Cabalen Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Cabalen Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Cabalen is a well-known Filipino restaurant that has captured the hearts and palates of many with its delectable array of traditional Filipino dishes. It’s a place where you can savor the rich flavors of the Philippines, and Cabalen menu prices reflect the commitment to providing an authentic culinary experience. Cabalen takes diners on a delightful culinary journey through the diverse flavors of Filipino cuisine. The Cabalen menu is a treasure trove of dishes from various regions, each with its unique ingredients and preparation methods.

Cabalen Restaurant Menu Prices
Delivery Timing10 AM to 9 PM
LocationAyala Center, Glorietta 2, North St, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63282360737
Food Categories7

From the savory adobo to the creamy kare-kare, Cabalen offers an extensive selection that showcases the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors. The Cabalen menu prices at Cabalen are designed to be accessible, making it an attractive option for both locals and tourists. Cabalen’s menu is diverse, offering both buffet and a la carte options.

The buffet, which is often available during lunch and dinner, provides an all-you-can-eat experience, allowing diners to sample an array of dishes at a fixed price. The a la carte menu, on the other hand, offers individual servings of specific dishes, allowing customers to order according to their preferences. This variety in dining options ensures that customers can enjoy Cabalen’s menu at various price points.

Cabalen Menu Categories


Cabalen Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Karekare 4-5 pax₱388
Karekare 5-6 pax₱568
Karekare 11-12 pax₱1098
Beef caldereta 2-3 pax₱338
Beef caldereta 4-5 pax₱488
Beef caldereta 5-6 pax₱698
Beef caldereta 11-12 pax₱1343


Menu itemsPrices
Pork binagoongan 2-3 pax₱268
Pork binagoongan 4-5 pax₱378
Pork binagoongan 5-6 pax₱558
Pork binagoongan 11-12 pax₱1088
Pork humba 2-3 pax₱198
Pork humba 4-5 pax₱298
Pork humba 5-6 pax₱438
Pork humba 11-12 pax₱848
Dinuguan 2-3 pax₱258
Dinuguan 4-5 pax₱348
Dinuguan 5-6 pax₱498
Dinuguan 11-12 pax₱968
Bopis 2-3 pax₱258
Bopis 4-5 pax₱348
Bopis 5-6 pax₱498
Bopis 11-12 pax₱968
Lechon paksiw 2-3 pax₱268
Lechon paksiw 4-5 pax₱378
Lechon paksiw 5-6 pax₱558
Lechon paksiw 11-12 pax₱1088
Pritchon sisig 2-3 pax₱238
Pritchon sisig 4-5 pax₱388
Pritchon sisig 5-6 pax₱548
Pritchon sisig 11-12 pax₱998
Cabalen Restaurant Pork Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Pansit puti good for 5-6 persons₱318
Pansit puti good for 11-12 persons₱608


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Pata regular₱768
Crispy Pata medium₱868
Cabalen Restaurant Pata Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Steamed Rice per cup₱28


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken asado 2-3 pax₱198
Chicken asado 4-5 pax₱330
Chicken asado 5-6 pax₱468
Chicken adobo 2-3 pax₱220
Chicken adobo 4-5 pax₱358
Chicken adobo 5-6 pax₱518
Chicken sisig 2-3 pax₱268
Chicken sisig 4-5 pax₱438
Chicken sisig 5-6 pax₱628
Cabalen Restaurant Chicken Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Flat rate eat all you can₱328

Location of Cabalen

Video of Cabalen

Opening & Closing Time

Tuesday10 AM9 PM
Wednesday10 AM9 PM
Thursday10 AM9 PM
Friday10 AM9 PM
Saturday10 AM10 PM
Sunday10 AM10 PM
Monday10 AM9 PM

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible seating

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Brunch
  • Dinner

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63282360737

About Cabalen

Cabalen is a renowned Filipino restaurant that stands as a true culinary gem, celebrated for its commitment to preserving and sharing the flavors of the Philippines. With a history spanning over three decades, Cabalen has established itself as a beloved institution in the world of Filipino cuisine. The name “Cabalen” is derived from the Kapampangan word “Kabalen,” which means “fellow Kapampangan” or “relative.” This choice of name reflects the restaurant’s roots and the familial, homey ambiance it seeks to provide.

Cabalen offers a diverse and authentic menu that showcases the richness of Filipino culinary traditions, inviting diners to experience a taste of the Philippines in every bite. Whether through their buffet spreads or a la carte offerings, Cabalen’s dedication to quality and affordability has made it a cherished destination for Filipino food enthusiasts and those looking to explore the flavors of the archipelago.

Best Selling item of Cabalen

One of Cabalen’s most cherished and best-selling items is undoubtedly their signature Kare-Kare. This iconic Filipino dish embodies the essence of Cabalen’s culinary prowess, featuring a rich, peanut-based sauce complemented by tender oxtail, tripe, and an assortment of vegetables. The depth of flavors and the exceptional preparation of their Kare-Kare exemplify Cabalen’s commitment to delivering traditional Filipino dishes with an authentic, homemade touch. The dish’s popularity among both locals and visitors to the restaurant is a testament to its exquisite taste and Cabalen’s dedication to preserving the heritage of Filipino cuisine.

Alternative of Cabalen

For those seeking alternatives to Cabalen, there are various Filipino restaurants and dining options to explore. One popular alternative is “Aristocrat,” a well-known Filipino restaurant with a history of serving classic Filipino dishes. Many cities with diverse culinary scenes offer alternatives with their unique takes on Filipino cuisine. Some restaurants may focus on specific regional specialties, providing an opportunity to savor distinct flavors from different parts of the Philippines. Additionally, some Filipino fast-food chains offer quick and convenient alternatives for those looking for a taste of Filipino cuisine on the go.

Exploring these alternatives, including the likes of Aristocrat, Brasserie on 3 Menu and Mister Kabab Menu allows diners to experience the richness and diversity of Filipino flavors beyond Cabalen while discovering new culinary gems and traditions.

Career Opportunities at Cabalen

Career opportunities at Cabalen present an exciting prospect for individuals interested in the culinary and hospitality industry. Whether you aspire to be a chef, server, manager, or a part of the restaurant’s administrative team, Cabalen offers a variety of roles that cater to different skill sets and career paths. The restaurant provides a dynamic and engaging work environment, where employees can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine. Additionally, Cabalen’s commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that employees receive valuable training and experience, making it an ideal place to start or advance one’s career in the food and beverage sector.

With a history of providing top-notch service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Cabalen not only offers a fulfilling career but also the opportunity to be a part of preserving and sharing the vibrant culinary heritage of the Philippines.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Cabalen specializes in Filipino cuisine, offering a wide range of traditional Filipino dishes from various regions of the Philippines.

Cabalen provides both buffet and a la carte options. You can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet during specific hours or order individual dishes from the a la carte menu.

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