lan zhou lamien Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

lan zhou lamien Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Lanzhou Lamien, a renowned restaurant, stands as a beacon of authentic Chinese cuisine, offering a delectable menu that tantalizes taste buds and provides an immersive culinary journey. The Lanzhou Lamien Menu prices are not just numbers; they represent the value one receives in return – an amalgamation of quality ingredients, skillful preparation, and a delightful dining experience.

lan zhou lamien Menu Prices
RestaurantLanZhou LaMien
Delivery Timing10 am to 9 pm
LocationJX3F+CC3, Reina Regente St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63282445365
Food Categories4

The heart of Lanzhou Lamien’s menu lies in its iconic hand-pulled noodles, a craft perfected over centuries in the city of Lanzhou. Despite the intricate process of noodle-making, the menu prices remain surprisingly reasonable. Patrons can indulge in the rich flavors of beef or lamb noodle soups, accompanied by a generous serving of hand-pulled noodles, all without breaking the bank. The affordability of these dishes makes Lanzhou Lamien a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic taste of China without compromising on their budget.

lan zhou lamien Menu Categories


lan zhou lamien Menu Prices

Beef Lamien₱ 280.00
Spareribs Lamien₱ 280.00
Fish Lamien₱ 310.00
Chicken Lamien₱ 280.00
Pork Lamien₱ 280.00
Tito Lamien₱ 280.00
Seafood Lamien₱ 310.00
Wanton Lamien₱ 280.00
Beef Wanton Lamien₱ 350.00
Spicy Beef Lamien₱ 310.00
Spareribs Knife₱ 280.00
Tomato Bihon₱ 300.00
Sesame Dumplings₱ 220.00
Pickles Labanus₱ 90.00
Cha Chiang Knife₱ 280.00
Cha Chiang Lamien₱ 280.00
Tomato Lamien₱ 300.00
Plain Soup Lamien₱ 250.00
Wantou Soup₱ 250.00
Steam Dumpling₱ 320.00
Steam Dumpling₱ 190.00
Fried Dumpling₱ 360.00
Fried Dumpling₱ 210.00
Frozen Dumpling₱ 300.00
Tomato Knife₱ 300.00
Squash Hopia₱ 180.00
Egg Cha Fan₱ 350.00
Hopia Gabi₱ 230.00
Sotanghon Soup₱ 280.00
Bihon Soup₱ 280.00
Ho Fan Soup₱ 280.00
Lamien Soup₱ 280.00
Kan Pan Lamien₱ 300.00
Knife Mien₱ 300.00
Ba Bao Sha Guo Lamien₱ 360.00
Ba Bao Sha Guo Bihon₱ 360.00
Cha Lamien₱ 350.00
Cha Bihon₱ 360.00
Cha Ho Fan₱ 360.00
Cha Sotanghon₱ 360.00
Tao Chow Guisado₱ 350.00
Ba Bao Sha Guo Sotanghon₱ 360.00
Ba Bao Sha Guo Knife₱ 360.00
Soft Drinks₱ 60.00
Mineral Water₱ 40.00

Location of lan zhou lamien

Opening & Closing Time

Saturday10 am9 pm
Sunday10 am9 pm
Monday10 am9 pm
Tuesday10 am9 pm
Wednesday10 am9 pm
Thursday10 am9 pm
Friday10 am9 pm

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Dinner

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63282445365

About lan zhou lamien

Lanzhou Lamien is a distinguished Chinese restaurant renowned for its authentic and flavorful hand-pulled noodles. Originating from the city of Lanzhou, where noodle-making is considered an art form, the restaurant brings centuries-old culinary traditions to the forefront.

What sets Lanzhou Lamien apart is not just its commitment to crafting delicious dishes but also its dedication to providing an immersive dining experience at an affordable price. The menu features a diverse array of noodle soups, stir-fried noodles, dumplings, and other delectable Chinese specialties. With an emphasis on using high-quality, fresh ingredients, Lanzhou Lamien ensures that each dish reflects the rich cultural heritage and authenticity of Lanzhou’s culinary traditions. Whether patrons seek a budget-friendly meal or a gastronomic adventure, Lanzhou Lamien stands as a beacon, inviting all to savor the true essence of Chinese cuisine in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

Best Selling item of lan zhou lamien

Lanzhou Lamien’s best-selling item is undeniably its signature Beef Noodle Soup. Renowned for its rich and savory broth, the dish boasts hand-pulled noodles that are a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and tradition.

The succulent beef slices, combined with carefully selected spices and herbs, create a symphony of flavors that captivates the taste buds of patrons. The dish’s popularity lies not only in its exquisite taste but also in its hearty portions, making it a satisfying and wholesome choice for customers seeking a quintessential Lanzhou Lamien experience. The Beef Noodle Soup has become a staple and a symbol of the restaurant’s dedication to delivering the finest in Chinese culinary excellence, earning it a well-deserved reputation as a must-try item for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Alternative of lan zhou lamien

For those seeking an alternative to Lanzhou Lamien, one might explore the diverse world of Asian cuisine offered by other renowned establishments. Options abound, with Japanese ramen joints, Vietnamese pho restaurants, and Thai noodle houses providing exciting alternatives.

Each cuisine brings its unique flavors and culinary traditions, allowing diners to embark on a culinary journey beyond the boundaries of Chinese fare. Whether it’s the umami-packed ramen bowls, the fragrant and aromatic bowls of pho, or the spicy delights of Thai noodles, these alternatives offer a chance to experience the rich tapestry of Asian culinary diversity. While Lanzhou Lamien holds its own charm, exploring these alternatives including Seven Corners Menu and Fish2Go Menu allows food enthusiasts to discover new tastes and textures, adding a delightful variety to their gastronomic adventures.

Career Opportunities at lan zhou lamien

Lanzhou Lamien presents exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality industry. With its commitment to delivering an authentic dining experience, the restaurant offers a dynamic work environment where aspiring chefs, kitchen staff, and front-of-house personnel can thrive.

From mastering the art of hand-pulled noodles to perfecting the flavors of traditional Chinese dishes, employees have the chance to develop valuable skills and contribute to the restaurant’s culinary excellence. Additionally, Lanzhou Lamien emphasizes customer service, providing opportunities for individuals interested in roles such as waitstaff, hosts, and managerial positions. As part of a team dedicated to upholding the restaurant’s standards of quality and authenticity, working at Lanzhou Lamien can be a rewarding experience for those looking to build a career in the vibrant world of gastronomy and hospitality.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What makes Lanzhou Lamien’s hand-pulled noodles special?

Lanzhou Lamien takes pride in its hand-pulled noodles, a craft perfected over centuries. Made by skilled artisans, these noodles boast a unique texture and authenticity, setting them apart from commercially produced alternatives.

What is the signature dish at Lanzhou Lamien?

The signature dish that steals the spotlight at Lanzhou Lamien is the Beef Noodle Soup. Renowned for its rich broth and hand-pulled noodles, it has become a fan favorite and a must-try for those seeking an authentic taste of Lanzhou.

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