Master Buffalo Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Master Buffalo Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Master Buffalo menu prices are a testament to their commitment to providing a delectable dining experience that won’t strain your wallet. With a diverse array of options ranging from classic buffalo wings to gourmet burgers, this restaurant caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. One of the standout features of Master Buffalo menu Prices is the affordability it offers without compromising on quality.

RestaurantMaster Buffalo
Delivery Timing9 Am to 10 Pm
Location1554 Nadelco, Sta. Mesa, Maynila, 1008 Kalakhang Maynila
Delivery Hotline+63 917 327 1991
Food Categories5

Whether you’re in the mood for their signature buffalo wings, which come in various heat levels and flavors, or you’re craving a hearty burger loaded with premium toppings, you can count on reasonable prices that make dining here a fantastic value. Furthermore, Master Buffalo doesn’t skimp on portion sizes. Generous servings ensure that you’ll leave the restaurant feeling satisfied without having to order multiple items to fill up. Their commitment to offering value for money is evident in every aspect of their menu, making it a top choice for those seeking a hearty meal without the hefty price tag.

Master Buffalo Menu Categories


Master Buffalo Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Buffalo Wings (2pcs)₱ 117.00
Buffalo Wings (4pcs)₱ 202.00
Buffalo Wings w/ Dip (6pcs)₱ 289.00
Buffalo Wings w/ Dip (10pcs)₱ 479.00


Menu itemsPrices
Bilao (20pcs)₱ 973.00
Buffalo Wings w/ Dip (30pcs)₱ 1399.00


Menu itemsPrices
Salted Egg Wings (2pcs)₱ 144.00
Salted Egg Wings (4pcs)₱ 225.00
Salted Egg Wings w/ Dip (6pcs)₱ 298.00
Salted Egg Wings w/ Dip (10pcs)₱ 487.00


Menu itemsPrices
Tocilog₱ 172.00
Hungsilog₱ 160.00
Porksilog₱ 172.00
Chicksilog₱ 172.00
Tapsilog₱ 172.00


Menu itemsPrices
Signature Dip₱ 15.00
Rice₱ 20.00
Garlic Mayo₱ 15.00
Cheese Dip₱ 15.00
Honey Mustard₱ 15.00
911₱ 15.00

Location of Master Buffalo

Video of Master Buffalo

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday9 AM10 PM
Monday9 AM10 PM
Tuesday 9 AM10 PM
Wednesday9 AM10 PM
Thursday9 AM10 PM
Friday9 AM10 PM
Saturday9 AM10 PM

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63 917 327 1991

About Master Buffalo

Master Buffalo is a renowned dining establishment that has carved its place as a haven for lovers of flavorful and indulgent cuisine. With a focus on delivering exceptional buffalo wings and an array of mouthwatering dishes, Master Buffalo has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality and taste.

Beyond its delectable menu offerings, the restaurant is known for its welcoming ambiance and attentive service, creating an inviting space for patrons to savor their culinary creations. Whether you’re a fan of their signature buffalo wings or exploring their diverse menu, Master Buffalo promises a memorable dining experience that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. It’s a place where food enthusiasts can gather to enjoy the mastery of flavor, making it a cherished destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Best Selling item of Master Buffalo

The best-selling item at Master Buffalo is undoubtedly their mouthwatering buffalo wings. These delectable wings are the star of the show, known for their crispy, golden exterior and succulent, tender meat beneath. What truly sets them apart is the wide range of unique and flavorful sauces that customers can choose from, including classics like mild and hot, as well as inventive options like honey garlic, teriyaki, and even exotic flavors for the adventurous palate. The irresistible combination of perfectly cooked wings and an array of signature sauces keeps patrons coming back for more, making the buffalo wings at Master Buffalo a must-try and a perennial favorite among diners.

Alternative of Master Buffalo

When seeking an alternative to Master Buffalo, your choices will largely depend on your location and the type of cuisine you’re craving. If you’re in the mood for another take on buffalo wings, you might explore nearby sports bars or casual dining restaurants known for their wing offerings. For those looking for diverse culinary experiences, consider trying out different cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, or Asian, each offering its unique flavors and specialties. Health-conscious diners can opt for restaurants that prioritize fresh salads, wraps, or vegetarian and vegan options. Exploring your local dining scene can lead to delightful surprises, and there’s a plethora of alternatives to Master Buffalo to satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. Some more alternatives that you can also try are KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS Menu and JO’S CHICKEN INATO Menu.

Career Opportunities at Master Buffalo

Career opportunities at Master Buffalo are as diverse and flavorful as their menu offerings. The restaurant is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which extends to its dedicated team of employees.

From front-of-house positions like servers, bartenders, and host/hostess roles to back-of-house positions such as chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff, Master Buffalo provides a range of opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary industry. Additionally, there are managerial and administrative roles for those with leadership skills and a knack for restaurant operations. With a positive work environment, opportunities for growth, and a focus on teamwork, Master Buffalo offers a promising platform for individuals to build rewarding careers in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Certainly! In addition to our traditional offerings, we have salads, grilled chicken options, and lighter fare to cater to health-conscious diners.

Our menu prices are competitive and vary depending on the dish. You’ll find a range of affordable options that provide excellent value for the quality and portion sizes we offer.

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