Razon’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Razon’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Razon’s, a renowned culinary haven, boasts a menu that captivates both the discerning food connoisseur and the casual diner. One of the distinctive aspects that sets Razon’s apart is its commitment to reasonable Razon’s menu prices without compromising on quality. As patrons step into the inviting ambiance of Razon’s, they are greeted not only by the delectable aromas but also by a sense of value for their dining experience. Upon perusing Razon’s diverse menu, it becomes evident that the establishment takes pride in offering a wide array of culinary delights at affordable Razon’s menu prices. From mouthwatering appetizers to sumptuous main courses and delightful desserts, every dish is thoughtfully crafted to provide an exceptional gastronomic journey that doesn’t burden the wallet.

Razon’s Menu Prices
Delivery Timing10 am to 10 pm
LocationTaguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63288867738
Food Categories9

This dedication to accessible pricing has garnered Razon’s a loyal following among individuals seeking a memorable dining affair without the exorbitant costs associated with upscale eateries. In the realm of dining out, prices often dictate the choices individuals make. Razon’s recognizes this reality and goes above and beyond to ensure that their menu caters to a diverse range of preferences while remaining accessible to a broad clientele. This strategic approach not only speaks to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity but also showcases their ability to maintain an equilibrium between culinary excellence and reasonable Razon’s menu prices.

Razon’s Menu Categories


Razon’s Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Halo-Halo (Classic)₱ 118.00
Halo-Halo (Junior)₱ 88.00
The Perfect Pair₱ 238.00


Menu itemsPrices
Bistig Kapampangan₱ 170.00
Beef Caldereta (Solo)₱ 189.00
Beef Caldereta (Sharing)₱ 365.00
Sizzling Bulalo₱ 398.00
Sizzling Sisig₱ 298.00
Dinuguan₱ 175.00
Dinuguan with Puto₱ 225.00
Razon’s BEST SELLER Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Lechon Kawali₱ 278.00
Chicken and Pork Asado₱ 278.00
Pork Adobo with Egg₱ 175.00
Arroz Caldo₱ 138.00


Menu itemsPrices
Longsilog₱ 208.00
Tapsilog₱ 228.00
Sisilog₱ 250.00
Bangsilog₱ 188.00
Tocilog₱ 212.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pancit Luglug₱ 145.00


Menu itemsPrices
Small₱ 665.00
Medium₱ 905.00
Large₱ 1270.00


Menu itemsPrices
Bundle A₱ 1040.00
Bundle B₱ 1200.00
Family Bundle₱ 1700.00


Menu itemsPrices
Plain Rice₱ 35.00
Garlic Rice₱ 45.00
Lumpiang Prito₱ 48.00
Puto₱ 65.00
Mineral Water₱ 40.00
Softdrinks in Can₱ 55.00


Menu itemsPrices
Classic Halo-Halo₱ 145.00
KLM (Keso, Langka & Mais)₱ 145.00
Halo-Halo Jr₱ 105.00

Location of Razon’s

Video of Razon’s

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday10 am10 pm
Monday11 am9:30 pm
Tuesday11 am9:30 pm
Wednesday11 am9:30 pm
Thursday11 am9:30 pm
Friday10 am10 pm
Saturday11 am10 pm

Service Options

  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Dinner


  • Casual
  • Trending

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63288867738

About Razon’s

Razon’s stands as a culinary beacon renowned for its exquisite fusion of taste, ambiance, and hospitality. Nestled in the heart of gastronomic exploration, Razon’s has carved a distinct niche for itself in the dining landscape. With a history steeped in tradition and innovation, Razon’s is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. From its humble beginnings, this establishment has evolved into a haven where flavors from around the world converge, offering patrons a remarkable journey through an array of carefully curated dishes. With a commitment to excellence that resonates through every detail, Razon’s continues to be a destination that transcends the ordinary, inviting all who enter to indulge in a symphony of flavors and sensations.

Best Selling item of Razon’s

Razon’s is renowned for its culinary prowess, and one item that consistently steals the spotlight is their signature “Mango Sago.” This delightful creation stands as a testament to Razon’s ability to transform simple ingredients into a sublime masterpiece. The Best Selling item, the Mango Sago, artfully combines the natural sweetness of ripe mangoes with the luscious creaminess of sago pearls. Each spoonful is a burst of refreshing flavor, an exquisite dance of textures that lingers on the palate. This dessert not only encapsulates the essence of Razon’s culinary philosophy but also captures the hearts of patrons who return time and again to savor its incomparable taste. The Mango Sago is not just a dish; it’s an embodiment of Razon’s commitment to crafting culinary experiences that linger in memory and leave a mark on the senses.

Alternative of Razon’s

For those seeking an alternative to the unique dining experience offered by Razon’s, “Culinary Fusion” stands out as a noteworthy contender. With a diverse menu that melds flavors from various culinary traditions, Culinary Fusion creates an innovative symphony of tastes that appeals to adventurous palates. From the tantalizing array of appetizers to the imaginative main courses and inventive desserts, every dish tells a story of culinary exploration and creativity. Just like Razon’s, Culinary Fusion places an emphasis on quality and presentation, ensuring that each dish is a visual and gastronomic delight. While it offers a distinct experience, Culinary Fusion is another option for those looking to indulge in a captivating journey through the world of flavors and textures. Another Alternatives are SaladStop Menu and Cafe Agapita Menu that Provide amazing food as you get in Razon’s.

Career Opportunities at Razon’s

Razon’s not only offers delectable culinary experiences but also serves as a promising hub for career growth and development. With a commitment to excellence at its core, Razon’s provides a range of diverse career opportunities within the hospitality industry.

From front-of-house roles that emphasize guest interaction and service excellence to behind-the-scenes positions that ensure the seamless operation of the establishment, there’s a spectrum of roles to suit various skill sets and ambitions. Whether one aspires to become a skilled chef, a proficient server, a creative menu designer, or a detail-oriented manager, Razon’s provides a nurturing environment that encourages learning, innovation, and personal growth. As part of the Razon’s family, employees not only contribute to crafting memorable dining experiences but also embark on a journey of continuous learning and advancement in the dynamic world of hospitality.

Razon’s Deal

Razon’s Deal

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Razon’s menu offers a delightful fusion of flavors, with a focus on dishes that range from traditional to contemporary. You’ll find a mix of both local and international influences, ensuring a diverse culinary experience.

Absolutely. Razon’s takes pride in offering high-quality dishes at accessible prices, ensuring that diners can indulge in a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

Razon’s is renowned for its “Mango Sago,” a dessert that combines ripe mangoes with sago pearls, creating a refreshing and indulgent treat that’s a favorite among patrons.

Yes, Razon’s provides both dine-in and takeout services, so you can enjoy their delicious offerings whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or a convenient take-home option.

Razon’s may update its menu periodically to reflect changing culinary trends and customer preferences. However, the core offerings that patrons love tend to remain consistent.

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