Pan de Manila Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Pan de Manila Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Pan de Manila is a beloved Filipino bakery and cafe chain that has won the hearts of many with its wide array of freshly baked goods and Filipino-inspired menu offerings. From sweet to savory treats, Pan de Manila offers a delightful selection that suits various cravings and preferences, all at affordable prices. This article delves into the enticing world of Pan de Manila menu prices, highlighting the delicious offerings that cater to Filipinos and food enthusiasts alike.

Pan de Manila Menu Prices
RestaurantPan de Manila
Delivery Timing5 am to 10 pm
LocationPark Square, Ayala Center, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+639310445814
Food Categories5

One of the standout features of Pan de Manila menu is the affordability of its offerings. The bakery prides itself on providing quality products at reasonable prices. Whether you’re a fan of their signature pandesal, ensaymada, or Spanish bread, you’ll find that the menu caters to a range of budgets, making it a favorite among students, families, and individuals looking for value for money.

The Pan de Manila Menu is a testament to the bakery’s dedication to preserving and celebrating Filipino flavors. From classic Filipino breakfast staples like tapsilog (marinated beef with garlic rice and fried egg) to regional favorites like bibingka (rice cake), there’s a taste of the Philippines at every turn. And what’s even more appealing is that these authentic flavors come at an accessible price, allowing everyone to savor the taste of home.

Pan de Manila Menu Categories

Special SpreadsBeverages
Pandesal with Palamans

Pan de Manila Menu Prices

Menu itemsPrices
Herb Cream cheese₱175
Garlic Butter₱135
Pesto Dip₱135
Ube Halaya₱85
Dari Creame classic₱30
Magnolia Gold₱60
Magnolia Chocolait₱30
Pan de Manila Special Spreads Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Loaf Breads₱55
Whole Wheat Breads₱50
Cheese Sticks₱60
Pand de Coco₱52
Pesto-flavored Breads₱35
Banana loaf₱55
Sugar-free Breads₱65
Menu itemsPrices
Garlicky Corned Beef₱45
Grilled Ham and Cheese₱50
Cheese and Egg White₱35
Cheesy Egg₱40
Tuna Sandwich Spread₱40
Grilled Hotdog pan₱45
Cheesy Hotdog Pan₱55
Grilled Luncheon Meat₱55
Grilled Luncheon Meat w Egg₱70
Cheesy Luncheon Meat₱65
Cheesy Luncheon Meat w Egg₱75
Pan de Manila Pandesal with Palamans Menu
Menu items
Cafe con Leche
Chocolate con Leche
Chocolate Blanco
Cafe Mocha
Menu itemsPrices
Peanut Butter
Coco jam
Fruit Jams
Garlic Butter
Herb Cream Cheese
Sharp Melting Cheddar Cheese

Location of Pan de Manila

Video of Pan de Manila

Opening & Closing Time

Friday5 am10 pm
Saturday5 am10 pm
Sunday5 am10 pm
Monday5 am10 pm
Tuesday5 am10 pm
Wednesday5 am10 pm
Thursday5 am10 pm

Service Options

  • In-store pick-up
  • Takeaway
  • In-store shopping

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +639310445814

About Pan de Manila

Pan de Manila is a cherished Filipino bakery and cafe that has captured the hearts of many with its delightful array of freshly baked goods and authentic Filipino flavors. Established as a haven for those seeking traditional Filipino comfort food and bakery items, Pan de Manila has become a household name in the Philippines.

From its iconic pandesal to an assortment of ensaymada, Spanish bread, and regional specialties, the bakery offers a taste of home that resonates with Filipinos and food enthusiasts alike. Beyond its delectable offerings, Pan de Manila is known for its commitment to affordability, ensuring that quality Filipino food is accessible to all. It’s a place where customers can savor the rich flavors of the Philippines in a welcoming and budget-friendly environment, making it a beloved destination for breakfast, snacks, and everything in between.

Best Selling item of Pan de Manila

The best-selling item at Pan de Manila is undoubtedly the iconic “pandesal.” These soft, warm, and slightly sweet Filipino bread rolls are a staple in Filipino households and have also captured the hearts of patrons at Pan de Manila. Baked fresh daily, pandesal is not just a bread roll; it’s a beloved part of Filipino culture. It’s versatile and can be enjoyed with various fillings or spreads, such as butter, cheese, jam, or even as an accompaniment to coffee or hot chocolate.

The irresistible aroma and taste of Pan de Manila’s pandesal have made it a go-to choice for breakfast or merienda (snack), and it’s the item that keeps customers coming back for that authentic taste of the Philippines.

Alternative of Pan de Manila

For those seeking alternatives to Pan de Manila, the Philippines offers a diverse array of bakeries and cafes that specialize in Filipino and international baked goods.

One excellent option is “Goldilocks,” a popular Filipino bakery known for its wide range of pastries and cakes. “Red Ribbon Bakeshop” is another well-recognized bakery that offers a mix of Filipino and Western baked goods. Additionally, for a more international experience, “Starbucks” and “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” have branches in the Philippines, providing a selection of coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. These alternatives including Half Saints Menu and Chocolat Menu offer a variety of choices for patrons looking for a different taste or setting while still enjoying delicious baked goods and beverages.

Career Opportunities at Pan de Manila

Career opportunities at Pan de Manila present an exciting gateway for individuals passionate about the culinary industry and customer service. As a prominent Filipino bakery and cafe chain, Pan de Manila offers a diverse range of positions, including bakers, kitchen staff, service crew, and managerial roles.

The bakery’s dynamic and vibrant atmosphere provides a nurturing environment for aspiring professionals to cultivate their skills and advance their careers. Pan de Manila values teamwork, dedication, and a commitment to delivering the warmth of Filipino hospitality through its products. For those looking to build a rewarding career in the food and hospitality sector, Pan de Manila serves as a welcoming platform where individuals can flourish and contribute to the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors and traditions.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Pan de Manila is renowned for its pandesal, ensaymada, Spanish bread, and other classic Filipino baked goods.

Yes, Pan de Manila often provides custom cake orders for birthdays and other events. Contact the nearest branch for details.

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