Bonchon Desserts Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Bonchon Desserts Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Bonchon Desserts menu has menu items like Choco Bingsu, Mango Bingsu, Strawberry Choco Bingsu, Chocolate Brownie Fundae, Mango Cheesecake Fundae, Strawberry Oreo Fundae, Chocolate Crispy Crepe, Strawberry Chocolate Crispy Crepe and Mango Crispy Crepe in Philippines.

Bonchon Desserts Menu Prices

Bonchon Desserts Menu Prices

Choco Bingsu₱138
Mango Bingsu₱138
Strawberry Choco Bingsu₱138
Chocolate Brownie Fundae₱89
Mango Cheesecake Fundae₱89
Strawberry Oreo Fundae₱89
Chocolate Crispy Crepe₱104
Strawberry Chocolate Crispy Crepe₱104
Mango Crispy Crepe₱104

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What types of desserts does Bonchon offer?

Bonchon offers a variety of desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings. Our menu includes options such as Korean-inspired desserts, classic treats like ice cream and cake, and more.

Does Bonchon offer any special promotions or deals on desserts?

Yes, we frequently offer special promotions and deals on desserts. These may include discounts, combo deals, or seasonal promotions. Be sure to check our website or inquire with our staff about current dessert specials.

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