Metiz Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Metiz Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Metiz, a haven for food lovers, provides a delightful dining experience through a varied menu that satisfies a broad spectrum of palates. From tantalizing appetizers to delectable main courses, the Metiz menu is known for its premium ingredients, expert preparation, and a blend of international and local flavors. The Metiz menu kicks off the dining experience with a delightful array of appetizers.

Metiz Menu Prices
Delivery Timing6 PM to 11 PM
LocationKarrivin Plaza, Ground floor, building A, 2316 Chino Roces Ave, Extension, Makati
Delivery Hotline+639177004109
Food Categories8

From classic favorites like bruschetta to exotic options such as truffle fries, there’s something to please every palate. Prices for these appetizers typically range from $8 to $15, making it an affordable way to begin your culinary adventure. Metiz offers a diverse selection of main courses, ranging from succulent steaks to fresh seafood, and vegetarian delights. Prices for main courses vary depending on the ingredients and preparation, with most dishes averaging between $20 and $40. The diverse Metiz Menu Prices ensures that there is something to suit every budget and preference.

Metiz Menu Categories

Umami moWhite wines
CocktailsSparkling wines
Menu carte blancheRose wines
Red winesCoffee

Metiz Menu Prices

Umami mo

Menu itemsPrices
Pork&beans metiz good for 2-3 persons₱850
Squid inasal good for 2-3 persons₱750
Kalderetang baka redux good for 2-3 persons₱1150
Basa sa gata good for 2-3 persons₱850
Cool caramelized banana dessert good for 2-3 persons₱400


Menu itemsPrices
Honey mead negroni₱280+
Gin ampalaya₱280+
Kamias shrub₱280+
Citrus maxima₱280+

Menu carte blanche

Menu itemsPrices
Five courses choice of mains₱1500
Metiz Menu carte blanche Menu

Red wines

Menu itemsPrices
Cuvee des galets bottle₱1375
Cuvee des galets per glass₱270
Chateau tire pe diem₱1375
Parotet vermell₱2100
Tour de pierres₱2100
Cuvee de jeune vigne₱2900
Lousas vina de aldea₱2900

White wines

Menu itemsPrices
Azimut blanc bottle₱1375
Azimut blanc per glass₱270
Clos des verdots₱1375
Petit fume₱2900

Sparkling wines

Menu itemsPrices
Azimut brut₱2100
Drappier primier cru₱5500

Rose wines

Menu itemsPrices


Menu itemsPrices
Bukidnon coffee organice arabica₱150+
Coca-cola, zero, light₱150+
Sparkling water₱70+

Location of Metiz

Video of Metiz

Opening & Closing Time

Wednesday6 PM11 PM
Thursday6 PM11 PM
Friday6 PM11 PM
Saturday12–3 PM6–11:30 PM
Tuesday6 PM11 PM

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +639177004109

About Metiz

Metiz stands as a prestigious culinary establishment, renowned for its excellence in the realm of gastronomy. Located in the heart of Philippines, it stands as a testament to the art of fine dining. Metiz is renowned for its commitment to using premium, locally sourced ingredients and combining them with international flavors to create a menu that transcends borders and expectations. Featuring a refined and inviting atmosphere, it provides a dining experience that blends sophistication with warmth.

From the moment you step through its doors, you embark on a journey of taste and refinement that celebrates the joys of food, making Metiz a beloved destination for both discerning locals and curious travelers seeking a memorable dining experience.

Best Selling item of Metiz

Metiz’s best-selling item, and a true showstopper on its menu, is the “Metiz Signature Steak.” This mouthwatering masterpiece is a prime example of culinary artistry. It features a perfectly cooked, hand-selected cut of steak, seared to perfection and served with a delectable reduction sauce.

The Metiz Signature Steak embodies the restaurant’s commitment to using top-quality ingredients and masterful preparation techniques. It’s a culinary delight that consistently captures the hearts and palates of patrons, combining the rich flavors of premium beef with a symphony of complementary elements. Whether you’re a connoisseur of steak or new to the world of fine dining, the Metiz Signature Steak is an unforgettable culinary masterpiece that embodies excellence on a plate.

Alternative of Metiz

For those seeking an alternative to the Metiz dining experience, there are numerous culinary options available in the vibrant culinary scene of [City Name]. One such alternative is the “Gourmet Haven,” a charming bistro known for its diverse menu and cozy ambiance. Another excellent choice is “Savor Elegance,” which offers a fusion of international cuisines in a modern and stylish setting. These alternatives including Dampa Seafood Grill Menu and Tokyo Bubble Tea Menu provide unique culinary adventures, ensuring that patrons can explore a variety of flavors and dining atmospheres beyond Metiz while still enjoying the rich tapestry of food experiences that the city has to offer.

Career Opportunities at Metiz

Metiz offers a wealth of career opportunities in the dynamic and exciting field of culinary arts and hospitality. As a renowned culinary establishment, we are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our team.

Whether you aspire to be a skilled chef, a dedicated server, a creative mixologist, or a hospitality professional, Metiz provides a nurturing environment to hone your skills and thrive in your career. Our commitment to excellence extends to our staff, and we believe in fostering growth and development. At Metiz, you’ll find a world of opportunities to further your career and be part of a team dedicated to delivering exceptional dining experiences. Join us in shaping the future of culinary excellence.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Metiz offers a children’s menu with kid-friendly options, making it a family-friendly dining destination.

Metiz periodically introduces seasonal menu changes to incorporate fresh, local ingredients and offer variety to our patrons.

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