Macau Imperial Tea Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Macau Imperial Tea Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Macau Imperial Tea Menu Prices offer customers a delightful opportunity to embark on an affordable culinary journey. With a wide array of beverages and snacks to choose from, this establishment caters to diverse tastes and budgets. Whether you’re a devoted tea enthusiast or simply looking for a refreshing drink, Macau Imperial Tea Menu Prices make it an accessible and inviting destination for all. One of the key advantages of Macau Imperial Tea’s menu is the exceptional value they provide. From their signature drinks to their seasonal specials, each item is reasonably priced, ensuring that customers can indulge without straining their wallets.

Macau Imperial Tea Menu Prices

Macau Imperial Tea believes that everyone should have the chance to savor their delectable offerings, and their affordable menu prices reflect that commitment. Macau Imperial Tea sources high-quality ingredients while maintaining affordable menu prices, ensuring that every sip is a pleasurable experience. From the rich and creamy milk teas to the vibrant and refreshing fruit teas, each beverage is carefully crafted to satisfy customers’ discerning palates. The dedication to quality at accessible prices sets Macau Imperial Tea apart and keeps customers coming back for more.

Macau Imperial Tea Menu Categories

PopularChestnut Cream
TeaRed Bean
Milk TeaSoda
Chocolate SeriesCoffee
Cream Cheese

Macau Imperial Tea Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Cheesecake Panda₱150.00
Cheesecake Oreo₱140.00
Cheesecake Matcha₱155.00
Cheesecake Cocoa₱135.00
Cheesecake Taro₱130.00
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00
Macau Imperial Tea Popular Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Cheesecake Panda₱150.00
Cheesecake Oreo₱140.00
Cheesecake Matcha₱155.00
Cheesecake Cocoa₱135.00
Cheesecake Taro₱130.00
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00
Macau Imperial Tea Cheesecake Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Brewed Lemon Iced Red Tea₱110.00
Kumquat Lemon Tea₱120.00
Cranberry Tea₱120.00

Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱110.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱110.00
Red Bean and Pudding Milk Tea₱130.00
Black Pearl Milk Tea₱110.00

Chocolate Series

Menu itemsPrices
Triple Chocolate Caramel₱165.00
Triple Chocolate₱165.00
Triple Chocolate Hazelnut₱165.00
Strawberries and Cream₱165.00
Triple Chocolate Almond₱165.00
Black Forest Mpresso₱165.00
Choco Coffee Delight Mpresso₱165.00
Matcha Berry Mpresso₱165.00
Cotton Candy Mallows Mpresso₱165.00
Macau Imperial Tea Chocolate Series Menu

Cream Cheese

Menu itemsPrices
Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea₱110.00
Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱120.00
Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea₱125.00
Cream Cheese Ruby Tea₱130.00
Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea₱130.00
Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea₱135.00
Cream Cheese Milk Tea₱135.00
Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea₱140.00
Cream Cheese Uji Matcha₱150.00
Cream Cheese Cocoa₱135.00

Chestnut Cream

Menu itemsPrices
Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea₱120.00
Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱125.00
Chestnut Cream Tea₱135.00
Chestnut Cream Cocoa₱135.00
Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha₱155.00
Macau Imperial Tea Chestnut Cream Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Yakult Green Tea₱75.00
Mango Yakult₱120.00
Lemon Yakult₱120.00

Red Bean

Menu itemsPrices
Red Bean and Pudding Matcha₱150.00
Red Bean and Matcha Milk Shake₱150.00
Macau Imperial Tea Red Bean Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Lemon Fizz Soda₱145.00
Over the Rainbow Soda₱165.00
Blue Cucarao Soda₱145.00
Cherry Blossom Soda₱145.00
Midsummer Soda₱145.00
Green Apple Soda₱145.00


Menu itemsPrices
Cappuccino Mpresso₱150.00
Mocha Mpresso₱165.00
White Mocha Mpresso₱175.00
Caramel Mpresso₱175.00
Cappuccino (Iced)₱140.00
Americano (Iced)₱130.00
Latte (Iced)₱140.00
Mocha (Iced)₱155.00
White Mocha (Iced)₱165.00
Caramel Macchiato (Iced)₱165.00
Americano (Hot)₱130.00
Latte (Hot)₱140.00
Cappuccino (Hot)₱140.00
Mocha (Hot)₱155.00
White Mocha (Hot)₱165.00
Caramel Macchiato (Hot)₱165.00
Macau Imperial Tea Coffee Menu

Location of Macau Imperial Tea

Video of Macau Imperial Tea

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday10 am12 am
Friday10 am12 am
Saturday10 am12 am
Sunday10 am12 am
Monday10 am12 am
Tuesday10 am12 am
Wednesday10 am12 am

Service Options

  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeaway


  • Coffee
  • Small plates

Dining Options

  • Brunch
  • Seating
  • Dessert


  • Gender-neutral toilets
  • Toilets
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Good for kids
  • Wi-Fi


  • Casual
  • Cosy


  • Family friendly
  • Groups

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63277530710

About Macau Imperial Tea

Macau Imperial Tea is a renowned tea establishment that has captured the hearts and palates of tea enthusiasts around the world. With its origins in Macau, this brand has quickly expanded, becoming a global sensation known for its exceptional tea offerings. At Macau Imperial Tea, customers are greeted with a wide range of meticulously crafted beverages, each infused with the perfect blend of flavors and artistry. From their signature Cream Cheese series to their refreshing fruit teas, every drink is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering an unforgettable tea experience. With a warm and inviting ambiance, Macau Imperial Tea is not just a place to indulge in exquisite flavors, but also a haven where customers can relax, socialize, and immerse themselves in the world of tea.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or simply seeking a delightful beverage, Macau Imperial Tea invites you to embark on a journey of taste, where each sip transports you to a realm of pure tea bliss.

Best Selling item of Macau Imperial Tea

One of the standout and best-selling items at Macau Imperial Tea is undoubtedly their Cream Cheese series. This delectable creation has captured the taste buds and imaginations of tea lovers everywhere. The Cream Cheese series offers a unique combination of rich, creamy cheese foam topping delicately balanced with the refreshing flavors of various teas. With options like Classic Milk Tea, Matcha, and Fruit Tea, each drink is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory, creating an indulgent and unforgettable experience. The velvety texture of the cheese foam perfectly complements the tea base, resulting in a delightful contrast of flavors and textures with every sip. The Cream Cheese series has become a beloved favorite, leaving customers craving for more and earning its place as the crown jewel of Macau Imperial Tea’s menu.

If you’re looking for a truly exceptional and best-selling item at Macau Imperial Tea, the Cream Cheese series is a must-try that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Alternative of Macau Imperial Tea

While Macau Imperial Tea offers an exceptional tea experience, there are also alternative options for those looking to explore new tea adventures. One such alternative is Chatime, a well-known tea franchise that boasts an extensive menu of diverse and innovative tea creations. With a focus on customization, Chatime allows customers to personalize their drinks by adjusting sweetness levels and adding various toppings. Another notable alternative is Gong Cha, renowned for its wide range of flavors and high-quality ingredients. Gong Cha offers an array of milk teas, fruit teas, and specialty beverages that cater to different preferences. For those seeking a unique tea experience, Starbucks Menu is another excellent choice. With a focus on Taiwanese tea culture, Starbucks Menu presents a variety of traditional and modern tea blends that are both refreshing and satisfying.

These alternatives to Macau Imperial Tea provide an opportunity to embark on new tea adventures, allowing tea enthusiasts to expand their horizons and discover different flavors and styles of tea.

Career Opportunities at Macau Imperial Tea

Macau Imperial Tea offers exciting career opportunities for individuals seeking to be part of a dynamic and rapidly expanding tea industry. With its global presence, Macau Imperial Tea provides a platform for passionate individuals to embark on a rewarding journey in the food and beverage sector. Whether you aspire to become a skilled barista, a talented chef, or a dedicated manager, Macau Imperial Tea offers a range of positions to suit different skill sets and interests. Joining the Macau Imperial Tea team means being part of a supportive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. The company values professional development and invests in training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees. With opportunities for growth and advancement, Macau Imperial Tea nurtures talent, recognizes hard work, and rewards dedication.

Working at Macau Imperial Tea is not just a job but a pathway to personal and professional growth, where individuals can contribute to the brand’s success while honing their skills and passion for the art of tea.

Macau Imperial Tea Deal

Macau Imperial Tea Deal

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Macau Imperial Tea has expanded its presence worldwide. You can find their outlets in various countries, including the Philippines, China, United States, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many more.

Macau Imperial Tea offers a wide range of popular drinks that cater to different tastes. Some of the customer favorites include their Cream Cheese series, Classic Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, and specialty beverages like Matcha and Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Each drink is meticulously crafted to provide a unique and satisfying tea experience.

Yes, Macau Imperial Tea offers a variety of snacks and food items to complement their beverage selection. You can find an assortment of pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and light bites that pair perfectly with their drinks, allowing you to enjoy a complete and satisfying tea experience.

Yes, Macau Imperial Tea understands the convenience of online ordering and offers online platforms for customers to place their orders.

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