Ayer’s Lechon Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Ayer’s Lechon Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Ayer’s Lechon, a renowned culinary establishment, is celebrated for its mouthwatering lechon, a Filipino-style roasted pig that has become a staple in festive gatherings and special occasions. One aspect that attracts both food enthusiasts and casual diners is the affordability of Ayer’s Lechon menu prices. This establishment stands out not only for its delicious offerings but also for providing a delightful culinary experience without breaking the bank.

Ayer’s Lechon Menu Prices
RestaurantAyer’s Lechon
Delivery Timing11 AM to 4 AM
Location6000 General Maxilom Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Food Categories11

The menu at Ayer’s Lechon boasts a diverse array of options, catering to various tastes and preferences. From crispy and savory lechon belly to succulent lechon kawali, Ayer’s Lechon Menu offers a range of dishes that showcase the artistry and skill of their culinary team. What makes this dining experience even more appealing is the reasonable pricing strategy, allowing patrons to indulge in premium-quality lechon without worrying about extravagant costs.

Ayer’s Lechon Menu Categories

House SpecialOthers
Super MealExtra
Tipid MealNew!
Solo OrderFrozen Lechon
Ayuda Meal

Ayer’s Lechon Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Big Bangus with Sarsa de Mangga₱ 407.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Korean Ngohiong₱ 90.00
Spiced Bangus₱ 185.00
Pan Fried Bangus with Rice₱ 185.00
Lechon Meal w/ Atchara (SM)₱ 184.00
Spicy Belly Lechon w/ Atchara (SM)₱ 202.00
Dugo2x (SM)₱ 140.00
Paksiw Bisaya (SM)₱ 176.00
Paksiw Tagalog (SM)₱ 176.00
Lechon Sisig (SM)₱ 176.00
Ayer’s Lechon Super Meal Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Korean Ngohiong₱ 65.00
Lechon Meal (TM)₱ 157.00
Spicy Belly Lechon₱ 179.00
Dugo2x (TM)₱ 110.00
Paksiw Bisaya (TM)₱ 149.00
Paksiw Tagalog (TM)₱ 149.00
Lechon Sisig (TM)₱ 143.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Korean Ngohiong₱ 43.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Mango Delight₱ 87.00
Ayer’s Lechon Dessert Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Liver Steak Meal₱ 50.00
Bopis Meal₱ 50.00
Paklay Meal₱ 50.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Sukang Pinakilig ( Regular)₱ 101.00
Sukang Pinakilig ( Spicy )₱ 118.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Atchara Solo₱ 20.00
Kimchi Solo₱ 93.00
Ayer’s Lechon Extra Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Lechon Regular (1/4 Kilo)₱ 302.00
Lechon Regular (1/2 Kilo)₱ 605.00
Lechon Regular (3/4 Kilo)₱ 896.00
Lechon Regular (1 Kilo)₱ 1,176.00
Spicy Boneless Belly (1/4 Kilo)₱ 342.00
Spicy Boneless Belly (1/2 Kilo)₱ 672.00
Spicy Boneless Belly (3/4 Kilo)₱ 980.00
Spicy Boneless Belly (1 Kilo)₱ 1,344.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Frozen Lechon Regular (1 Kilo)₱ 840.00
Frozen Lechon Regular (500 Grams)₱ 420.00
Frozen Spicy Belly Lechon (1 Kilo)₱ 1,120.00
Frozen Spicy Belly Lechon (500 Grams)₱ 459.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Soft Drinks in can (330ml)₱ 67.00
Soft Drinks Pet (1.5 liter)₱ 168.00
Bottled Water₱ 34.00

Location of Ayer’s Lechon

Video of Ayer’s Lechon

Opening & Closing Time

Monday11 AM4 AM
Tuesday11 AM4 AM
Wednesday11 AM4 AM
Thursday11 AM4 AM
Friday11 AM4 AM
Saturday11 AM4 AM
Sunday11 AM12 AM

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in


  • Alcohol
  • Small plates
  • Beer

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63322317615

About Ayer’s Lechon

Ayer’s Lechon is a culinary gem that has earned a stellar reputation in the realm of Filipino cuisine. Renowned for its mastery in preparing the traditional Filipino dish of lechon, a roasted pig, Ayer’s Lechon has become synonymous with exceptional taste and culinary expertise.

Situated at the intersection of tradition and innovation, the restaurant takes pride in offering a diverse menu that showcases various iterations of lechon, ranging from the classic whole roasted pig to the more contemporary lechon belly and kawali. With a commitment to excellence, Ayer’s Lechon ensures that each dish is prepared with precision, resulting in a delightful explosion of flavors with every bite. Beyond the culinary prowess, Ayer’s Lechon also embodies a warm and inviting ambiance, inviting patrons to savor not just a meal, but an immersive dining experience that celebrates the rich gastronomic heritage of the Philippines.

Best Selling item of Ayer’s Lechon

Ayer’s Lechon has found its crown jewel in the best-selling item on its menu—the iconic Lechon Belly. Renowned for its succulence and flavorful profile, the Lechon Belly has become a customer favorite, captivating the taste buds of patrons with its perfect blend of crispy skin and tender, well-seasoned meat.

Ayer’s Lechon takes this classic Filipino dish to new heights, offering a modern twist that retains the essence of tradition while infusing innovative culinary techniques. The Lechon Belly at Ayer’s Lechon has garnered widespread acclaim for its melt-in-your-mouth goodness, making it the go-to choice for those seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Its popularity not only speaks to the culinary mastery of Ayer’s Lechon but also reflects the restaurant’s ability to capture the essence of Filipino cuisine in a single, delectable dish.

Alternative of Ayer’s Lechon

While Ayer’s Lechon holds a distinguished place in the realm of Filipino culinary delights, those seeking alternative options may explore the vibrant landscape of local eateries and restaurants. Numerous establishments across the Philippines offer their unique take on the traditional lechon, each with its distinctive flavors and preparation methods.

From bustling street food stalls to upscale dining establishments, the Filipino culinary scene boasts a diverse array of lechon alternatives. Exploring different venues provides the opportunity to savor various regional styles and interpretations of this beloved dish. Whether it’s the communal atmosphere of a local market or the sophistication of a contemporary restaurant, those in search of an alternative to Ayer’s Lechon can embark on a culinary adventure to discover the rich tapestry of flavors that Filipino cuisine has to offer. Some more Alternatives that you can try are Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House Menu and Mexicali Menu.

Career Opportunities at Ayer’s Lechon

Ayer’s Lechon presents exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality industry. As a renowned establishment in the Filipino culinary scene, Ayer’s Lechon offers diverse roles ranging from skilled chefs and kitchen staff to customer service representatives and managerial positions.

The dynamic environment of Ayer’s Lechon provides employees with the chance to hone their culinary skills, contribute to the creation of delectable dishes, and engage with customers to provide a memorable dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant’s commitment to excellence in service and cuisine creates a fertile ground for career growth and development. Whether one aspires to be a part of the kitchen brigade crafting exquisite lechon or prefers a role in customer relations, Ayer’s Lechon stands as an enticing workplace for those seeking fulfilling career opportunities in the vibrant world of Filipino gastronomy.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Ayer’s Lechon known for in terms of its menu?

Ayer’s Lechon is renowned for its traditional Filipino lechon, a roasted pig dish. The menu features a variety of lechon options, including whole roasted pigs, lechon belly, and lechon kawali, showcasing the restaurant’s expertise in this classic Filipino culinary delight.

How are Ayer’s Lechon menu prices structured?

Ayer’s Lechon follows a pricing strategy that aims to be inclusive and affordable. The menu offers a range of options with transparent pricing, allowing customers to choose dishes that suit their budget while ensuring a high-quality dining experience.

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