PizzaDiDi Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

PizzaDiDi Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

PizzaDiDi, a culinary haven for pizza enthusiasts, not only boasts a delectable range of pizzas but also offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. As patrons enter the world of PizzaDiDi, they are greeted not just by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizzas but also by a carefully crafted PizzaDiDi menu Prices that strikes a balance between classic favorites and innovative creations.

PizzaDiDi Menu Prices
Delivery Timing12 PM to 12 AM
LocationTotal Gas Station Bacoor Boulevard, corner Mambog Rd, Bacoor, 4102 Cavite, Philippines
Food Categories10

At the heart of the PizzaDiDi experience lies its menu, a gastronomic journey that caters to every palate. The prices reflect not just the quality of the ingredients but the passion and dedication that go into creating each dish.

From the classic Margherita, adorned with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, to the adventurous BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Fusion, PizzaDiDi’s menu prices are as diverse as the flavors themselves. The restaurant caters to both traditionalists and those seeking bold, new taste experiences.

PizzaDiDi Menu Categories

Super MealsCold Juices & Sodas
Group MealsSmudi
Super PizzasExtras And Appetizers
Sulit PizzasRice
Chicken, Pastas & Ala CarteSides

PizzaDiDi Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Chick’nDi with Carbonara₱ 394.40
Chick’nDi with Pesto₱ 377.40
Chick’nDi with Sides₱ 225.25
Chick’nDi with Spaghetti₱ 225.25
Fish Creole with Sides₱ 454.75
Smoked Angus Beef with Sides₱ 488.75
Smoked BBQ Ribs with Sides₱ 487.90
Smoked Cajun Chicken with Sides₱ 488.75
PizzaDiDi Super Meals Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Buffalo Wings Feast (4-6 persons)₱ 2,171.75
Chick’nDi Feast (4-6 persons)₱ 1,359.15
Smoked Angus Beef Feast (4-6 persons)₱ 2,469.25
Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Feast (4-6 persons)₱ 2,468.40
Smoked Cajun Chicken Feast (4-6 persons)₱ 2,171.75
Super Chick’nDi Feast (6 to 8 persons)₱ 2,596.75
Ultimate BBQ Feast (8 to 10 persons)₱ 4,995.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
BBQ Chicken (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
BBQ Chicken (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Creamy Chicken Pesto (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Creamy Chicken Pesto (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Meaty Superload (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Meaty Superload (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Taco Whacko (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Taco Whacko (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
The VIP (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
The VIP (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
White Hawaiian (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
White Hawaiian (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super All Cheese (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super All Cheese (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Hawaiian (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Hawaiian (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Pepperoni (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Pepperoni (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Veggies (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Veggies (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Blueberry (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Blueberry (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Peach Mango (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Peach Mango (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Super Strawberry (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 415.65
Super Strawberry (14 Inches – Family)₱ 726.75
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
All Cheese (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
All Cheese (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
Blueberry (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
Blueberry (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
Hawaiian (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
Hawaiian (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
Peach Mango (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
Peach Mango (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
Pepperoni (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
Pepperoni (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
Strawberry (10 Inches – Medium)₱ 322.15
Strawberry (14 Inches – Family)₱ 497.25
PizzaDiDi Sulit Pizzas Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Didi Carbonara (Group 4-5 Persons)₱ 760.75
Didi Carbonara (Solo)₱ 191.25
Didi Pesto (Group 4-5 Persons)₱ 709.75
Didi Pesto (Solo)₱ 182.75
Didi Spaghetti (Group 4-5 Persons)₱ 454.75
Didi Spaghetti (Solo)₱ 114.75
Buffalo Chicken Wings₱ 420.75
Fried Chick’n Di (6 pcs)₱ 692.75
Fried Chick’n Di (8 pcs)₱ 888.25
Smoked Angus Beef₱ 735.25
Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs₱ 1,823.25
Smoked Cajun Chicken Wings₱ 870.40
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Cold Juice (Regular)₱ 58.65
Cold Juice (Big)₱ 92.65
Cold Juice (Pitcher)₱ 155.00
Bottled Water₱ 21.25
Sodas in Can₱ 59.00
Coke (1.5 L)₱ 125.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Blueberry Smudi₱ 126.65
Chocolate Banana Smudi₱ 126.65
Chocolate Smudi₱ 126.65
Cookies and Cream Smudi₱ 126.65
Passion Fruit Smudi₱ 126.65
Peach Lychee Smudi₱ 126.65
Strawberry Banana Smudi₱ 126.65
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Calzone A la Mode₱ 149.00
Fiesta Fries₱ 125.00
Garlic Bread₱ 101.15
Ice Cream Scoop₱ 25.00
Pepper Cream₱ 24.65
Stretchaballs₱ 75.65
Super Nachos₱ 446.25
PizzaDiDi Extras And Appetizers Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Plain Rice (Solo)₱ 30.00
Plain Rice (Platter)₱ 120.00
Java Rice (Solo)₱ 50.00
Java Rice (Platter)₱ 195.00
Cajun Rice (Solo)₱ 50.00
Cajun Rice (Platter)₱ 195.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Cajun Rice₱ 45.00
Corn on a Cob₱ 45.00
Fiesta Fries₱ 45.00
Fried Plantain₱ 45.00
Garden Salad₱ 45.00
Java Rice₱ 45.00
Plain Rice₱ 45.00

Location of PizzaDiDi

Video of PizzaDiDi

Opening & Closing Time

Saturday12 PM12 AM
Sunday12 PM12 AM
Monday12 PM12 AM
Tuesday12 PM12 AM
Wednesday12 PM12 AM
Thursday12 PM12 AM
Friday12 PM12 AM

Service Options

  • Curbside pickup
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeout

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Dinner

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +639171093170

About PizzaDiDi

PizzaDiDi stands as a beacon in the culinary world, captivating the taste buds of pizza enthusiasts with its unrivaled commitment to excellence. Nestled in the heart of gastronomic exploration, PizzaDiDi is not merely a pizzeria; it is an experience that transcends the ordinary.

From the moment patrons step through its doors, they are welcomed into a realm where the art of pizza-making reaches new heights. With a dedication to using the finest ingredients, PizzaDiDi crafts each pizza with precision and passion, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. Beyond the delicious offerings, PizzaDiDi is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, creating a haven where classic recipes coexist harmoniously with bold, inventive combinations. It’s not just a pizzeria; it’s a celebration of culinary craftsmanship, a place where pizza is elevated to an art form, and every bite tells a story of expertise and devotion. Welcome to PizzaDiDi, where every slice is an invitation to savor the extraordinary in the world of pizza.

Best Selling item of PizzaDiDi

Among the array of delectable offerings at PizzaDiDi, one culinary masterpiece reigns supreme as the undisputed best-selling item—the “Signature Truffle Mushroom Pizza.” This extraordinary creation encapsulates the essence of PizzaDiDi’s commitment to culinary excellence.

A harmonious blend of earthy truffle notes, sautéed mushrooms, and a velvety blend of cheeses, this pizza transcends the ordinary and takes taste buds on a journey of indulgence. Each slice is a symphony of flavors, from the savory umami of the truffle-infused sauce to the rich, creamy texture of the cheeses. The Signature Truffle Mushroom Pizza has become an icon, representing the epitome of PizzaDiDi’s culinary innovation. Its popularity is a testament to the restaurant’s ability to transform traditional pizza into a gourmet experience that captivates and satisfies even the most discerning palates. For those seeking a culinary adventure, the best-selling delight at PizzaDiDi is an absolute must-try, a true testament to the artistry and expertise that defines this culinary haven.

Alternative of PizzaDiDi

For those seeking culinary adventures beyond the enchanting realm of PizzaDiDi, an enticing alternative awaits at “Gourmet Pie Haven.” This alternative establishment captures the essence of artisanal pizza with a distinct flair.

Renowned for its handcrafted pies and innovative toppings, Gourmet Pie Haven offers a delightful departure from the traditional pizza experience. Each pizza is a canvas of unique flavors, from the tangy balsamic glaze drizzled over fresh arugula to the unexpected twist of smoked gouda. It stands as an appealing alternative, where culinary artistry converges with an array of palate-pleasing options. Whether one is drawn to the familiar comforts of PizzaDiDi or enticed by the allure of Gourmet Pie Haven, both establishments promise a journey of gastronomic delight, each with its own signature charm and flavorsome appeal. However you can also try Paizano’s Pizzeria Menu and Sicilian Roast Menu as a Alternatives.

Career Opportunities at PizzaDiDi

PizzaDiDi not only excels in delivering a culinary experience that tantalizes taste buds but also offers an array of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the art of gastronomy. As a vibrant and dynamic workplace, PizzaDiDi provides a platform for aspiring chefs, servers, and hospitality professionals to thrive. From the bustling kitchen, where culinary creativity comes to life, to the front-of-house staff, who create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons, PizzaDiDi values talent and dedication. With opportunities for career growth and development, employees at PizzaDiDi are not just part of a team but contributors to a culinary journey that continually evolves.

Whether one aspires to be a master pizza chef, a customer service expert, or a managerial leader, PizzaDiDi opens doors to a flavorful career path where passion and ambition can turn dreams into reality. Joining the PizzaDiDi family means embarking on a journey where every career opportunity is as unique and fulfilling as the pizzas served with pride.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the specialty of PizzaDiDi’s menu?

PizzaDiDi’s menu is a blend of classic favorites and innovative creations. The specialty lies in crafting high-quality pizzas with a diverse range of flavors to cater to various tastes.

What is the best-selling item on the menu?

PizzaDiDi’s best-selling item is the “Signature Truffle Mushroom Pizza.” This culinary masterpiece combines truffle-infused sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and a blend of cheeses for a truly indulgent experience.

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