Rodic’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Rodic’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Rodic’s Menu have garnered attention for their affordability and value in the restaurant industry. This beloved establishment has become a go-to spot for those looking to enjoy delicious Filipino cuisine without breaking the bank. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects that make Rodic’s Menu stand out as a fantastic option for diners seeking a budget-friendly yet flavorful dining experience. One of the key highlights of Rodic’s Menu Prices is their budget-friendliness. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget or a family looking for an affordable dining option, Rodic’s has you covered.

Rodic’s Menu Prices
LocationM3F7+36G, Congressional Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Delivery Timing8 am to 10 Pm
Food Categories8

The menu features a wide array of dishes, from classic rice meals to hearty noodle dishes, all priced competitively. This accessibility has made Rodic’s a favorite among those who want to enjoy delicious, home-cooked Filipino meals without emptying their wallets. Rodic’s Menu Prices not only offer affordability but also generous portion sizes. Diners often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the ample servings, making each meal a satisfying and filling experience. The combination of reasonable prices and hearty portions ensures that customers leave Rodic’s with their appetites completely satisfied.

Rodic’s Menu Categories


Rodic’s Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Tapsilog₱ 110.00
Jumbosilog₱ 110.00
Chicken Longsilog₱ 110.00
Tocilog₱ 110.00
Baconsilog₱ 110.00
Skinless Longsilog₱ 110.00
Sisig w/ Egg & Rice₱ 110.00
Tuna Sisig w/ Egg₱ 115.00
Bangus Silog₱ 110.00
Porkchop Silog₱ 110.00


Menu itemsPrices
Sinigang na Ulo₱ 110.00
Kare – Kare₱ 110.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 110.00
Caldereta₱ 110.00
Menudo₱ 110.00
Bopis₱ 110.00
Beef w/ Mushroom₱ 110.00
Pork Steak₱ 110.00
Pork Sinigang₱ 110.00
Dinuguan₱ 110.00
Sauteed Vegetables₱ 80.00


Menu itemsPrices
Suman Sa Latik₱ 35.00
Beef Mami₱ 75.00
Palabok₱ 75.00
Extra Egg₱ 20.00
Plain Rice₱ 20.00
Fried Rice₱ 25.00
Rodic’s MERIENDA Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Beef Caldereta₱ 150.00
Beef Steak₱ 150.00
Dinuguan₱ 150.00
Grilled Liempo₱ 150.00
Menudo₱ 150.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 150.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pork Sinigang₱ 160.00
Sinigang na Bangus₱ 160.00
Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon₱ 160.00


Menu itemsPrices
Rice₱ 25.00
Egg₱ 25.00
Fried Rice₱ 30.00
Vegetable Side Order₱ 80.00
Rodic’s ADD-ONS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Halo-Halo₱ 85.00
Fruit Salad₱ 55.00
Yema₱ 15.00
Pastillas₱ 15.00


Menu itemsPrices
Softdrinks₱ 45.00
Pepsi Pet Bottle₱ 40.00
Softdrinks 1.5L₱ 90.00
Calamansi Juice₱ 40.00
C2₱ 40.00
Mineral Water₱ 25.00
Lemonade₱ 30.00
Iced Tea₱ 30.00
Coffee₱ 35.00
Milo₱ 35.00

Location of Rodic’s

Video of Rodic’s

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday8 AM10 PM
Monday8 AM10 PM
Tuesday8 AM10 PM
Wednesday8 AM10 PM
Thursday8 AM10 PM
Friday8 AM10 PM
Saturday8 AM10 PM

Service Options

  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeout
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in


  • Coffee
  • Small plates
  • Late-night food

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Seating

Contact Details

About Rodic’s

Rodic’s is a well-established and beloved restaurant chain known for its delicious Filipino cuisine. With a rich history dating back several decades, Rodic’s has become a cherished dining destination for both locals and tourists alike. What sets Rodic’s apart is its commitment to serving authentic Filipino flavors at affordable prices, making it a popular choice for individuals and families looking for a hearty and budget-friendly meal. Whether you’re craving classic Filipino dishes like adobo and sinigang or eager to explore the diverse offerings on their menu, Rodic’s welcomes you to savor the taste of Filipino hospitality and culinary tradition.

Best Selling item of Rodic’s

Rodic’s is renowned for its diverse and delectable menu, but one item that consistently claims the title of the best-selling dish is their signature “Rodic’s Tapsilog.” This mouthwatering meal features tender slices of marinated beef, known as “tapa,” served with garlic fried rice and a perfectly fried sunny-side-up egg. The combination of savory, sweet, and slightly salty flavors in the tapa, paired with the rich and aromatic garlic rice, creates a flavor explosion that keeps diners coming back for more. The crowning touch of the perfectly cooked egg adds a creamy richness to the dish. Rodic’s Tapsilog has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a must-try and is a favorite among both loyal patrons and newcomers to the restaurant.

Alternative of Rodic’s

For those seeking an alternative to Rodic’s, the Filipino culinary scene offers a range of exciting options. One popular choice is “Carinderia,” a type of local eatery that serves up traditional Filipino comfort food with a homemade touch. These neighborhood establishments provide a variety of dishes at affordable prices, allowing diners to savor classic Filipino flavors in a casual setting. Additionally, Filipino food trucks and pop-up vendors have gained popularity in many urban areas, offering a convenient and often innovative take on Filipino street food and regional specialties. Exploring these alternatives including FRNK Menu and Red Crab Menu can be a delightful culinary journey, providing a chance to experience the diverse and flavorful world of Filipino cuisine beyond the walls of Rodic’s.

Career Opportunities at Rodic’s

Rodic’s offers a range of career opportunities for individuals looking to pursue a rewarding path in the restaurant industry. Whether you’re passionate about culinary arts, customer service, or management, Rodic’s provides a nurturing environment for growth and development. From entry-level positions such as cooks, servers, and hosts to more specialized roles like chefs and kitchen managers, Rodic’s values its employees and encourages them to enhance their skills and expertise. With a reputation for quality and a commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences, a career at Rodic’s can be a fulfilling journey for those eager to contribute to the success of this renowned restaurant chain.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Rodic’s offers a diverse menu that includes a wide range of Filipino classics such as adobo, sinigang, and sisig. They also serve rice meals, noodle dishes, and various meat and seafood options to cater to different tastes.

Rodic’s Menu Prices are known for being affordable and budget-friendly. They aim to provide good value for money while offering delicious Filipino cuisine. The prices may vary slightly depending on the location and specific dish.

Some Rodic’s branches may offer a kids’ menu with smaller portion sizes and child-friendly options. However, this can vary by location, so it’s best to inquire with your local Rodic’s restaurant.

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