Wai Ying Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Wai Ying Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Wai Ying takes pride in its competitive menu prices, offering customers a remarkable value for their dining experience. From delectable appetizers to satisfying main courses, Wai Ying Menu Prices are carefully crafted to ensure that patrons can savor the exquisite flavors without straining their wallets. With a commitment to affordability, Wai Ying has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality cuisine at accessible prices. One of the most enticing aspects of Wai Ying menu is its pocket-friendly prices. As you peruse the diverse selection, you’ll be delighted to find an impressive range of options that cater to various budgets.

Wai Ying Menu Prices
RestaurantWai Ying
Delivery Timing7 am to 10 Pm
Location810 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63282420310
Food Categories15

From budget-friendly set meals to à la carte dishes, Wai Ying has curated a menu that accommodates everyone’s financial constraints, making it an ideal choice for students, families, and food enthusiasts alike. At Wai Ying, the concept of value goes beyond the price tag. It’s about the exceptional quality and generous portions that accompany each dish. With Wai Ying menu prices, Wai Ying sets a new standard for value in the culinary scene. Every item on the menu is prepared with precision, using fresh ingredients and expert techniques, ensuring that customers receive an unforgettable dining experience that surpasses their expectations.

Wai Ying Menu Categories


Wai Ying Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Lemon Chicken Rice₱ 230.00
Yingyong Rice₱ 230.00
Roasted Duck₱ 290.00
White Chicken Rice₱ 290.00
Soy Chicken Rice₱ 240.00
Roasted Duck Fried Rice₱ 300.00
Asado Fried Rice₱ 320.00
White Chicken Fried Rice₱ 320.00
Asado fried Rice₱ 250.00
Wai Ying Rice Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Asado Chong Fan₱ 120.00
Shrimp Chong Fan₱ 140.00
Beef Chong Fan₱ 120.00
Plain Chong Fan₱ 120.00


Menu itemsPrices
Roast Pecking Duck₱ 1800.00
Asado₱ 1000.00
Soy Chicken₱ 450.00
White Chicken₱ 450.00
Roasted Suckling Pig₱ 6000.00


Menu itemsPrices
Fried Wanton₱ 220.00
Fried Dumpling₱ 220.00
Fried Rice₱ 180.00
Fried HK Style Noodles₱ 110.00
Steamed₱ 90.00
Frozen Wanton₱ 400.00
Frozen Dumpling₱ 400.00
Frozen Siomai₱ 500.00
Frozen Chicken Feet₱ 300.00
Frozen Spareribs₱ 300.00
Chili Sauce₱ 180.00
Wai Ying NEW DISHES Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Soft Drinks₱ 60.00
Coffee₱ 70.00
HK Milk Tea₱ 80.00
HK Lemon Tea₱ 70.00
Coffee (Cold)₱ 80.00
HK MIlk Tea ( Cold)₱ 80.00
HK Lemon Tea (Cold)₱ 70.00
Lemon Coke₱ 80.00
Distilled Water₱ 30.00
Lemonade₱ 70.00
Mix Cold₱ 80.00
Mix Hot₱ 70.00
Buko Juice₱ 75.00
Sugar Cane₱ 65.00
Hoy Choco₱ 65.00


Menu itemsPrices
Beef Mami₱ 200.00
GutChap₱ 200.00
Wantton Mami₱ 200.00
Dumpling Mami₱ 200.00
Fish Ball Mami₱ 200.00
Zachiang Mami₱ 200.00
Pata Mami₱ 200.00
Roast Duck Mami₱ 280.00
White Chicken Mami₱ 200.00
Asado Mami₱ 200.00
Soy Chicken Mami₱ 200.00
Fish Cake Hofan₱ 200.00


Menu itemsPrices
Bola-Bola Congee₱ 190.00
Beef Congee₱ 190.00
Mixed Meat Congee₱ 190.00
Roast Duck Congee₱ 280.00
Asado Congee₱ 190.00
Slice Fish Congee₱ 190.00
Pork & Century Congee₱ 190.00
Wai Ying CONGEE Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Steamed Minced Beef Rice₱ 220.00
Steamed Chicken Feet & Spareribs Rice₱ 230.00
Steamed Chicken Mushroom Rice₱ 220.00
Tomato Pork Chop Rice₱ 220.00
Curry Beef Brisket Rice₱ 220.00
Roasted Duck Rice₱ 280.00
Fish Fillet Rice₱ 230.00
Honey Baked Ric Rice₱ 220.00
Sweet Pork Rice₱ 220.00
Asado Rice₱ 220.00
Soy Chicken Rice₱ 220.00
Pata Rice₱ 220.00


Menu itemsPrices
Boiled Lettuce₱ 170.00
Taiwan Pechay₱ 160.00
Brocolli Flower₱ 200.00


Menu itemsPrices
Beef Ball₱ 100.00
Siomai₱ 110.00
Steamed Spareribs₱ 100.00
Chu-Chao Dumpling₱ 100.00
Asado Siopao₱ 100.00
Thaipao₱ 100.00
Chicken Feet₱ 100.00
Hakaw₱ 140.00
Raddish Cake₱ 100.00
Hamsoikok₱ 100.00
Buchi₱ 100.00
Goto₱ 100.00
Linyong Pao₱ 100.00
Egg Tart₱ 100.00
Asado Roll₱ 100.00
Chicken Taro Roll₱ 100.00
Curry Beef Soimai₱ 100.00
Steamed₱ 90.00
Hot Salad Roll₱ 110.00
Kuchai Dumpling₱ 100.00
Pork Blood₱ 110.00
Shark’s Fin Dumpling₱ 110.00
Fried Lumpia₱ 100.00
Kebab₱ 110.00
Vegetable Dumpling₱ 100.00
Japanese Siomai₱ 130.00
Beancurd Roll₱ 110.00
Century Egg Siomai₱ 130.00
Seafood Roll₱ 140.00
Lava Pao₱ 100.00
Wai Ying DIMSUM Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Frozen Siomai₱ 500.00
Frozen Wanton₱ 400.00
Frozen Dumplings₱ 400.00
Frozen Beef Ball₱ 400.00
Frozen Hakaw₱ 420.00
Frozen Kebab₱ 220.00
Frozen Cuapao₱ 90.00
Frozen Asado Siopao₱ 200.00
Frozen Lava Pao₱ 100.00
Frozen Thaipao₱ 100.00
Frozen Hofan₱ 220.00
Frozen Mami₱ 280.00
Frozen Chicken Feet₱ 300.00
Frozen Spareribs₱ 300.00
Frozen Meatball₱ 340.00
Frozen Fishball₱ 340.00
Frozen Fish Cake₱ 340.00
Frozen radish Cake 1/2₱ 1080.00
Frozen Raddish Cake 1/4₱ 560.00
Frozen Taro Cake₱ 660.00


Menu itemsPrices
1 Whole₱ 1800.00
1/2 kg₱ 900.00
1/4 kg₱ 450.00


Menu itemsPrices
1 Kg₱ 1000.00
1/2 Kg₱ 500.00
1/4 Kg₱ 250.00


Menu itemsPrices
Whole₱ 450.00
1/2 Kg₱ 225.00


Menu itemsPrices
Fish Fillet with Cream Sauce₱ 380.00
Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce₱ 380.00
Chicken Mushroom₱ 380.00
Curry Beef₱ 380.00
Beef Brisket₱ 380.00
Curry Chicken₱ 380.00
Pork Chop₱ 380.00
Lemon Chicken₱ 380.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 380.00
Honey Baked Ribs₱ 380.00

Location of Wai Ying

Video of Wai Ying

Opening & Closing Time

Saturday7 am10 Pm
Sunday7 am10 Pm
Monday7 am10 Pm
Tuesday7 am10 Pm
Wednesday7 am10 Pm
Thursday7 am10 Pm
Friday7 am10 Pm

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway


  • Coffee
  • Late-night food

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Dessert


  • Good for kids
  • Toilets

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63282420310

About Wai Ying

Wai Ying is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of the city, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. With its rich heritage and commitment to culinary excellence, Wai Ying has become a cherished destination for food enthusiasts seeking authenticity and innovation in every bite. Step into its warm and inviting ambiance, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where traditional Cantonese and Filipino flavors harmoniously blend with modern twists. From the skilled hands of their chefs to the meticulous selection of ingredients, Wai Ying exudes a passion for culinary craftsmanship that is evident in every dish they serve. With its delightful fusion of flavors, impeccable service, and a dedication to creating memorable experiences, Wai Ying has carved a special place in the hearts and palates of its discerning patrons.

Best Selling item of Wai Ying

One of the best-selling items at Wai Ying is their mouthwatering Siomai. These delectable bite-sized dumplings are a favorite among patrons, and for good reason. Each Siomai is meticulously crafted with a delicate wrapper encasing a flavorful filling of minced pork, shrimp, and fragrant spices. The Siomai is then steamed to perfection, resulting in a tender texture that simply melts in your mouth. Served with a tangy soy-vinegar dipping sauce, the Wai Ying Siomai offers a harmonious blend of savory and tangy flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Whether enjoyed as a starter or as part of a dim sum feast, the Siomai at Wai Ying embodies the essence of their culinary expertise and has rightfully earned its place as a beloved and best-selling item on their menu.

Alternative of Wai Ying

For those seeking an alternative to Wai Ying, one option worth exploring is “Flavors Galore.” With its diverse menu and inviting atmosphere, Flavors Galore offers a unique culinary experience that stands out in its own right. From Asian fusion delights to international cuisine, the restaurant presents a range of delectable options to satisfy different tastes. The menu boasts a creative blend of flavors, showcasing innovative dishes that push the boundaries of traditional recipes. With attentive service and a commitment to culinary excellence, Flavors Galore provides a refreshing alternative for food enthusiasts looking to embark on a new gastronomic adventure. 24 Chicken Menu Another Alternative that Provide With a wide range of delectable options available at reasonable rates.

Career Opportunities at Wai Ying

Wai Ying provides exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality industry. As a renowned establishment, Wai Ying values excellence, creativity, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Whether you aspire to be a skilled chef, a proficient server, or a diligent kitchen staff member, Wai Ying offers a dynamic work environment that fosters growth and learning. Joining the Wai Ying team means becoming part of a dedicated family where teamwork, professionalism, and a passion for food are celebrated. With opportunities for career advancement, comprehensive training, and a supportive work culture, Wai Ying opens doors for individuals to thrive and make their mark in the vibrant world of culinary arts.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Wai Ying is famous for its mouthwatering Siomai. These delicate dumplings filled with a flavorful blend of minced pork, shrimp, and aromatic spices are a must-try and a beloved favorite among patrons.

Yes, Wai Ying accepts major credit cards, making it convenient for customers to settle their bills. They also accept cash payments for those who prefer to pay in that manner.

Wai Ying is located in a bustling area with limited parking spaces. However, there are nearby parking lots and street parking options available. It’s advisable to plan accordingly and allocate some extra time for parking, especially during peak hours.

Yes, Wai Ying provides takeout services, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite dishes in the comfort of their own homes. They also collaborate with food delivery platforms, enabling customers to have their meals conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

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