Munifico Pizzeria Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Munifico Pizzeria Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Munifico Pizzeria, nestled in the heart of our culinary landscape, has become synonymous with exceptional taste and quality. The cornerstone of this esteemed establishment lies in diverse Munifico Pizzeria menu, a gastronomic journey that seamlessly combines traditional and innovative flavors. One cannot help but be drawn to the meticulous curation of dishes, accompanied by prices that reflect both value and excellence.

Munifico Pizzeria Menu Prices
RestaurantMunifico Pizzeria
Delivery Timing10 am to 9 pm
Location257, 1116 Tandang Sora Ave, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila
Food Categories1

The Munifico Pizzeria menu reads like a culinary adventure, with each page unfolding a rich tapestry of flavors. From classic Margherita pizzas that pay homage to traditional Italian craftsmanship to avant-garde creations that push the boundaries of taste, Munifico caters to all palates. The menu is a testament to the pizzeria’s commitment to offering a diverse range of options to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Munifico Pizzeria Menu Categories


Munifico Pizzeria Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
3-Cheese₱ 295.00
Slow Cooked Beef₱ 295.00
Hungarian Sausage₱ 295.00
3-Cheese Garlic₱ 295.00
All Veggies₱ 295.00
Pepperoni Classic₱ 295.00
Hawaiian₱ 295.00
Meat Overload₱ 375.00

Location of Munifico Pizzeria

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday10 AM9 PM
Friday10 AM9 PM
Saturday10 AM9 PM
Sunday10 AM9 PM
Monday10 AM9 PM
Tuesday10 AM9 PM
Wednesday10 AM9 PM

Contact Details

About Munifico Pizzeria

Nestled at the heart of our city, Munifico Pizzeria stands as a testament to the artistry of Italian cuisine and the passion for culinary excellence. From its humble beginnings, this pizzeria has evolved into a gastronomic haven, captivating the palates of locals and visitors alike.

Munifico is more than just a place to savor mouthwatering pizzas; it is an immersive experience, where every bite tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to using the finest, freshest ingredients. The ambiance is warm and inviting, reflecting the genuine hospitality that has become synonymous with Munifico. With a menu that seamlessly blends traditional favorites with innovative creations, Munifico Pizzeria is a culinary oasis where patrons can indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors that define Italian cuisine. Whether it’s a casual family gathering or a celebration with friends, Munifico welcomes all with open arms, inviting them to savor not just food, but a symphony of culinary delights.

Best Selling item of Munifico Pizzeria

Undoubtedly, the pièce de résistance on Munifico Pizzeria’s menu is the Supreme Truffle Infusion Pizza—a gastronomic masterpiece that has earned its status as the best-selling item. This culinary marvel combines the timeless allure of a classic pizza with a modern twist, featuring a harmonious blend of premium ingredients.

Each bite is a sensory journey, with the earthy richness of truffle oil infusing the palate, complemented by a symphony of perfectly melted cheeses, succulent toppings, and a flawlessly baked crust that strikes the ideal balance between crispy and chewy. The Supreme Truffle Infusion Pizza has become synonymous with Munifico’s commitment to culinary excellence, captivating patrons with its indulgent flavors and earning its place as the undisputed favorite among those seeking an extraordinary pizza experience. It’s not merely a dish; it’s an embodiment of Munifico Pizzeria’s dedication to crafting extraordinary moments through exceptional food.

Alternative of Munifico Pizzeria

While Munifico Pizzeria stands as a beacon of exceptional pizza craftsmanship, the culinary landscape offers a diverse array of alternatives for those seeking unique flavors. One such alternative is Pasticcio’s Bistro, where artful pasta creations take center stage, showcasing the culinary prowess of Italian cuisine in a different form.

Pasticcio’s offers a tantalizing menu that invites patrons to explore handmade pasta dishes, rich sauces, and an ambiance that complements the culinary journey. As an alternative to Munifico’s pizza-centric approach, Pasticcio’s Bistro provides a refreshing yet equally indulgent experience, proving that the city’s culinary scene is a tapestry of diverse delights awaiting discovery. Each establishment, while distinct in its offerings, shares a commitment to excellence, ensuring that enthusiasts of exquisite cuisine can find satisfaction in alternative havens like Pasticcio’s, FCJ PIZZA Menu and Pizza Telefono Menu.

Career Opportunities at Munifico Pizzeria

Munifico Pizzeria not only tantalizes taste buds but also provides a savory platform for career growth and culinary passion. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its menu to the talented individuals who form the backbone of its operation.

With a dynamic work environment that values creativity, teamwork, and dedication, Munifico offers a range of career opportunities. From skilled chefs crafting culinary masterpieces to attentive servers ensuring impeccable dining experiences, the pizzeria beckons professionals to become integral parts of its flavorful journey. Aspiring individuals can find avenues for personal and professional development, whether in the kitchen, front-of-house, or management roles. Munifico Pizzeria’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant workplace culture makes it an ideal destination for those seeking not just a job but a fulfilling career in the dynamic world of gastronomy. Joining Munifico isn’t just a professional move; it’s an invitation to be a crucial ingredient in a recipe for success.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How are the prices determined on the Munifico Pizzeria menu?

The prices are reflective of the quality of ingredients used, the craftsmanship involved, and the overall dining experience. Munifico aims to strike a balance between premium quality and affordability.

How often does the menu change?

While Munifico Pizzeria maintains staple items, the menu undergoes occasional updates to introduce seasonal specials and innovative creations. Follow our social media or website for the latest updates.

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