Chaboba Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Chaboba Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Chaboba, a popular tea and bubble tea franchise, has taken the beverage world by storm with its extensive and diverse menu of drinks. Not only is the taste exceptional, but Chaboba menu prices are also incredibly affordable, making it a go-to destination for tea lovers on a budget.

Chaboba Menu Prices
Delivery Timing12 PM to 8 PM
Location27b Dona Pilar Aguirre Rd, Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Food Categories13

Chaboba boasts an impressive menu with an array of tea-based beverages, including classic and fruit teas, milk teas, and their signature bubble teas. Customers are spoiled for choice with flavors like jasmine green tea, taro milk tea, passion fruit green tea, and much more. The diverse Chaboba menu appeals to a wide range of palates, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What sets Chaboba apart is its competitive pricing. Despite the high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation that go into each drink, the Chaboba menu prices remain budget-friendly. Most of the regular-sized drinks are priced below $5, and even the larger sizes are offered at reasonable rates, allowing customers to enjoy a premium tea experience without breaking the bank.

Chaboba Menu Categories

Classic Milk TeaFruit
Chococake Milk TeaAdd-Ons
Chocolate Milk TeaPica
CheezeePica Add Ons
Cheesecake Milk TeaYoboo Heathy Yogurt Drink
Salty Cheese Milk TeaAdd Ons
Black Sugar

Chaboba Menu Prices

Classic Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Chaboba Classic (Small)₱85
Chaboba Classic (Large)₱95
Wintermelon Classic (Small)₱89
Wintermelon Classic (Large)₱99
Taro Classic (Small)₱89
Taro Classic (Large)₱99
Okinawa Classic (Small)₱95
Okinawa Classic (Large)₱105
Uji Matcha Classic (Small)₱95
Uji Matcha Classic (Large)₱105

Chococake Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Chaboba Chococake (Small)₱105
Chaboba Chococake (Large)₱115
Meiji Apollo Chococake (Small)₱110
Meiji Apollo Chococake (Large)₱120
Double Dutch Chococake (Small)₱110
Double Dutch Chococake (Large)₱120
Rocky Road Chococake (Small)₱110
Rocky Road Chococake (Large)₱120
Red Velvet Chococake (Small)₱110
Red Velvet Chococake (Large)₱120
Oreo Chococake (Small)₱115
Oreo Chococake (Large)₱125

Chocolate Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Double Dutch Choco (Small)₱89
Double Dutch Choco (Large)₱99
Java Chip Choco (Small)₱95
Java Chip Choco (Large)₱105
Rocky Road Choco (Small)₱95
Rocky Road Choco (Large)₱105
Chaboba Chocolate Milk Tea Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Chaboba Cheezee Tea (Small)₱99
Chaboba Cheezee Tea (Large)₱110
Cheezee Milk Tea (Small)₱99
Cheezee Milk Tea (Large)₱110
Wintermelon Cheezee Tea (Small)₱105
Wintermelon Cheezee Tea (Large)₱115
Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea (Small)₱110
Uji Matcha Cheezee Tea (Large)₱120

Cheesecake Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Chaboba Cheesecake (Small)₱105
Chaboba Cheesecake (Large)₱115
Wintermelon Cheesecake (Small)₱110
Wintermelon Cheesecake (Large)₱120
Taro Cheesecake (Small)₱110
Taro Cheesecake (Large)₱120
Graham Cheesecake (Small)₱110
Graham Cheesecake (Large)₱120
Oreo Cheesecake (Small)₱115
Oreo Cheesecake (Large)₱125
Okinawa Cheesecake (Small)₱115
Okinawa Cheesecake (Large)₱125
Uji Matcha Cheesecake (Small)₱115
Uji Matcha Cheesecake (Large)₱125

Salty Cheese Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Chaboba Salty (Small)₱105
Chaboba Salty (Large)₱115
Wintermelon Salty (Small)₱110
Wintermelon Salty (Large)₱120
Taro Salty (Small)₱110
Taro Salty (Large)₱120
Oreo Salty (Small)₱115
Oreo Salty (Large)₱125
Okinawa Salty (Small)₱115
Okinawa Salty (Large)₱125
Uji Matcha Salty (Small)₱115
Uji Matcha Salty (Large)₱125
Chaboba Salty Cheese Milk Tea Menu

Black Sugar

Menu itemsPrices
Black Sugar Milk (Small)₱89
Black Sugar Milk (Large)₱99
Black Sugar Milk Tea (Small)₱95
Black Sugar Milk Tea (Large)₱105


Menu itemsPrices
Avacadocreme (Small)₱115
Avacadocreme (Large)₱125
Passion Fruit Tea (Small)₱85
Passion Fruit Tea (Large)₱95
Blueberry Fruit Tea (Small)₱85
Blueberry Fruit Tea (Large)₱95
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Small)₱85
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Large)₱95
Mango Fruit Tea (Small)₱85
Mango Fruit Tea (Large)₱95


Menu itemsPrices
Salty Cheese₱29
Extra Pearls₱20
Egg Pudding₱25
Nata de Coco₱25
Chia Seeds₱25
Chaboba Add-Ons Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Beefy Nachoz₱135
Cheezee Nachoz₱115

Pica Add Ons

Menu itemsPrices
Beefy Nachoz₱45
Extra Pearls₱20

Yoboo Heathy Yogurt Drink

Menu itemsPrices
Stciky Purple Rice₱120
Very Berry₱120
Avo Great Day₱140
Go Nuts₱120
Banana Be Berry₱140
Chaboba Yoboo₱99
Be There To Cashew₱120
Takes 2 To Mango₱120
One In A Watermelon₱120
Oats Must Have Been Love₱110
Banana Be Loved₱120
Love U So Matcha₱130
Grandsalm Graham₱110
Passionate Dream₱120
Fruity Shades Of Graham₱120
Taro Bravo₱120
Bluer Than Berries₱120
Clingy Kiwi₱120
Monkey’s Oats₱130
Chaboba Yoboo Heathy Yogurt Drink Menu

Add Ons

Menu itemsPrices
Purple Rice₱20
Passion Fruit₱30

Location of Chaboba

Video of Chaboba

Opening & Closing Time

Monday12 PM8 PM
Tuesday12 PM8 PM
Wednesday12 PM8 PM
Thursday12 PM8 PM
Friday12 PM8 PM
Saturday12 PM8 PM
Sunday12 PM8 PM

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway

Contact Details

About Chaboba

Chaboba, a name synonymous with exceptional tea and bubble tea, is a renowned beverage franchise that has captured the hearts of tea lovers around the world.

Founded on the principles of quality, affordability, and variety, Chaboba offers a diverse and enticing menu of tea-based concoctions. From classic teas to innovative fruit blends and their signature bubble teas, Chaboba caters to a broad spectrum of tastes. What sets Chaboba apart is not just its wide range of flavors but also its commitment to affordability, making premium tea accessible to all. With a penchant for customization, special promotions, and a dedication to providing a delightful tea-drinking experience, Chaboba has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking a sip of tea perfection.

Best Selling item of Chaboba

The best-selling item at Chaboba, without a doubt, is their delectable and addictive “Classic Pearl Milk Tea.” This signature creation perfectly embodies the essence of what makes Chaboba a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts. The velvety richness of milk tea, combined with the chewy and delightful tapioca pearls, creates a harmonious and satisfying blend of flavors and textures. The Classic Pearl Milk Tea is a timeless favorite that exemplifies Chaboba’s commitment to delivering an exceptional tea-drinking experience. Its widespread popularity is a testament to the brand’s dedication to crafting a drink that consistently delights customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Alternative of Chaboba

For those seeking an alternative to Chaboba, the world of tea and bubble tea offers a variety of options to explore. Popular chains like Gong Cha and Chatime provide similar tea-based beverages with their unique twists on flavors and textures.

If you’re more inclined towards coffee, Starbucks and local coffee shops offer an array of specialty coffee drinks and some tea options. Additionally, for those interested in exploring healthier options, smoothie bars and juice shops such as Jamba Juice or local health-conscious cafes are excellent choices. The availability of alternatives including Bon Appetea Menu and Cafe Guilt Menu ensures that individuals can find the perfect beverage to suit their preferences, whether it’s classic tea, fruity blends, or specialty coffee, in a competitive and diverse market.

Career Opportunities at Chaboba

Chaboba, a dynamic and rapidly growing tea and bubble tea franchise, offers exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the beverage industry and providing exceptional customer service. Whether you’re interested in roles at the front lines, like barista or store manager positions, or behind-the-scenes careers in areas such as operations, marketing, or supply chain management, Chaboba welcomes dedicated professionals. With a commitment to growth and innovation, Chaboba provides a supportive and inclusive work environment, along with opportunities for personal and professional development.

Joining the Chaboba team can lead to a rewarding career in the ever-evolving world of beverages, where your enthusiasm and expertise can contribute to the brand’s continued success.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Chaboba offers a diverse range of beverages, including classic teas, fruit teas, milk teas, and signature bubble teas. These come in a variety of flavors, catering to different tastes.

Chaboba is known for its competitive pricing. Most regular-sized drinks are priced under $5, making them affordable for a wide range of customers.

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