Bento₱ 550.00
Black Pepper Chicken Bento₱ 550.00
Chicken Katsudon Bento₱ 550.00


Menu itemsPrices
Matcha Latte₱ 140.00
Honey Citrus Soda₱ 180.00
Mogu-Mogu₱ 80.00
Bottled Water₱ 80.00
Lemon Dou₱ 160.00
Genki Sushi BEVERAGES Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Teriyaki Rice₱ 180.00
Beef Rice Burger₱ 180.00
Tonkatsu Rice Burger₱ 180.00
Crispy Rice Bites₱ 110.00
Udon Omelette₱ 390.00

Location of Genki Sushi

Video of Genki Sushi

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday10 am9 pm
Friday10 am9 pm
Saturday10 am9 pm
Sunday10 am9 pm
Monday10 am9 pm
Tuesday10 am9 pm
Wednesday10 am9 pm

Service Options

  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeaway


  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


  • Alcohol
  • Small plates
  • Beer

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Dinner
  • Seating


  • Gender-neutral toilets
  • High chairs
  • Good for kids
  • Toilets


  • Family friendly
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Groups
  • Transgender safe space

Payments Methods

  • Cash only
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63277523603

About Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is a renowned sushi chain that has captured the hearts and taste buds of food lovers worldwide. Founded in Japan, the restaurant has expanded its presence across the globe, offering a delightful and authentic sushi experience. With a strong emphasis on quality, Genki Sushi takes pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients to create a diverse menu that caters to various culinary preferences. Their innovative approach to sushi preparation, coupled with affordable prices, has made Genki Sushi a go-to destination for both sushi enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Whether you’re seeking classic nigiri, creative specialty rolls, or delectable side dishes, Genki Sushi guarantees a memorable and satisfying dining adventure that keeps customers coming back for more.

Best Selling item of Genki Sushi

The best-selling item at Genki Sushi, without a doubt, is their signature “Genki Roll.” This delectable creation has captured the hearts of countless sushi aficionados and stands as a testament to the restaurant’s culinary excellence. The Genki Roll boasts a harmonious fusion of flavors, featuring a delightful combination of fresh seafood, creamy avocado, and crisp cucumber, all wrapped in a layer of perfectly seasoned sushi rice and seaweed. Topped with a drizzle of their secret sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, each bite offers a burst of umami goodness that leaves diners craving for more. With its impeccable taste, stunning presentation, and reasonable price, it’s no wonder the Genki Roll has become a must-try dish for anyone visiting Genki Sushi.

Alternative of Genki Sushi

For those seeking an alternative to Genki Sushi, “Sushi Express” presents an excellent option that satisfies both the palate and budget. Similar to Genki Sushi, Sushi Express is a well-established sushi chain with a wide range of delectable offerings. The restaurant prides itself on its conveyor belt sushi concept, where diners can select their favorite dishes as they pass by on a conveyor belt. This interactive and fun dining experience sets Sushi Express apart, making it an attractive choice for families and friends looking for a unique meal outing. With a diverse menu that includes classic sushi rolls, nigiri, and creative fusion options, Sushi Express caters to a variety of tastes.

Moreover, like Genki Sushi, Sushi Express and Crisostomo Menu maintains a focus on using fresh ingredients to deliver top-notch sushi at affordable prices, making it an enticing alternative for sushi lovers everywhere.

Career Opportunities at Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary world and dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences. As a well-established and expanding sushi chain, Genki Sushi often seeks talented individuals to join their team in various roles. From skilled sushi chefs and kitchen staff to friendly and attentive servers, the restaurant offers a diverse range of positions. Aspiring candidates can find growth prospects and professional development within the company, as Genki Sushi values employee progression and nurtures a positive work environment.

Whether one is looking to hone their culinary skills, gain valuable customer service experience, or step into a managerial role, Genki Sushi’s commitment to excellence creates a stimulating and rewarding career journey for those seeking to be part of a dynamic and thriving food industry. Kowloon House Menu also presents exciting career opportunities for culinary enthusiasts and hospitality professionals. With a diverse menu that showcases authentic Asian flavors, joining their team offers a rewarding journey in the food industry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely! Genki Sushi understands that personalization is key to a delightful dining experience. Diners can request modifications to their sushi orders, such as adding or omitting ingredients, adjusting spice levels, or even creating their own unique sushi rolls.

One of the most popular items on the Genki Sushi menu is the “Genki Roll,” a signature roll that combines fresh seafood, avocado, cucumber, and a delectable sauce. Additionally, their assorted nigiri platters and specialty rolls often receive high praise from patrons.

One of the most popular items on the Genki Sushi menu is the “Genki Roll,” a signature roll that combines fresh seafood, avocado, cucumber, and a delectable sauce. Additionally, their assorted nigiri platters and specialty rolls often receive high praise from patrons.

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