Carousel Creamery Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Carousel Creamery Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Indulging in a delightful array of ice cream flavors is an experience that sparks joy for many. Carousel Creamery, renowned for its extensive and inventive menu, offers a journey through a carousel of flavors. As we explore Carousel Creamery menu prices, we uncover not only the cost but the value behind each scoop that transforms an ordinary day into a sweet, memorable adventure.

Carousel Creamery Menu prices
RestaurantCarousel Creamery
Delivery Timing10 AM to 10 PM
Location8 Missouri, San Juan, 1503 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63287759092
Food Categories8

One glance at Carousel Creamery menu, and you’re transported to a world of possibilities. With an impressive selection ranging from classic vanilla to exotic dragon fruit, the menu caters to diverse tastes. The prices reflect the quality and variety offered, ensuring that every craving is met with a scoop of perfection. Each flavor is a testament to Carousel Creamery’s commitment to providing a rich and satisfying experience.

Craftsmanship and the utilization of premium ingredients underscore every scoop at Carousel Creamery. The menu prices not only cover the cost of the ice cream but also the meticulous process of creating flavors that stand out. From sourcing the finest chocolates to hand-picking fresh fruits, the commitment to quality is evident in every bite. The prices, in essence, represent the value of savoring ice cream made with passion and precision.

Carousel Creamery Menu Categories

MenuThe salty
The scoopsThe caffeine hot/cold
The icecream and caffeine (espresso shake)The hot/cold chocolate
icecream/waffle and crepeThe drinks

Carousel Creamery Menu Prices

Menu itemsPrices
Oreo overload₱245
You’ve got to be nuts₱245
Depeache a la mode₱295
Low fat smoothie₱150
Apple pie ala mode₱190
Brownie ice cream sandwich₱190
Caffeine buzz₱190
Caramelized banana split₱245
Chocolate insanity₱245
Chocolate monkey₱190
Dentist’s nightmare₱225
Hot fudge sundae₱190
Menu itemsPrices
Sampler plate of 5₱450
Homemade waffle cone₱25
Handpacked takeaway pint₱350
4 pint party pack with styro₱1299
Styro for 1 hour travel₱75
Carousel Creamery The scoops Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Cookies and cream₱165
Salted caramel₱165
Vanilla toffee crunch₱165
Cookie dough₱165
Menu itemsPrices
The ice cream & waffles/crepes₱165
Strawberry compote₱25
2 strips bacon₱60
Chicken mozza tender₱100
Menu itemsPrices
All beef gourmet dog₱150
Bbq/cheese/Chicago/polish dog₱175
Chili con carne dog₱190
Chili con carne cheese dog₱200
Double bacon/tokyo dog₱200
Chicken mozza tenders and fries₱225
Calamares and fries₱250
Fish and fries₱250
Beef nachos₱160
Onion rings₱150
Bag of chips/corndog₱80
Add 2 strips of bacon₱60
Add extra beef or cheese or jalapeño₱25
Carousel Creamery The salty Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Long black₱95
Flat white₱120
Matcha latte₱120
Steamed almond or hazelnut milk₱120
Caramel macchiato₱150
Bag of slurp x-blend, rocket fuel, afterglo₱350
Menu itemsPrices
Hot chocolate ice cream₱150
Frozen hot chocolate₱150
Menu itemsPrices
Evisn bottled water₱60
Soda in can₱60
Twinings dried loose – leaf tea₱65
Sola iced tea₱70
Milk (cold/warm)₱45
Stanford shaw brewing Co₱125

Location of Carousel Creamery

Video of Carousel Creamery

Opening & Closing Time

Saturday10 AM10 PM
Sunday10 AM10 PM
Monday10 AM10 PM
Tuesday10 AM10 PM
Wednesday10 AM10 PM
Thursday10 AM10 PM
Friday10 AM10 PM

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63287759092

About Carousel Creamery

Nestled in the heart of indulgence, Carousel Creamery stands as a beacon of delight for ice cream enthusiasts. With an enchanting ambiance reminiscent of a whimsical carnival, this artisanal ice cream parlor invites patrons into a world where every scoop tells a story.

Established with a passion for crafting unique and flavorful frozen delights, Carousel Creamery boasts an impressive repertoire of over a hundred rotating ice cream flavors. Spanning from classic favorites to cutting-edge creations, every flavor exemplifies our dedication to innovation and the pursuit of delighting discerning taste buds. The friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere further enhance the experience, making Carousel Creamery not just an ice cream parlor but a destination where joy takes center stage.

Best Selling item of Carousel Creamery

Among the myriad of delectable offerings at Carousel Creamery, one standout star takes center stage – the Triple Chocolate Fudge Delight. Renowned as the best-selling item, this indulgent creation is a symphony of velvety chocolate ice cream, decadent fudge swirls, and rich chocolate chunks.

Each spoonful is a journey into a world of pure bliss, where the luscious combination of textures and flavors leaves taste buds dancing in delight. The Triple Chocolate Fudge Delight encapsulates Carousel Creamery’s commitment to elevating the ice cream experience, making it a must-try for those seeking the pinnacle of frozen dessert perfection. As patrons embark on this sweet escapade, they discover why this signature treat holds the coveted title of Carousel Creamery’s best-selling masterpiece.

Alternative of Carousel Creamery

For those seeking an alternative to the enchanting Carousel Creamery experience, the culinary landscape offers a variety of options to satiate ice cream cravings. Local artisanal creameries, each with its distinctive charm, vie for attention with diverse flavor profiles and creative concoctions. From trendy liquid nitrogen ice cream parlors to nostalgic mom-and-pop shops, the alternatives provide a range of experiences. Exploring these options including Aunties Bakery Menu and Pan de Manila Menu allows ice cream enthusiasts to embark on a flavor-filled journey, discovering new favorites and unique combinations.

While Carousel Creamery holds a special place in the hearts of many, venturing into the realm of alternatives promises a delightful exploration of the rich and diverse world of artisanal ice cream.

Career Opportunities at Carousel Creamery

Carousel Creamery not only delights ice cream enthusiasts but also offers exciting career opportunities for those passionate about the world of frozen treats.

From crafting unique flavors to providing exceptional customer experiences, joining the Carousel Creamery team is a sweet journey of professional growth. Whether aspiring to be a skilled ice cream artisan, a customer service expert, or a managerial maestro, Carousel Creamery values talent and dedication. The workplace culture, infused with the same joy that emanates from every scoop, makes it a rewarding environment to hone skills and build a fulfilling career. For those with a taste for success and a passion for sweetness, Carousel Creamery stands as a promising destination to carve out a flavorful and rewarding career path.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How often does Carousel Creamery update its menu?

Carousel Creamery takes pride in its dynamic menu, with regular updates to introduce new and seasonal flavors. The menu evolves to keep the offerings fresh and exciting.

How are Carousel Creamery menu prices determined?

Menu prices reflect the quality of ingredients, craftsmanship, and the overall experience provided. Carousel Creamery aims to offer a range of options to accommodate various budgets.

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