Buddy’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Buddy’s Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

When considering dining options, Buddy’s stand out as a pivotal aspect of the overall experience. The affordability and range of Buddy’s Menu Prices make it a sought-after choice among individuals and families seeking delicious meals without straining their wallets. At Buddy’s, the commitment to providing diverse options at competitive Buddy’s Menu Prices ensures that everyone can enjoy a satisfying culinary journey. The allure of Buddy’s lies in its ability to cater to a wide audience. From mouthwatering appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, and even decadent desserts, Buddy’s offer a delightful spectrum of flavors to suit various palates.

Buddy’s Menu Prices
Timing9 am to 10 Pm
LocationThe Link, North Dr Cor Makati Ave, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila
Contact Number+63288284444
Food Categories16

Maintaining reasonable Buddy’s Menu Prices while upholding the quality of ingredients showcases Buddy’s dedication to providing value without compromise. In today’s dining landscape, where costs can deter people from indulging in restaurant experiences, Buddy’s shine as a beacon of affordability. Patrons can relish in their favorite dishes without apprehension about breaking the bank. This focus on accessible Buddy’s aligns with Buddy’s mission of creating an inclusive space where everyone can gather and enjoy fantastic food.

Buddy’s Menu Categories


Buddy’s Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Party Trays₱ 980.00
Fiesta in a Box A₱ 1810.00
Fiesta in a Box B₱ 2070.00
Fiesta in a Box D₱ 1933.00
Fiesta in a Box C₱ 2383.00


Menu itemsPrices
Tapsilog₱ 223.00
Lonsilog Lucban₱ 223.00
Grilled Longsilog₱ 223.00
Daing na Bangus witj Rice₱ 270.00
1 Dozen Regular Longganis Lucban₱ 323.00
1 Dozen Regular Longganis Lucban₱ 263.00


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Pata Large₱ 1025.00
Embotido₱ 300.00
2 pcs Fried Pork Chop with Rice₱ 305.00
2 pcs Fried Chicken with Rice₱ 275.00
Whole Fried Chicken with Crispy Noodles₱ 653.00
Hardinera Medium₱ 293.00
Hardinera Large₱ 439.00
Lumpiang Shanghai with Rice₱ 221.00
Buddy’s LUNCH & DINNER Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Chopsuey with Rice₱ 273.00
Fried Lumpia with Rice₱ 175.00
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod₱ 147.00
Fresh Lupia Mixed Vegetables₱ 147.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pork Molo₱ 261.00
Sinigang Sa Miso₱ 357.00
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso₱ 477.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken BBQ Family Feast₱ 1050.00
Lucban Longganisa₱ 881.00
Pork Bbq₱ 1369.00
Fried Lumpiang Gulay₱ 739.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 739.00


Menu itemsPrices
Buddy’s Halo-Halo₱ 147.00
Cassava Cake Budin₱ 117.00
Leche Flan₱ 111.00
Mais Con Yelo₱ 125.00
Saba Con Yelo₱ 133.00


Menu itemsPrices
Buddy Burger₱ 95.00
Buddy Burger with Cheese₱ 107.00
Super Buddy Burger₱ 125.00
Tuna Sandwich₱ 99.00
Garlic Bread₱ 30.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken BBQ₱ 1710.00
5 Dozen Lucban Longganisa Cooked₱ 2921.00
2 Dozen Pork Bbq₱ 2921.00
Fried Lumpiang Gulay₱ 1195.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 1195.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pancit Lucban₱ 327.00
Pancit Lucban Chicken with Pesto₱ 340.00
Pancit Lucban Seafood with Pesto₱ 385.00
Miki-Bihon₱ 327.00
Bihon₱ 339.00
Sotanghon₱ 381.00
Sotanghon Con Canton₱ 381.00
Chami Special₱ 351.00
Lomi₱ 289.00
Palabok Special Regular₱ 437.00
Spaghetti Small₱ 111.00
Spaghetti Large₱ 417.00
Spaghetti Family₱ 417.00
Spaghetti with Mushroom & Bacon Regular₱ 160.00
Spaghetti with Mushroom & Bacon Family₱ 463.00


Menu itemsPrices
Spaghetti with Mushroom & Bacon Small Sa Bialo₱ 1045.00
Spaghetti wit Mushroom & Bacon Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1577.00
Spaghetti with Mushroom & Bacon Large Sa Bilao₱ 2099.00
Chami Special Small Sa Bilao₱ 1003.00
Chami Special Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1639.00
Chami Special Large Sa Bilao₱ 2515.00
Pancit Lucban Chicken with Pesto Small Sa Bilao₱ 979.00
Pancit Lucban Chicken with Pesto Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1579.00
Pancit Lucban Chicken with Pesto Large Sa Bilao₱ 2453.00
Miki-Bihon Small Sa Bilao₱ 907.00
Miki-Bihon Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1470.00
Miki-Bihon Large Sa Bilao₱ 2335.00
Sotanghon Small Sa Bilao₱ 1099.00
Sotanghon Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1781.00
Sotanghon Large Sa Bilao₱ 2741.00
Canton Small Sa Bilao₱ 1099.00
Canton Medium Sa Bilao₱ 1781.00
Palabok Special Large Sa Bilao₱ 2099.00


Menu itemsPrices
1/2 Sisig Pork with Egg & Rice₱ 207.00
Pork Chop Steak with Rice₱ 317.00
Sisig Pork with Egg & Rice₱ 261.00
Sisig Bangus with Rice₱ 270.00
Sisig Pusit with Egg & Rice₱ 261.00
Sisig Ampalaya with Rice₱ 281.00
Sizzling Mixed Seafood & Vegetables with Rice₱ 317.00
Sizzling Ampalaya Con Carne with Rice₱ 291.00
Sizzling Beef Steak with Rice₱ 317.00
Sizzling Squiud Teriyaki₱ 390.00
Sizzling Tanigue with Rice₱ 317.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pork BBQ 2 Sticks with Java Rice₱ 309.00
2 Pcs Pork Chop Ihaw with Rice₱ 285.00


Menu itemsPrices
Buddy Pizza Regular Single₱ 181.00
Buddy Pizza Regular Double₱ 303.00
Buddy Pizza Regular Family₱ 479.00
Buddy Pizza Supreme Double₱ 367.00
Buddy Pizza Supreme Family₱ 563.00
Buddy Pizza Super Supreme Double₱ 415.00
Buddy Pizza Longganisang Lucban & Kesong Puti SUpremem Single₱ 243.00
Buddy Pizza Bacon & Pepperoni Supreme Single₱ 199.00
Buddy Pizza Bacon & Pepperoni Supreme Double₱ 367.00
Buddy Pizza Bacon & Pepperoni Supreme Family₱ 563.00
Buddy Pizza Classic Supreme Double₱ 367.00
Buddy Pizza Classic Supreme family₱ 563.00
Buddy Pizza Hawaiian Supreme Single₱ 199.00
Buddy Pizza Hawaiian Supreme Family₱ 563.00
Buddy Pizza Vegetable Supreme Double₱ 367.00
Buddy Pizza Vegetable Supreme family₱ 563.00


Menu itemsPrices
Mineral Water₱ 39.00
Pineapple Juice₱ 70.00
Sago at Gulaman₱ 75.00
Lemonade Large₱ 63.00
Lemonade 1.5L₱ 199.00
Iced Tea Large₱ 57.00
Iced Tea 1.5L₱ 185.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pncit Lucban₱ 327.0
Sisig Pork with egg & Rice₱ 261.00
1/2 Sisig Pork with Egg & Rice₱ 207.00
Chopsuey with Rice₱ 273.00

Location of Buddy’s

Video of Buddy’s

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday9 AM9 PM
Friday9 AM10 PM
Saturday9 AM10 PM
Sunday9 AM10 PM
Monday9 AM9 PM
Tuesday9 AM9 PM
Wednesday9 AM9 PM

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeout

Dining Options

  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Dessert

Payments Methods

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • NFC mobile payments

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63288284444

About Buddy’s

Buddy’s is a renowned culinary establishment that has carved a niche for itself in the dining landscape. With a rich history of delivering exceptional gastronomic experiences, Buddy’s has become a beloved destination for food enthusiasts of all backgrounds. From its inviting ambiance to its diverse menu offerings, Buddy’s prides itself on offering a blend of comfort, quality, and innovation. Whether patrons are seeking a casual meal with friends, a family gathering, or a special occasion, Buddy’s caters to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. With a commitment to impeccable service and a dedication to creating memorable moments, Buddy’s continues to stand as a testament to culinary excellence and a place where everyone can find their own palate’s delight.

Best Selling item of Buddy’s

Among the array of delectable offerings at Buddy’s, one standout gem that has captured the hearts and taste buds of patrons is their renowned signature dish. This best-selling item holds a special place on the menu, attracting both loyal regulars and newcomers alike. With a harmonious blend of flavors, meticulous preparation, and a dash of culinary innovation, the best-selling item encapsulates the essence of Buddy’s culinary prowess. Its popularity is a testament to Buddy’s commitment to crafting dishes that resonate with diners on a profound level. Whether it’s the savory notes that linger or the harmonious textures that dance on the palate, the best-selling item reflects the very essence of what makes dining at Buddy’s a truly exceptional experience.

Alternative of Buddy’s

For those seeking culinary experiences beyond Buddy’s, a variety of appealing alternatives await. From charming local eateries with a focus on regional specialties to upscale dining establishments offering a touch of elegance, the options are diverse and enticing. Each alternative carries its own unique ambiance and culinary style, catering to a wide range of preferences. Whether patrons are in search of global flavors, farm-to-table freshness, or fusion creations, these alternatives provide an avenue for gastronomic exploration. While Buddy’s has undoubtedly made its mark, Las Flores Menu and Meat Plus Cafe Menu alternatives offer a chance to embark on new culinary journeys and savor different aspects of the culinary world.

Career Opportunities at Buddy’s

Buddy’s presents a myriad of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality industry. As a dynamic and renowned establishment, Buddy’s offers a nurturing environment that encourages growth, creativity, and personal development. From aspiring chefs honing their skills in the kitchen to dedicated front-of-house staff delivering impeccable service, Buddy’s fosters a collaborative atmosphere that values each team member’s contributions. With opportunities ranging from entry-level positions to managerial roles, Buddy’s is a place where ambition meets a supportive framework. Joining the Buddy’s team means becoming part of a vibrant community committed to creating exceptional dining experiences and shaping the future of the culinary world.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Buddy’s menu features a diverse range of cuisines, including classic American favorites, international delights, and unique fusion creations. From burgers and pastas to sushi and vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone.

Yes, Buddy’s menu includes options for various dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb choices. The menu is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Menu prices at Buddy’s are carefully determined by considering factors such as ingredient quality, preparation time, and overall dining experience. The goal is to offer value for money while maintaining high standards.

Yes, Buddy’s provides options for group reservations and catering orders. Whether it’s a large party or a corporate event, they can accommodate various group sizes.

Absolutely, Buddy’s is committed to transparency. Nutritional information for menu items is often available upon request or on their website, allowing you to make informed choices.

While Buddy’s strives to maintain consistency across its locations, there might be slight variations in the menu offerings to accommodate local preferences and seasonal ingredients.

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