Eng Bee Tin Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Eng Bee Tin Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Eng Bee Tin, a renowned name in the world of Chinese cuisine, has gained a loyal following for its delectable offerings and reasonable menu prices. This beloved eatery stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of taste and affordability. In this article, we’ll explore the Eng Bee Tin menu prices and what makes this culinary destination a must-visit. The Eng Bee Tin menu prices not only offer value for money but also promise an enticing culinary adventure.

Eng Bee Tin Menu Prices
RestaurantEng Bee Tin
Delivery Timing10 AM to 10 PM
Location2/F Walter Mart Makati, 790 Chino Roces Ave, Makati, 1230 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline (02) 8288-8888
Food Categories5

From savory dim sum to flavorful noodle dishes, the options cater to a wide range of preferences. Dim sum lovers can savor classics like pork siomai or hakaw, all priced to ensure that a satisfying meal won’t break the bank. Eng Bee Tin specializes in serving comfort food that warms the soul without emptying the wallet. Their noodle soups, such as the hearty beef wanton mami or the savory lomi, are exceptionally popular. These dishes are not only delicious but also affordably priced, making Eng Bee Tin a go-to spot for those seeking comforting, budget-friendly meals.

Eng Bee Tin Menu Categories

All Time FavoritesPremium Hopia
MochiBalls & Tikoy RollsMooncakes
World Class Premium Tikoy

Eng Bee Tin Menu Prices

All Time Favorites

Menu itemsPrices
Fortune Cake₱65
Fortune Cookies₱100
Frozen Mantou₱120
Frozen Patatim₱650
Premium Cheese Tikoy₱298
Premium Cheese Tikoy₱298
Radish Cake Big₱270
Radish Cake Small₱220
Tikoy Brown Medium₱195
Tikoy Brown Small₱140
Tikoy Pandan Medium₱225
Tikoy Pandan Small₱170
Tikoy Roll Pandan₱50
Tikoy Roll Peanut₱50
Tikoy Roll Plain₱50
Tikoy Roll Sesame₱50
Tikoy Roll Ube₱50
Tioy Sweet Corn Medium₱225
Tikoy Ube Small₱170
Tikoy White Small₱140

MochiBalls & Tikoy Rolls

Menu itemsPrices
Mochiballs Banana₱55
Mochiballs Honey₱55
Mochiballs Mocha₱55
Mochiballs Ube₱55
Tikoy Roll Pandan₱50
Tikoy Roll Peanut₱50
Tikoy Roll Plain₱50
Tikoy Roll Sesame₱50
Tikoy Roll Ube₱50
Eng Bee Tin MochiBalls & Tikoy Rolls Menu

World Class Premium Tikoy

Menu itemsPrices
Premium Cheese Tikoy₱298
Premium Cheese Tikoy₱298
Tikoy Brown Medium₱195
Tikoy Brown Small₱140
Tikoy Pandan Medium₱225
Tikoy Pandan Small₱170
Tikoy Sweet Corn Medium₱225
Tikoy Sweet Corn Small₱170
Tikoy Ube Medium₱225
Tikoy Ube Small₱170
Tikoy White Medium₱195
Tikoy White Small₱140

Premium Hopia

Menu itemsPrices
Brownie Hopia (12pcs)₱270
Eng Bee Tin Hopia Dozen Bundle₱650
Hopia Buko Custard₱68
Hopia Buko Pandan₱54
Hopia Custard Classic₱60
Hopia Custard Ube₱60
Hopia Durian₱68
Hopia Kundol₱52
Hopia Mochipia Ube Macapuno₱58
Hopia Mongo₱50
Hopia Mongo Lite₱60
Hopia Mongo Supreme₱60
Hopia Pineapple₱46
Hopia Red Mongo₱56
Hopia Ube₱56


Menu itemsPrices
4 in 1 Mooncake Silver Set₱620
4 in 1 Chocolate Lava Mooncake₱840
Eng Bee Tin Premium XO Floss Mooncake₱900
2 in 1 Mooncake Philippine Pride₱405
2 in 1 Mooncake Pinoy Flavors₱375
Choco Banana Lava Mooncake₱220
Eng Bee Tin Premium XO Floss Mooncake₱250
Mixed Nuts Mooncake₱210
Mooncake Mini₱135
Pandan Mooncake₱205
Premium Durian Mooncake₱225
Premium Mango Jam Mooncake₱225
Snow Rose White Lotus Mooncake₱225
Triple Chocolate Lava Mooncake₱235
Ube Mooncake₱210
White Empress Mooncake₱225
White Empress Premium Mooncake₱225
White Lotus Mooncake₱210
White Mongo Mooncake₱180

Location of Eng Bee Tin

Video of Eng Bee Tin

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday10 AM10 PM
Friday10 AM10 PM
Saturday10 AM10 PM
Sunday10 AM10 PM
Monday10 AM10 PM
Tuesday10 AM10 PM
Wednesday10 AM10 PM

Service Options

  • In-store pickup
  • Takeout
  • In-store shopping

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: (02) 8288-8888

About Eng Bee Tin

Eng Bee Tin, a renowned establishment in the world of Chinese cuisine, is a culinary treasure trove that beckons both locals and visitors with its rich history and delectable offerings. Founded in 1912, Eng Bee Tin has stood the test of time, evolving into an iconic name synonymous with authentic Chinese flavors. This culinary haven is celebrated for its diverse menu, which spans from savory dim sum to comforting noodle soups and sweet delicacies like hopia. Beyond its exceptional dishes, Eng Bee Tin exudes a warm and inviting ambiance that makes every visit a memorable experience.

With a commitment to affordability and quality, Eng Bee Tin has become a beloved institution, introducing patrons to the time-honored tastes of Chinese cuisine while ensuring that each visit is a delightful journey through flavors that stand the test of time.

Best Selling item of Eng Bee Tin

The best-selling item at Eng Bee Tin is undoubtedly their famous hopia. These delectable pastries have captured the hearts and taste buds of countless customers, both local and international. Eng Bee Tin’s hopia, available in various flavors like ube, mongo, and even savory options like asado (meat-filled), are prized for their delicate, flaky pastry and generous, flavorful fillings. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a loyal patron, indulging in a piece of their hopia is a must. It’s the perfect embodiment of Eng Bee Tin’s commitment to quality and tradition, offering a sweet and savory taste of Chinese heritage that keeps customers coming back for more.

Alternative of Eng Bee Tin

While Eng Bee Tin stands as a beloved institution in the world of Chinese cuisine and pastries, there are several noteworthy alternatives that offer a diverse range of similar offerings. One such alternative is “Gong Cha,” a popular chain specializing in bubble tea and snacks. Gong Cha offers a delightful variety of bubble tea flavors and delicious bites that can rival Eng Bee Tin’s sweet treats. Additionally, “Tim Ho Wan” is another alternative, famous for its affordable yet delectable dim sum options. These alternatives including Beanleaf Menu and Metiz Menu provide an array of flavors and culinary experiences that can satisfy those seeking authentic Chinese tastes and affordable dining options.

Career Opportunities at Eng Bee Tin

Eng Bee Tin offers a range of promising career opportunities within its establishment. As a well-established and respected name in the culinary world, Eng Bee Tin provides a platform for individuals to develop and grow in their careers. From positions in the kitchen crafting delicious dishes to roles in customer service and management, there are numerous avenues for career advancement. The company’s commitment to quality and authenticity extends to its workforce, fostering an environment where employees can learn, develop their skills, and contribute to the continued success of this renowned brand.

For those passionate about the culinary arts and dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences, Eng Bee Tin offers a promising and fulfilling path in the food and hospitality industry.

Eng Bee Tin Deal

Eng Bee Tin Deal

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Eng Bee Tin is renowned for its authentic Chinese cuisine, offering a wide variety of dishes, including dim sum, noodle soups, rice meals, and sweet pastries like hopia.

Some popular dishes include pork siomai, beef wanton mami, Yang Chow fried rice, Hainanese chicken rice, and a variety of hopia flavors such as ube and mongo.

Eng Bee Tin is known for its reasonable menu prices, making it an excellent choice for those seeking authentic Chinese flavors without breaking the bank.

Eng Bee Tin often introduces special menu items during Chinese festivals or significant holidays, so keep an eye out for seasonal offerings.

Eng Bee Tin may offer catering services for parties and special occasions, so it’s advisable to contact them directly to inquire about catering options and availability.

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