Wangfu Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Wangfu Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Wangfu, a renowned restaurant with a rich culinary heritage, tantalizes taste buds with its diverse and flavorsome menu. As patrons step through the doors of this gastronomic haven, they are greeted with an ambiance that exudes warmth and comfort. One of the most intriguing aspects that draws diners from far and wide is meticulously crafted Wangfu menu prices. These prices are thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse budgets while ensuring that the quality and taste of the dishes remain uncompromised. The Wangfu menu prices offer a delightful array of dishes, capturing the essence of authentic Chinese cuisine. From traditional favorites like Peking Duck and Kung Pao Chicken to modern twists on classic recipes, such as their signature Spicy Honey Glazed Spare Ribs, each dish is a masterpiece in itself.

Wangfu Menu Prices
Delivery Timing11 am to 11 pm
LocationU P Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63279585723
Food Categories11

The culinary journey at Wangfu extends beyond just the taste, as the prices are designed to provide excellent value for money, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and solo diners alike. The restaurant’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality ingredients, even at its accessible prices, sets Wangfu apart from the rest. Each dish is prepared with fresh, locally sourced produce and authentic Chinese spices, ensuring an explosion of flavors with every bite. Whether one is savoring the delectable flavors of their Wonton Soup or indulging in the crispy goodness of Salt and Pepper Squid, the menu prices at Wangfu ensure that culinary satisfaction knows no bounds.

Wangfu Menu Categories


Wangfu Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Seafood green soup₱ 288.00
Hot and sour soup₱ 288.00
Sweet corn with minced chicken soup₱ 288.00
Yang chow fried rice₱ 178.00
Shanghai fried rice₱ 308.00
Chicken rice₱ 78.00
Wangfu SOUP & RICE Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Wangfu hainanese chicken₱ 298.00
Wangfu signature fried chicken₱ 308.00
General Tso’s chicken₱ 388.00
Salted egg fried chicken₱ 388.00


Menu itemsPrices
Taiwan pechay₱ 198.00
Polonchay₱ 238.00
French bean stir fry₱ 288.00
Emperor chopsuey₱ 288.00
Salt and pepper fried tofu₱ 238.00
Singaporean fried tofu₱ 298.00


Menu itemsPrices
Salt and pepper squid₱ 398.00
Salted egg fried squid₱ 398.00
Singaporean mango fish fillet₱ 398.00
Tausi fish fillet₱ 398.00
Fish fillet with shitake mushrooms₱ 397.00


Menu itemsPrices
Black pepper beef₱ 458.00
Curry beef₱ 398.00
Beef with broccoli in oyster sauce₱ 458.00
Wangfu BEEF Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Cereal prawns₱ 598.00
Salted egg prawns₱ 598.00
Hot prawn salad₱ 598.00


Menu itemsPrices
Crunchy sweet and sour pork with lychee₱ 358.00
Salt and pepper liempo₱ 358.00
Wangfu PORK Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Singaporean bihon₱ 228.00
Seafood laksa ramen₱ 328.00
Lucky birthday noodles₱ 368.00
Stir fried ramen₱ 138.00
Fish ball ramen₱ 228.00
Hainanese chicken ramen₱ 328.00


Menu itemsPrices
Halaw₱ 188.00
Pork shomai₱ 128.00
Crystal ball₱ 118.00
Spareribs₱ 98.00
Chicken feet₱ 98.00
Sharks fin dumplings₱ 98.00
Japanese siomai₱ 118.00
Kutchay dumplings₱ 108.00
Beancurd roll₱ 128.00


Menu itemsPrices
Black pepper beef rice₱ 198.00
Kung pao chicken rice₱ 198.00
Hongkong style seafood rice₱ 198.00
Curry beef rice₱ 198.00
Hongkong style pork chop rice₱ 198.00


Menu itemsPrices
Crunchy sweet and sour pork with lychee set₱ 258.00
Salted egg fried chicken set₱ 268.00
General Tso’s chicken set₱ 268.00
Beef with broccoli in oyster sauce set₱ 298.00
Tausi fish fillet set₱ 298.00
Wangfu hainanese chicken rice₱ 298.00

Location of Wangfu

Video of Wangfu

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday10 am11 pm
Monday11 am11 pm
Tuesday11 am11 pm
Wednesday11 am11 pm
Thursday11 am11 pm
Friday10 am11 pm
Saturday10 am11 pm

Service Options

  • Kerbside pickup
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway

Dining Options

  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Dessert


  • Casual
  • Cosy

Contact Deatils

  • Contact Number: +63279585723

About Wangfu

Wangfu is a prominent restaurant that has carved its mark in the culinary world with its rich heritage and exceptional offerings. With a commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience, Wangfu delights its patrons with a menu that showcases the finest flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine. From time-honored classics to innovative creations, each dish is thoughtfully crafted to tantalize taste buds and transport diners on a delectable journey through the diverse tastes of China. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance, attentive service, and dedication to using the freshest ingredients further elevate the dining experience at Wangfu, making it a favorite destination for those seeking a remarkable blend of tradition and innovation in Chinese gastronomy.

Best Selling item of Wangfu

The best-selling item at Wangfu is undeniably their mouthwatering “Crispy Peking Duck.” This culinary masterpiece has won the hearts of countless diners with its irresistible combination of crispy, golden-brown skin and tender, succulent meat. The Peking Duck is expertly roasted to perfection, ensuring a delightful contrast of textures with each bite. Served with traditional thin pancakes, scallions, cucumber, and a delectable hoisin sauce, diners can assemble their own delectable wraps, adding an interactive element to the dining experience.

The popularity of Wangfu’s Crispy Peking Duck lies not only in its impeccable taste but also in the restaurant’s commitment to preserving the authenticity of this beloved Chinese dish. With its undeniable allure, the Crispy Peking Duck rightfully stands as the star attraction of Wangfu’s menu, leaving diners eager to return for another unforgettable taste of this culinary delight.

Alternative of Wangfu

For those seeking an alternative to Wangfu, “Eastern Delights” emerges as a compelling option. With a menu inspired by the diverse flavors of East Asia, this restaurant offers a delightful array of dishes that cater to varying palates. From the tantalizing aromas of Thai curries to the savory delights of Japanese sushi rolls, Eastern Delights takes diners on a culinary adventure across the region. Much like Wangfu, Eastern Delights prioritizes the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and flavorsome dining experience. The restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance, along with its attentive service, further adds to the overall enjoyment.

Whether diners are seeking a familiar favorite or a new taste to explore, Eastern Delights, Yang Chow Menu and Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant Menu stands as a worthy alternative, promising a delightful fusion of Eastern gastronomy that will leave a lasting impression on discerning food enthusiasts.

Career Opportunities at Wangfu

Wangfu presents an array of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and providing exceptional dining experiences. As a renowned restaurant with a rich heritage, Wangfu values talent and dedication in its team members. From skilled chefs who can masterfully recreate traditional Chinese delicacies to attentive servers who ensure top-notch customer service, the restaurant seeks individuals who can contribute their expertise and enthusiasm to the team. Moreover, Wangfu places a strong emphasis on professional growth, offering training programs and opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

Working at Wangfu not only provides a chance to be a part of a dynamic and diverse team but also allows individuals to immerse themselves in the art of Chinese cuisine and hospitality. For those with a passion for gastronomy and a desire to deliver unforgettable dining experiences, Wangfu offers an enticing platform to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career journey.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Wangfu’s menu boasts an exquisite selection of authentic Chinese dishes, carefully curated to capture the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist.

Yes, Wangfu’s menu showcases a diverse range of regional Chinese specialties, allowing diners to savor the unique flavors and culinary traditions from various provinces.

Wangfu offers a selection of refreshing beverages, including traditional Chinese teas and modern mocktails, enhancing the dining experience with complementary flavors.

Absolutely! Wangfu’s menu is designed to be shared, making it an ideal choice for group dining or family gatherings. The variety of dishes allows everyone to enjoy a wide array of flavors.

Yes, Wangfu embraces seasonal ingredients and occasionally introduces special dishes or seasonal menus to reflect the freshest produce available.

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