Elar’s Lechon Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Elar’s Lechon Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Elar’s Lechon is a renowned name in the world of Filipino cuisine, especially when it comes to one of the country’s most beloved dishes, lechon. This traditional roasted pig has been at the heart of Filipino celebrations for generations, and Elar’s has consistently delivered top-notch quality. If you’re curious about Elar’s Lechon menu prices, you’re in for a delightful surprise. Elar’s Lechon is known for offering a variety of menu options, catering to different preferences and budgets. The Elar’s Lechon menu includes everything from a whole lechon, perfect for grand celebrations, to more budget-friendly options like lechon belly.

Elar’s Lechon Menu Prices
RestaurantElar’s Lechon
Delivery Timing8 AM to 5 PM
Location151 Quezon Ave, Quezon City, 1114 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63287324116
Food Categories4

Elar’s Lechon is known for offering a variety of menu options, catering to different preferences and budgets. The menu includes everything from a whole lechon, perfect for grand celebrations, to more budget-friendly options like lechon belly. Elar’s Lechon is transparent about its pricing, making it easy for customers to plan their orders. Elar’s Lechon Menu Prices are typically determined by the size of the lechon or lechon belly you choose. It’s easy to find the cost of each option, and there are no hidden fees or unexpected surprises when it’s time to pay the bill.

When it comes to lechon, quality matters, and Elar’s has a reputation for providing some of the best. The deliciously crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat make every bite worth savoring. Customers often find that the prices at Elar’s are a great value given the quality they receive.

Elar’s Lechon Menu Categories

Super Malasa MealsDessert
Elar’s LechonDrinks

Elar’s Lechon Menu Prices

Super Malasa Meals

Menu itemsPrices
Beef Ribs Nilaga₱110
Fried Lumpia₱75
Pork Menudo₱100
Chicken Curry₱100
Kare Kare₱110
Bangus Steak with Onions₱90
Sinigang na Lechon₱110
Pork Binagoongan with Okra and Talong₱100
Pininyahang Manok₱100
Pork Sisig₱100
Rellenong Bangus₱90
Beef Kalitiran₱110
Fresh Lumpia₱75
Elar’s Lechon Super Malasa Meals Menu

Elar’s Lechon

Menu itemsPrices
Lechon Rice₱120
Lechon Chopped 1 Kilo₱1000
Lechon Chopper 3/4 Kilo₱750
Lechon Chopped 1/2 Kilo₱500
Lechn Chopped 1/4 Kilo₱250
15 kilos₱7400
20 kilos₱8000
25 kilos₱8700
30 kilos₱9500
35 kilos₱10000
40 kilos₱10500
45 kilos₱11000
50 kilos₱11500


Menu itemsPrices
Leche Flan₱40
Buko Salad₱40
Elar’s Lechon Dessert Menu


Menu itemsPrices
All Drinks in Can₱50
Bottled Water₱40

Location of Elar’s Lechon

Video of Elar’s Lechon

Opening & Closing Time

Tuesday8 AM5 PM
Wednesday8 AM5 PM
Thursday8 AM5 PM
Friday8 AM5 PM
Saturday8 AM5 PM
Sunday8 AM5 PM
Monday8 AM5 PM

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeout


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Dining Options

  • Brunch
  • Catering
  • Lunch
  • Dessert

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63287324116

About Elar’s Lechon

Elar’s Lechon is an iconic name in the world of Filipino cuisine, celebrated for its mastery of the beloved Filipino dish, lechon. With a rich culinary history dating back to 1978, Elar’s has been satisfying the palates of generations with its succulent, expertly roasted pigs. What sets Elar’s apart is not only its commitment to tradition but also its dedication to culinary innovation, ensuring that each lechon is a masterpiece of flavor, with a crispy, golden-brown skin that’s the stuff of culinary legend.

Whether it’s a special occasion, a family gathering, or simply a craving for the taste of home, Elar’s Lechon has become synonymous with the taste of the Philippines, making it a cornerstone of Filipino celebrations and a must-visit for those in search of authentic Filipino cuisine.

Best Selling item of Elar’s Lechon

Elar’s Lechon boasts an array of mouthwatering offerings, but its best-selling item without a doubt is the traditional whole lechon. This culinary masterpiece embodies the heart and soul of Filipino celebrations.

Elar’s whole lechon is a succulent, slow-roasted pig, featuring a crisp and crackling skin that encapsulates the essence of Filipino flavors. The rich and tender meat beneath the skin is seasoned to perfection, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. Whether it’s a grand fiesta, a significant family gathering, or an intimate feast, Elar’s whole lechon takes center stage, turning any occasion into a memorable and delectable celebration of Filipino cuisine. It’s a testament to Elar’s commitment to quality and authenticity that their whole lechon remains the undisputed star of their menu, delighting taste buds and winning hearts all over the Philippines.

Alternative of Elar’s Lechon

For those seeking an alternative to Elar’s Lechon, several options are available to satisfy your cravings for Filipino cuisine. One popular alternative is Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly, which specializes in mouthwatering lechon belly, offering a unique twist on the traditional whole lechon.

Another option is Lydia’s Lechon, known for its flavorful and expertly roasted lechon. Both of these establishments offer a variety of cuts and options to suit your preferences, and they often come with delectable side dishes and sauces to complement the lechon experience. While Elar’s Lechon has its own unique charm, these alternatives including Barrio Fiesta Menu and Tong Yang Menu provides a delicious taste of the Philippines and are favored by those looking for a change or simply exploring different lechon variations.

Career Opportunities at Elar’s Lechon

Career opportunities at Elar’s Lechon present an exciting pathway for individuals who are passionate about the culinary arts and the vibrant world of Filipino cuisine. Elar’s Lechon offers a range of positions, from chefs and kitchen staff responsible for preparing the signature lechon and side dishes to service staff who ensure a delightful dining experience for customers. There are also opportunities in management, marketing, and administrative roles to support the overall operation of the establishment.

With its rich culinary history and reputation for quality, Elar’s Lechon provides an environment where aspiring professionals can grow their skills and contribute to the legacy of this renowned Filipino culinary institution. For those with a love for Filipino flavors and a dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences, a career at Elar’s Lechon can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Elar’s Lechon is renowned for its traditional Filipino lechon, a succulent and expertly roasted pig with crispy skin and flavorful meat.

Orders can be placed by visiting the Elar’s Lechon restaurant or contacting them through their official website or phone numbers. You can also inquire about catering services.

The prices vary based on the size and type of lechon you choose. The menu is known for being reasonably priced and transparent, making it suitable for various budgets.

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