Pancit Pancitan Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Pancit Pancitan Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Pancit Pancitan, a popular eatery known for its delectable Filipino noodle dishes, offers a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. The Pancit Pancitan menu is a culinary journey through the rich and flavorful world of pancit, and its prices reflect the quality and variety of ingredients used in crafting these delicious dishes.

Pancit Pancitan Menu Prices
RestaurantPancit Pancitan
Location832A Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Food Categories5

The Pancit Pancitan Menu boasts an extensive selection of pancit varieties, each with its unique combination of ingredients and flavors. From the classic Pancit Canton to the savory Pancit Malabon, patrons are treated to a symphony of tastes that represent the diverse culinary traditions of the Philippines.

The careful curation of the Pancit Pancitan menu ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you prefer a hearty meat-based pancit or a refreshing seafood-inspired option.

Pancit Pancitan Menu Categories

Pancit (Pamilya,Barkada,Baranggay,Fiesta)Drinks

Pancit Pancitan Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Crispy pancit canton₱ 560.00
Crispy pancit palabok₱ 560.00
Kung pow noodles₱ 530.00
Pancit bihon₱ 380.00
Pancit canton₱ 380.00
Pancit palabok₱ 510.00
Pancit sisig₱ 510.00
Pancit squid negra with garlic aioli₱ 560.00
Party spaghetti₱ 508.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
House Pork BBQ (12 pcs.)₱ 420.00
House Lumpiang Shanghai (12 pcs.)₱ 240.00
Lumpiang Gulay (12 pcs.)₱ 240.00
Fried Pepita Pao (12 pcs.)₱ 190.00
Caramelized Patis Wings₱ 200.00
Pancit Pancitan Pica Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Crispy Pata₱ 725.00
Fried Mama-nok₱ 650.00
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Bottled water₱ 60.00
Coke₱ 80.00
Coke Zero₱ 80.00
Royal₱ 80.00
Sprite₱ 80.00
Pancit Pancitan Drinks Menu
Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)
Ube Cheese balls₱ 150.00

Location of Pancit Pancitan

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +639209779141

About Pancit Pancitan

Pancit Pancitan stands as a culinary gem, celebrated for its mastery of Filipino noodle dishes and a commitment to delivering an authentic dining experience. Nestled in the heart of local flavors, this eatery has carved its niche with an extensive menu that showcases the diversity of pancit, a beloved Filipino staple.

From the savory Pancit Canton to the aromatic Pancit Malabon, Pancit Pancitan embraces a symphony of tastes, appealing to a broad spectrum of palates. The establishment is not merely a restaurant but a cultural ambassador, introducing both locals and visitors to the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine. With a dedication to quality ingredients and a balance between affordability and taste, Pancit Pancitan has become a go-to destination for those seeking a delightful journey through the authentic flavors of the Philippines.

Best Selling item of Pancit Pancitan

The undisputed star of Pancit Pancitan’s culinary lineup and a perennial favorite among patrons is their signature Pancit Special. This best-selling item has earned its acclaim by seamlessly blending a medley of flavors and textures that epitomize the essence of Filipino comfort food.

Featuring a harmonious combination of perfectly cooked noodles, succulent meats, crisp vegetables, and the restaurant’s secret blend of savory sauces, the Pancit Special is a celebration of taste that leaves a lasting impression. Its popularity extends beyond regulars, captivating the palates of both locals and tourists who seek an authentic and satisfying Filipino dining experience. As the epitome of Pancit Pancitan’s culinary prowess, the Pancit Special has rightfully claimed its place as the go-to dish, embodying the essence of the restaurant’s commitment to excellence in every savory bite.

Alternative of Pancit Pancitan

For those seeking an alternative to Pancit Pancitan’s culinary offerings, a notable option is the equally enticing noodle haven, Noodle Haven. This establishment boasts a diverse menu that rivals the variety of pancit selections available at Pancit Pancitan.

Noodle Haven distinguishes itself with innovative twists on traditional noodle dishes, introducing unique flavor combinations and regional specialties. From stir-fried noodle creations to aromatic noodle soups, Noodle Haven provides a refreshing alternative while maintaining a commitment to high-quality ingredients. With a welcoming ambiance and a dedication to satisfying diverse tastes, Noodle Haven, Cuckoo Menu and One Zo Tapioca Menu stands as a compelling choice for those in search of an alternatives noodle haven that complements and enriches the culinary landscape.

Career Opportunities at Pancit Pancitan

Pancit Pancitan not only serves delightful Filipino noodle dishes but also offers promising career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary world and hospitality industry. The restaurant prides itself on cultivating a vibrant and inclusive work environment, providing a range of positions for aspiring chefs, servers, kitchen staff, and managerial roles.

Career seekers at Pancit Pancitan can expect to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to delivering an authentic and memorable dining experience. From entry-level positions to leadership roles, Pancit Pancitan fosters professional growth by encouraging skill development and recognizing the value each team member brings to the table. Whether one is pursuing a career in culinary arts, customer service, or restaurant management, Pancit Pancitan stands as an exciting destination where individuals can carve out a fulfilling and rewarding career path within the vibrant realm of Filipino cuisine.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Pancit Pancitan known for?

Pancit Pancitan is renowned for its diverse menu of Filipino noodle dishes, offering a wide range of pancit varieties that showcase the rich and flavorful traditions of Filipino cuisine.

Does Pancit Pancitan offer combination meals or promotions?

Yes, the restaurant frequently offers combination meals and special promotions, providing an opportunity for patrons to sample a variety of pancit dishes at a reasonable cost. Keep an eye out for these promotions to maximize your dining experience.

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