Infinitea Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Infinitea Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Indulging in a delectable culinary experience while staying within a reasonable budget is a desire shared by many. Enter Infinitea, a haven for tea enthusiasts and food lovers alike. This article delves into the captivating world of Infinitea menu prices, exploring the diverse offerings that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. At Infinitea, the fusion of quality ingredients, exquisite flavors, and affordable prices is a triumphant harmony that sets it apart. Whether you’re a devoted tea lover or simply seeking a delightful dining experience, Infinitea menu prices offer an array of options to suit any budget.

Infinitea menu prices
Delivery Timing8 am to 10 Pm
LocationJX3P+4XW, Nicanor Reyes St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63287362649
Food Categories10

With their commitment to excellence, Infinitea ensures that affordability does not compromise the impeccable taste and presentation of their dishes. The menu at Infinitea is a culinary tapestry, woven with creativity and attention to detail. From the moment you step into this cozy tea haven, you are greeted by an extensive selection that spans from comforting classics to innovative, mouthwatering creations. Moreover, Infinitea menu prices are designed to accommodate various preferences, ensuring that both tea enthusiasts and food connoisseurs can find their perfect match without breaking the bank.

Infinitea Menu Categories


Infinitea Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Original Milk Tea Nai Cha w/o pearls (Medium)₱ 65.00
Original Milk Tea Nai Cha w/o pearls (Large)₱ 75.00
Pearl Black Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 75.00
Pearl Black Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 85.00
Pearl Green Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 75.00
Pearl Green Milk Tea (Large)₱ 85.00
Strawberry Bliss Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 75.00
Strawberry Bliss Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 85.00
Dragon Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 80.00
Dragon Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 90.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 80.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 90.00
Taro Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 80.00
Taro Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 90.00
Peach-Lychee Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 80.00
Peach-Lychee Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 90.00
Caramel Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Caramel Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 95.00
Chocolate Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 85.00
Chocolate Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 95.00
Coffee Jelly Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Coffee Jelly Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 95.00
Iced Coffee Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Iced Coffee Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 95.00
Strawberry Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 85.00
Strawberry Milk Tea (Large)₱ 95.00
Matcha Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Matcha Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 95.00
Coffee Hazelnut Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 90.00
Coffee Hazelnut Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Coffee Caramel Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Coffee Caramel Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Caramel with Brown Sugar Jelly (Medium)  ₱ 90.00
Caramel with Brown Sugar Jelly (Large) ₱ 100.00
Dark Cocoa Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Dark Cocoa Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Golden Dragon Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Golden Dragon Milk Tea (Large)₱ 100.00
Okinawa Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Okinawa Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Oreo Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Oreo Milk Tea (Large)₱ 100.00
Peppermint Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Peppermint Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Wintermelon Oolong Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 90.00
Wintermelon Oolong Milk Tea (Large)₱ 100.00
Vanilla Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 90.00
Vanilla Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 100.00
Coffee Vanilla Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Coffee Vanilla Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 105.00
Choco Vanilla Milk Tea (Medium)2₱ 95.00
Choco Vanilla Milk Tea (Large)₱ 105.00
Hokkaido (Medium)   ₱ 95.00
Hokkaido (Large)  ₱ 105.00
Blueberry Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 100.00
Blueberry Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Salted Cream Wintermelon Milk Tea (Medium) ₱ 100.00
Salted Cream Wintermelon Milk Tea (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Dark Cocoa Pudding (Medium)   ₱ 105.00
Dark Cocoa Pudding (Large)₱ 115.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chocolate (Medium)  ₱ 85.00
Chocolate (Large) ₱ 95.00
Coffee (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Coffee (Large) ₱ 95.00
Coffee Vanilla (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Coffee Vanilla (Large) ₱ 95.00
Dark Chocolate (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Dark Chocolate (Large) ₱ 95.00
Mocha (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Mocha (Large) ₱ 95.00
Original Milk Tea (Medium)  ₱ 85.00
Original Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 95.00
Vanilla (Medium)  ₱ 85.00
Vanilla (Large)  ₱ 95.00
Infinitea HOT DRINKS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Black Tea with Honey Lemon (Medium)₱ 70.00
Black Tea with Honey Lemon (Large)₱ 80.00
Wintermelon Juice (Medium)₱ 70.00
Wintermelon Juice (Large)    ₱ 80.00
Wintermelon Kiss (Medium)₱ 75.00
Wintermelon Kiss (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Jasmine Green Tea with Honey Lemon (Medium)  ₱ 80.00
Jasmine Green Tea with Honey Lemon (Large)   ₱ 90.00


Menu itemsPrices
Caramel (Medium)  ₱ 90.00
Caramel (Large)   ₱ 100.00
Cookies and Cream (Medium)  ₱ 90.00
Cookies and Cream (Large)  ₱ 100.00
Chocolate Mousse (Medium)  ₱ 95.00
Chocolate Mousse (Large)   ₱ 105.00
Green Tea Frappe (Medium)  ₱ 95.00
Green Tea Frappe (Large)  ₱ 105.00
Milo Godzilla (Medium)   ₱ 95.00
Milo Godzilla (Large)  ₱ 105.00
Strawberry Mousse (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Strawberry Mousse (Large)₱ 105.00
Vanilla (Medium)₱ 95.00
Vanilla (Large)  ₱ 105.00
Dark Chocolate Cookie Crumble (Medium)   ₱ 100.00
Dark Chocolate Cookie Crumble (Large)   ₱ 110.00
Green Tea Hazelnut (Medium) ₱ 100.00
Green Tea Hazelnut (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Mint Chocolate (Medium)   ₱ 100.00
Mint Chocolate (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Mocha Cookie Crumble (Medium)   ₱ 100.00
Mocha Cookie Crumble (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Taro Taro (Medium)   ₱ 100.00
Taro Taro (Large)   ₱ 110.00
Winter Frost (Medium)  ₱ 100.00
Winter Frost (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Double Dutch (Medium)  ₱ 105.00
Double Dutch (Large)  ₱ 115.00
Blueberry Cheesecake (Medium)  ₱ 105.00
Blueberry Cheesecake (Large)  ₱ 115.00
Mango Cheesecake (Medium)  ₱ 105.00
Mango Cheesecake (Large)   ₱ 115.00
Strawberries and Cream (Medium) ₱ 105.00
Strawberries and Cream (Large)    ₱ 115.00
Strawberry Oreo (Medium)   ₱ 130.00
Strawberry Oreo (Large)   ₱ 140.00


Menu itemsPrices
Blueberry (Large) ₱ 85.00
Green Apple (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Lychee (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Lemon (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Peach (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Raspberry (Large)    ₱ 85.00
Strawberry (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Infinitea SODA POPS Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Iced Coffee (Medium)₱ 75.00
Iced Coffee (Large)₱ 85.00
Taro (Medium) ₱ 80.00
Taro (Large)    ₱ 90.00
Matcha (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Matcha (Large)   ₱ 95.00
Chocolate (Medium)  ₱ 85.00
Chocolate (Large) ₱ 95.00
Mocha (Medium)  ₱ 90.00
Mocha (Large)₱ 100.00
Vanilla (Medium)₱ 90.00
Vanilla (Large) ₱ 100.00
Milo (Medium)   ₱ 95.00
Milo (Large)  ₱ 105.00


Menu itemsPrices
Blueberry (Medium)   ₱ 75.00
Blueberry (Large)  ₱ 85.00
Green Apple (Medium)₱ 75.00
Green Apple (Large)₱ 85.00
Peach (Medium)  ₱ 75.00
Peach (Large)   ₱ 85.00
Strawberry (Medium) ₱ 75.00
Strawberry (Large)    ₱ 85.00
Raspberry (Medium)  ₱ 85.00
Raspberry (Large)₱ 95.00
Wintermelon (Medium) ₱ 85.00
Wintermelon (Large)₱ 95.00


Menu itemsPrices
Blueberry (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Blueberry (Large)   ₱ 100.00
Lemon (Medium) ₱ 90.00
Lemon (Large)   ₱ 100.00
Mango (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Mango (Large)   ₱ 105.00
Passion Fruit (Medium)  ₱ 95.00
Passion Fruit (Large) ₱ 105.00
Green Apple (Medium)₱ 95.00
Green Apple (Large) ₱ 105.00
Lychee (Medium)  ₱ 95.00
Lychee (Large) ₱ 105.00
Peach (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Peach (Large) ₱ 105.00
Wintermelon (Medium)   ₱ 100.00
Wintermelon (Large) ₱ 110.00
Lemon Peppermint (Medium) ₱ 100.00
Lemon Peppermint (Large) ₱ 110.00
Peach Lychee (Medium)₱ 100.00
Peach Lychee (Large)  ₱ 110.00
Peach Mint (Medium)₱ 100.00
Peach Mint (Large)    ₱ 110.00
Raspberry (Medium) ₱ 100.00
Raspberry (Large)   ₱ 110.00
Wintermelon Lime (Medium)₱ 100.00
Wintermelon Lime (Large)   ₱ 110.00
Infinitea FRUIT TEA Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Original Soya (Medium)₱ 85.00
Original Soya (Large) ₱ 95.00
Chocolate Soya (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Chocolate Soya (Large)    ₱ 105.00
Matcha Soya (Medium) ₱ 95.00
Matcha Soya (Large)  ₱ 105.00


Menu itemsPrices
Pearls ₱ 10.00
Nata de Coco₱ 10.00
White Pearls ₱ 10.00
Panda Pearls₱ 20.00
Basil Seed₱ 20.00
Coffee Jelly / Brown Sugar Jelly₱ 20.00
Chocolate Topping / Caramel Topping₱ 20.00
Egg Pudding ₱ 20.00
Oreo₱ 20.00
Whipped Cream / Salted Cream ₱ 25.00
Infinitea ADD-ONS Menu

Location of Infinitea

Video of Infinitea

Opening & Closing Time

Wednesday8 am10 Pm
Thursday8 am10 Pm
Friday8 am10 Pm
Saturday8 am10 Pm
Sunday10 am9:30 Pm
Monday8 am10 Pm
Tuesday8 am10 Pm

Service Options

  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63287362649

About Infinitea

Infinitea is a captivating tea haven that beckons tea enthusiasts and culinary explorers with its delightful offerings. Nestled in a cozy setting, Infinitea is more than just a teahouse; it is a sanctuary where the art of tea is celebrated. With an extensive menu that spans a myriad of flavors and aromas, Infinitea invites patrons to immerse themselves in the world of tea, from traditional classics to innovative blends. The expertly curated selection showcases the richness and diversity of teas sourced from around the globe, promising an unforgettable sensory experience. Complemented by a warm and inviting ambiance, Infinitea creates a haven where one can unwind, indulge, and connect with the ancient traditions of tea.

Best Selling item of Infinitea

Among the myriad of enticing offerings at Infinitea, one particular item stands out as the crowned jewel of their menu—their best-selling delight that captivates taste buds and leaves patrons craving for more. This coveted item, coveted by both tea aficionados and casual visitors alike, is none other than their signature “Infinitea Bliss” blend. With a harmonious combination of premium tea leaves, delicate floral notes, and a hint of citrus, this enchanting brew embodies the essence of Infinitea’s dedication to quality and innovation. Served hot or cold, the “Infinitea Bliss” is a true symphony of flavors that transcends expectations, leaving an everlasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience its magic.

Its popularity is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail that Infinitea pours into every sip, making it a must-try for anyone seeking an extraordinary tea-drinking experience.

Alternative of Infinitea

For those seeking an alternative to Infinitea, the bustling tea market offers a plethora of options to satisfy diverse palates. One notable alternative is “Tea Haven,” a haven that embraces the art of tea in a unique and distinctive way. With a menu that rivals Infinitea in both variety and quality, Tea Haven invites tea enthusiasts to embark on a captivating journey of flavors and aromas. From traditional brews to innovative blends, Tea Haven showcases a carefully curated selection of teas sourced from around the world, ensuring a remarkable sensory experience. With a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, Tea Haven sets itself apart by offering organic and fair-trade teas that resonate with socially conscious consumers.

Additionally, their inviting ambiance and knowledgeable staff create an atmosphere of warmth and discovery. Tea Haven and Minute Burger Menu stands as a worthy alternative, offering tea aficionados an opportunity to explore new horizons while savoring the essence of this ancient beverage.

Career Opportunities at Infinitea

Infinitea not only delights tea enthusiasts and food lovers but also provides exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary world. With its commitment to excellence, Infinitea offers a range of roles that span from front-of-house positions to behind-the-scenes culinary craftsmanship. Joining the Infinitea team means becoming part of a vibrant and dynamic environment where creativity and innovation thrive. From skilled baristas crafting exquisite tea concoctions to talented chefs preparing delectable dishes, every team member plays a crucial role in creating an exceptional experience for patrons. Infinitea values growth and development, providing opportunities for career advancement and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Whether one aspires to become a tea sommelier, a master chef, or a hospitality professional, Infinitea offers a platform to unleash one’s potential and make a mark in the culinary industry. With its dedication to quality, creativity, and teamwork, Infinitea opens doors to a fulfilling and rewarding career journey.

Infinitea Deal

Infinitea Deal

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Infinitea is known for its commitment to offering quality and affordability. The menu prices at Infinitea are designed to be reasonable and accessible, ensuring that guests can enjoy a memorable culinary experience without straining their budget.

Absolutely! Infinitea offers a retail section where guests can purchase a variety of teas and related merchandise. Whether you want to recreate the Infinitea experience at home or surprise someone with a tea-inspired gift, their retail offerings provide an opportunity to bring a piece of Infinitea with you.

Yes, Infinitea often offers gift cards that can be purchased and used at their locations. These gift cards make for thoughtful presents, allowing recipients to explore the tantalizing offerings on the Infinitea menu at their convenience.

Infinitea may offer franchising opportunities for individuals interested in opening their own Infinitea location. Franchising requirements and availability can vary, so it is recommended to contact Infinitea directly or visit their official website to explore potential franchising opportunities, including the associated process, requirements, and support provided.

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