Shinsen Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Shinsen Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Shinsen, a culinary haven known for its exquisite Japanese cuisine, not only tantalizes taste buds with its diverse menu but also offers an affordable dining experience. The Shinsen Menu Prices are a pleasant surprise for those seeking a taste of authentic Japanese flavors without breaking the bank.

Shinsen Menu Prices
Delivery Timing11:30 AM–2:30 PM to 5–10 PM
LocationUnits 202-203 100 Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline +639778551105
Food Categories11

Shinsen menu boasts a wide array of dishes, from traditional sushi and sashimi to innovative rolls that cater to diverse preferences. The beauty lies in the fact that this extensive variety comes with prices that accommodate different budget ranges. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a first-time Japanese food enthusiast, Shinsen ensures there’s something for everyone at reasonable rates.

One might expect that the quality of ingredients in a Japanese culinary gem like Shinsen would come at a premium price. However, Shinsen defies this stereotype by sourcing top-notch, fresh ingredients while keeping their menu prices reasonable. Each dish is crafted with care, reflecting a commitment to excellence without compromising affordability.

Shinsen Menu Categories

NigirisushiShinsen Bento

Shinsen Menu Prices

Menu itemsPrices
Kajiki Toro Sashimi₱378
Shinsen Sashimi Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Kajiki Toro₱198
Aburi Sake₱298
Menu itemsPrices
Shinsen Double XP Roll₱408
California Maki₱298
Futo Maki₱308
Spicy Salmon Maki₱398
Tekka Maki₱228
Ebi TempuraMaki₱248
Ebi Maki₱208
Kani Maki₱168
Dynamite Roll₱398
Crazy Roll₱348
Salmon Cheese Maki₱408
Seafood Futomaki₱378
Salmon Skin roll₱278
Shinsen Makisushi Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Kyuri Maki₱118
Unagi Maki₱378
Unagi Boh Sushi₱498
Age Maki₱398
Dragon Roll₱628
Spicy Tuna Maki₱328
Tuna Avocado Roll₱428
Nishiki Maki₱468
Chef’s Ocean Roll₱468
Geisha Roll₱478
Crazy Tuna Roll₱398
Menu itemsPrices
Miso Soup₱68
Sukiyaki Small₱438
Sukiyaki Large₱768
Kani Salad₱308
Yasai Salad₱248
Kini Mango Salad₱318
Spicy seafood Salad₱358
Spicy tuna Sald₱478
Spicy Salmon Salad₱528
Sashimi Salad₱628
Menu itemsPrices
Shinsen Gyoza₱228
Agedashi Tofu₱198
Salmon Skin karaage₱108
tofu Furai₱228
Steamed Tofu Steak₱198
Nasu Abura itame₱198
Naso Tofu Amai Sauce₱288
Okra Gumae₱188
Tori Teba Nanbuzuke₱288
Shinsen Appetizer Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Teriyaki₱478
Beef Teriyaki₱598
Mixed Sashimi₱578
Menu itemsPrices
Spicy Miso Ramen₱338
Tonkotsu Ramen₱358
Shoyu Ramen₱298
Spicy Vegetarian Ramen₱348
Shinsen Ramen Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Tori Teppanyaki₱298
Seafood teppanyaki₱428
Ika Teppanyaki₱358
Oyster Teppanyaki₱498
Misono Tofu Steak₱398
Lapu lapu Teppanyaki₱298
Blue Marlin Teppanyaki₱408
Salmon Teppanyaki₱528
Beef Tenderloin Teppanyaki₱498


Menu itemsPrices
Beef Teriyaki₱528
Sake Teriyaki₱238
Tori Teriyaki₱278
chicken Wing Yakitori₱408
Kani Bacon Yaki₱318
Tori Shitake Hasamiyaki₱428
Saba Shioyaki₱478
Kaijiki Shioyaki₱428
Salmon Hasami Yaki₱558
Unagi Kabayaki₱798

Location of Shinsen

Video of Shinsen

Opening & Closing Time

Thursday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Friday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Saturday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Sunday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Monday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM–2:30 PM5–10 PM

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeout


  • Alcohol
  • Hard liquor
  • Beer
  • Small plates

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Catering
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +639778551105

About Shinsen

Nestled in the heart of culinary excellence, Shinsen is a Japanese restaurant that transcends the ordinary, offering a sublime dining experience for enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine. Renowned for its commitment to authenticity, Shinsen takes patrons on a gastronomic journey through the diverse flavors of Japan.

From meticulously crafted sushi and sashimi to innovative contemporary dishes, each plate at Shinsen reflects a dedication to using the finest, freshest ingredients. The restaurant’s ambiance is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and traditional Japanese design, creating an inviting space for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings. Shinsen not only delivers on the promise of exceptional culinary delights but also ensures a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it a preferred destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Japan in every bite.

Best Selling item of Shinsen

At the heart of Shinsen’s culinary prowess lies its pièce de résistance—the iconic Dragon Roll. Revered as the best-selling item on the menu, the Dragon Roll is a gastronomic masterpiece that embodies the essence of Japanese culinary artistry.

This delectable roll features a harmonious blend of succulent eel, creamy avocado, and cucumber, all meticulously wrapped in a layer of seasoned rice and seaweed. Topped with thin slices of avocado arranged to resemble dragon scales, the presentation is as captivating as the taste. The Dragon Roll is a celebration of contrasting textures and flavors, with the eel imparting a rich, savory note that perfectly complements the freshness of the avocado. As patrons embark on a culinary journey at Shinsen, the allure of the Signature Dragon Roll remains irresistible, making it a must-try for both connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine and newcomers eager to savor a true masterpiece.

Alternative of Shinsen

For those seeking an alternative to the delightful offerings of Shinsen, the culinary landscape is vast and varied. One notable contender is Sakura Sushi, a restaurant that also specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine, presenting a menu that mirrors the richness of flavors found at Shinsen.

From their expertly crafted sushi rolls to the artful preparation of traditional dishes, Sakura Sushi offers a unique experience for Japanese food enthusiasts. While Shinsen boasts an ambiance that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with traditional design, Sakura Sushi distinguishes itself with a cozy, intimate atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. Ultimately, the choice between Shinsen and its alternatives including Samba Shangri-la Fort Menu and Royal Indian Curry House Menu boils down to personal preferences, with each establishment offering its own unique twist on the captivating world of Japanese culinary delights.

Career Opportunities at Shinsen

For those passionate about the artistry of Japanese cuisine, Shinsen offers more than just a dining experience—it opens doors to exciting career opportunities. Joining the Shinsen team means becoming part of a culinary family dedicated to delivering excellence in every dish. From seasoned chefs crafting intricate sushi rolls to attentive waitstaff providing exceptional service, Shinsen values individuals who share their commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction. Whether you aspire to refine your skills in the kitchen, curate memorable dining experiences, or contribute to the restaurant’s overall success, Shinsen provides a nurturing environment for professional growth.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on creating a positive workplace culture, Shinsen invites individuals with a passion for Japanese cuisine to embark on a rewarding career journey within its vibrant and dynamic culinary team.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What makes Shinsen’s menu unique?

Shinsen’s menu stands out for its authentic Japanese offerings, combining traditional flavors with innovative twists. From classic sushi and sashimi to contemporary creations, the menu caters to a wide range of tastes.

How often does Shinsen update its menu?

Shinsen takes pride in keeping its menu fresh and exciting. While some signature dishes remain, the menu undergoes periodic updates to introduce new seasonal items and culinary creations.

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