Mr Coconut Menu & Updated Prices in Singapore 2024

Mr Coconut Menu & Updated Prices in Singapore 2024

Mr. Coconut is a popular chain of beverage and snack shops known for its refreshing and unique menu offerings. With its fusion of Asian and tropical flavors, Mr. Coconut has captured the taste buds of many. A significant aspect of any dining experience is the pricing, and in this article, we will delve into the Mr. Coconut Menu Prices, exploring the range of options and what customers can expect when they visit this beloved establishment.

Mr Coconut Menu Prices
RestaurantMr Coconut
Delivery Timing10 AM to 9:45 PM
Location69 252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103
Delivery Hotline+6560150324
Food Categories6

One of the most appealing aspects of Mr. Coconut menu is its extensive variety. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional bubble tea, a fruit smoothie, or a refreshing coconut-based drink, they’ve got you covered. Their menu offers options for all tastes and preferences. The Mr. Coconut Menu Prices are designed to be inclusive, with something for everyone. Depending on your choice, prices generally range from $4 to $7, making it a budget-friendly option for a flavorful and refreshing experience.

Mr. Coconut is renowned for its specialty drinks. They offer a delightful array of tropical and fruit-based beverages that are not only tasty but also visually appealing. While some specialty drinks may be slightly higher in price, averaging around $6 to $7, they are worth the occasional splurge. These drinks often come in unique containers or have exquisite presentations that add to the overall experience, making them popular choices for those looking to enjoy a treat.

Mr Coconut Menu Categories

Signature ShakeCoconut Latte
Bubble CoconutBeverage Toppings Menu
Mr Coconut Fresh MilkDesserts

Mr Coconut Menu Prices

Signature Shake

Menu itemsMediumLarge
Coconut ShakeSGD 4.40SGD 5.40
Coconut Oreo ShakeSGD 4.80SGD 5.80
Coconut Strawberry ShakeSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Coconut Mango ShakeSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Coconut Soursop ShakeSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Coconut Banana ShakeSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Coconut Avocado ShakeSGD 5.50SGD 6.50
Coconut Cappuccino ShakeSGD 5.90SGD 6.90

Bubble Coconut

Menu itemsMediumLarge
Bubble CoconutSGD 4.80SGD 5.80
Bubble Taro CoconutSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Bubble Honeydew CoconutSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Bubble Dragonfruit CoconutSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Bubble Chocolate CoconutSGD 4.90SGD 5.90
Bubble Passionfruit Soursop CoconutSGD 5.50SGD 6.50
Bubble Peach Soursop CoconutSGD 5.50SGD 6.50
Mr Coconut Bubble Coconut Menu

Mr Coconut Fresh Milk

Menu itemsMediumLarge
Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 4.40SGD 5.40
Pandan Sago Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 5.20SGD 6.20
Avocado Gula Melaka Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Banana Chocolate Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Mango Passionfruit Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 5.30SGD 6.30
Dragonfruit Mango Coconut Fresh MilkSGD 5.30SGD 6.30

Coconut Latte

Menu itemsPrices (MEDIUM)
Coconut LatteSGD 5.60
Chocolate Coconut LatteSGD 5.80
Gula Melaka Coconut LatteSGD 5.80

Beverage Toppings Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Gula Melaka SagoSGD 0.50
Nata de cocoSGD 0.50
Aloe VeraSGD 0.50
White PearlSGD 0.60
Pandan SagoSGD 0.80
Coconut NoodleSGD 0.80
Coconut Ice CreamSGD 1.20
Mr Coconut Beverage Toppings Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Coconut Ice Ceam (husk)SGD 4.90
Coconut Soft ServeSGD 2.50
Coconut Soft Serve with 1 ToppingSGD 3.50
Coconut TwistSGD 2.80
Coconut Twist with 1 ToppingSGD 3.80
Coconut PuddingSGD 2.80
Coconut Pudding with 3 ToppingsSGD 4.20
Coconut JellySGD 3.00
Coconut Jelly with 3 ToppingsSGD 4.40

Location of Mr Coconut

Video of Mr Coconut

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday10 AM9:45 PM
Friday10 AM9:45 PM
Saturday10 AM9:45 PM
Sunday10 AM9:45 PM
Monday10 AM9:45 PM
Tuesday10 AM9:45 PM
Wednesday10 AM9:45 PM

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +6560150324

About Mr Coconut

Mr. Coconut is a well-known and beloved beverage and snack shop that has earned a special place in the hearts of its patrons. With a unique fusion of Asian and tropical flavors, Mr. Coconut offers a delightful range of drinks and snacks that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

The brand is known not only for its delicious beverages, including bubble tea, fruit smoothies, and coconut-based creations, but also for its commitment to affordability and quality. With a diverse menu that appeals to all age groups, Mr. Coconut has become a go-to destination for those seeking refreshing and innovative flavors in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re a regular visitor or new to the Mr. Coconut experience, this establishment offers a taste of the exotic and a memorable culinary journey that keeps customers coming back for more.

Best Selling item of Mr Coconut

One of the standout best-selling items at Mr. Coconut is their delectable and visually stunning “Signature Coconut Drinks.” These signature creations encapsulate the essence of the brand’s tropical and Asian-inspired flavors, featuring fresh coconut water or milk combined with a variety of innovative and flavorful ingredients.

Customers are particularly drawn to the unique experience of sipping from a real coconut shell, which adds an extra layer of authenticity to the drink. The combination of taste and presentation makes these Signature Coconut Drinks a top choice among patrons, and they have become the quintessential representation of Mr. Coconut’s commitment to quality and creativity. Whether you opt for the classic coconut flavor or indulge in one of the exciting specialty varieties, such as coconut with colorful boba pearls or exotic fruit infusions, these signature drinks are a must-try for anyone visiting Mr. Coconut.

Alternative of Mr Coconut

For those seeking alternatives to Mr. Coconut, there are various other beverage and snack shops that offer a similar range of options. Local and global chains specializing in bubble tea, fruit smoothies, and tropical beverages can provide comparable choices.

Popular alternatives might include well-known chains like Chatime, Gong Cha, or Kung Fu Tea, each offering their own unique flavors and menu items. Additionally, independent or local establishments in your area may provide similar tropical and Asian-inspired beverage options. Exploring these alternatives can offer a fresh perspective on the wide world of refreshments, allowing you to discover new flavors and experiences that suit your taste preferences. Whether you’re in search of unique bubble teas, fruit-infused drinks, or coconut-based delights, there are numerous alternatives including Shake Shack Menu and Five Guys Menu to Mr. Coconut that can provide an equally satisfying and delicious experience.

Career Opportunities at Mr Coconut

Career opportunities at Mr. Coconut offer a unique and vibrant path for those passionate about the food and beverage industry. The company often provides a range of positions, from entry-level roles like baristas and cashiers to more specialized positions in management, marketing, and operations. Working at Mr. Coconut offers a chance to be part of a dynamic and creative team, where employees can learn and grow in a fast-paced, customer-oriented environment. The company often values candidates who have a strong work ethic, excellent customer service skills, and a love for unique and flavorful beverages.

With opportunities for advancement and skill development, a career at Mr. Coconut can be both rewarding and fulfilling for individuals looking to make their mark in the food and beverage industry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Mr. Coconut offers a wide range of beverages, including bubble tea, fruit smoothies, coconut-based drinks, and specialty creations. They are known for their innovative and refreshing combinations.

The prices at Mr. Coconut typically range from around $4 to $7, depending on the size and type of beverage. Specialty and elaborate drinks may be slightly higher in price.

Mr. Coconut may offer catering services or accommodate large orders for special events. It’s advisable to contact your nearest location for details and availability for catering requests.

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