The Wholesome Table Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

The Wholesome Table Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

When dining out, one of the crucial factors to consider is the Wholesome Table Menu Prices. A well-thought-out menu pricing strategy can significantly impact the overall dining experience. At Wholesome Table, they’ve mastered the art of balancing quality and affordability, making their menu prices a key aspect of their appeal. At The Wholesome Table, you’ll notice that the menu prices are not just affordable but also mirror the restaurant’s dedication to offering wholesome and health-conscious choices.

The Wholesome Table Menu Prices
RestaurantThe Wholesome Table
LocationCentral Square, 30th St Bonifacio High Street, Corner 7th Ave, Taguig, 1635 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63288670000
Delivery Timing11 am to 10 Pm
Food Categories9

Their diverse menu caters to various dietary preferences, and what stands out is how they manage to keep their prices accessible without compromising on the quality of ingredients. Whether you’re a health-conscious diner or simply seeking a delightful meal, The Wholesome Table menu prices cater to all. One of the standout features of The Wholesome Table Menu Prices is the variety they offer. From salads and sandwiches to heartier entrees, you’ll discover a wide range of options that won’t break the bank. The menu prices are designed to ensure that everyone can savor their delectable dishes, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where both families and solo diners can enjoy a wholesome meal without concerns about cost.

The Wholesome Table Menu Categories


The Wholesome Table Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Granola and Yogurt₱ 290.00
Cloud Pancakes₱ 360.00
Greek Breakfast Toast₱ 240.00
Cinnamon French Toast₱ 230.00
Forest Mushroom Toast₱ 350.00
Croque Madame₱ 390.00
Eggs Florentine₱ 350.00
Garden Omelette₱ 250.00
Crispy Potato Rosti₱ 590.00
Chicken Tocino₱ 490.00
Salmon Tuyo₱ 570.00
Bistek Tagalog₱ 690.00


Menu itemsPrices
Gambas Al Ajillo₱ 490.00
Chicken Croquettes₱ 260.00
Hummus₱ 290.00
Patatas Bravas₱ 290.00
Pulpo₱ 660.00
Burrata₱ 590.00
CrispyCalamansi Calamari₱ 470.00
Truffled Fries₱ 480.00
Marinated Olives₱ 250.00
Sweet Potato Chips₱ 290.00
The Wholesome Table STARTERS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Carrot-Pumpkin Soup₱ 150.00
Hearty Tomato Soup₱ 240.00
Kale Caesar Salad₱ 290.00
Superfood Salad₱ 220.00
Chicken Dukkah Salad₱ 420.00
Blueberry Waldorf Chicken Salad₱ 340.00
Wholesome Salad₱ 290.00


Menu itemsPrices
Cheeseburger₱ 560.00
Hickory Smoked Burger₱ 570.00
Ultimate Grilled Cheese₱ 450.00
Wholesome Veggie Burger₱ 560.00
Cubano₱ 460.00
The Wholesome Table SANDWICHES & BURGERS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Power Bowls₱ 280.00
Vegan Poke Bowl₱ 380.00
Thai Rice Bowl₱ 380.00
Falafel Bowl₱ 380.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Inasal₱ 490.00
Torched Salmon Bowl₱ 660.00
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl₱ 420.00
Poke Bowl₱ 540.00
Moroccan Chicken Bowl₱ 420.00
Jerk Chicken₱ 780.00
Plantain Fried Shrimps₱ 690.00
Adobo Flakes₱ 320.00
Classic Meatloaf₱ 790.00
Bibimbap Bowl₱ 560.00
Herb Roasted Half Chicken₱ 790.00
Pan Roasted Cedar Salmon₱ 590.00
Grilled Porkchop₱ 590.00
The Wholesome Table MAIN COURSE Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Quattro Formaggi₱ 270.00
Hawaiana₱ 330.00
Boscaiola Pizza₱ 340.00
Vegetarian Pizza₱ 330.00
Margherita Pizza₱ 340.00
Grazeland Pizza₱ 320.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Tocino₱ 490.00
Salmon Tuyo₱ 570.00
Merguez Sausage Plate₱ 690.00
Bistek Tagalog₱ 690.00
The Wholesome Table BRUNCH Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Classic Spaghetti Bolognese₱ 310.00
Lasagna₱ 480.00
Truffle Mushroom Pasta₱ 490.00
Salmon in Tomato Basil Cream Sauce₱ 550.00
Nutty Garlic Pasta₱ 250.00

Location of The Wholesome Table

Video of The Wholesome Table

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday11 AM10 PM
Monday11 AM9 PM
Tuesday11 AM9 PM
Wednesday11 AM9 PM
Thursday11 AM9 PM
Friday11 AM10 PM
Saturday11 AM10 PM

Service Options

  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeout


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible seating


  • Alcohol
  • Cocktails
  • Healthy options
  • Small plates
  • Vegetarian options
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Organic dishes
  • Vegan options
  • Wine

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Seating


  • Casual
  • Cozy

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63288670000

About The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table is a renowned culinary establishment that has earned its reputation for offering a unique and health-conscious dining experience. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, this restaurant stands out as a beacon of freshness and flavor in the culinary world.

The menu at The Wholesome Table is a reflection of their commitment to offering a diverse selection of nutritious and delectable choices that cater to a variety of dietary preferences. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet, are a meat enthusiast, or have specific dietary restrictions, you’ll discover a flavorful option to delight in at The Wholesome Table. Beyond its delectable offerings, the restaurant also takes pride in providing a welcoming and eco-conscious dining environment, making it a favorite choice for those seeking both culinary delight and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Best Selling item of The Wholesome Table

One standout at The Wholesome Table that consistently wins the hearts and palates of diners is their signature ‘Wholesome Bowl.’ This culinary masterpiece encapsulates the restaurant’s dedication to both health-conscious dining and sensational flavor. Packed with vibrant, nutrient-rich ingredients like fresh greens, lean protein, and an array of colorful vegetables, the Wholesome Bowl embodies the essence of wholesome eating. Topped with a tantalizing house-made dressing that perfectly balances flavors, it’s no surprise that this dish has become the best-selling item on their menu. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or simply craving a delicious and satisfying meal, the Wholesome Bowl at The Wholesome Table is a must-try that encapsulates their commitment to wholesome and delectable cuisine.

Alternative of The Wholesome Table

For those seeking an alternative to The Wholesome Table, there are a variety of dining options available to explore. Many health-conscious restaurants and cafes in the area offer similar menus focused on fresh, nutritious ingredients and a commitment to well-being. One might consider trying out nearby eateries known for their organic and sustainable offerings, or exploring diverse culinary experiences that align with specific dietary preferences. Whether you’re in search of vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options, or simply a different atmosphere, the dining scene has a rich array of alternatives to cater to your tastes and preferences. You can also try FRNK Menu and Coffee Bay Menu as a great alternatives of The Wholesome Table.

Career Opportunities at The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table offers rewarding career prospects for individuals who have a deep passion for the culinary arts and a strong commitment to advocating for healthy eating.

Whether you aspire to be a chef crafting delicious, nutritious dishes or prefer roles in restaurant management, customer service, or even food sustainability, The Wholesome Table offers a dynamic environment for career growth. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and providing a welcoming dining experience, the restaurant fosters a culture of excellence. Joining the team at The Wholesome Table not only provides a chance to be a part of a health-conscious culinary movement but also offers valuable experience and opportunities to advance in the thriving food industry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Wholesome Table specializes in health-conscious and nutritious cuisine. Our menu features a variety of options, including salads, sandwiches, entrees, and more, all crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Yes, we have a selection of kid-friendly dishes to ensure that young diners have a delightful and nutritious dining experience.

The menu prices are carefully set to balance quality and affordability, ensuring that diners can enjoy wholesome and delicious meals without straining their budget.

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