Cafe Juanita Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Cafe Juanita Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

As one peruses Cafe Juanita’s seafood menu, a symphony of flavors unfolds. From the briny freshness of oysters to the rich succulence of lobster, each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to providing a diverse and satisfying seafood experience. What sets Cafe Juanita apart is not just the quality of its offerings but the astutely crafted Cafe Juanita menu prices that make this culinary journey accessible to a wide range of diners.

Cafe Juanita Menu Prices
RestaurantCafe Juanita
Delivery Timing10 AM to 9 PM
Location19 W Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila, Philippines
Delivery Hotline+63286320357
Food Categories10

Cafe Juanita’s pricing philosophy is a harmonious blend of quality and affordability. The menu prices reflect a commitment to sourcing the finest seafood without compromising on taste. It’s a delicate balancing act where patrons can relish the finest catches from the sea without feeling the pinch in their wallets. This commitment to providing value has established Cafe Juanita as a go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts seeking an exceptional dining experience.

Within the carefully designed Cafe Juanita menu, certain dishes emerge as stars, each with its own unique pricing that adds to the overall allure. From the Lobster Extravaganza to the Grilled Swordfish Symphony, these signature dishes showcase not only the culinary prowess of Cafe Juanita but also the thoughtfulness in pricing, ensuring that customers can savor these exceptional creations without reservation.

Cafe Juanita Menu Categories

PorkPasta Noodles

Cafe Juanita Menu Prices

Menu itemsPrices
Catfish Mango Salad₱336
Gambas Ala Jillo₱277
Chicharon Bulaklak₱271
Crunchy Chicken Skin₱215
Adobong Pusit₱221
Native Green Mango₱159
Vietnamese Spring Rolls₱295
Juanita’s Crispy Lumpia₱346
Beef Salpicao₱344
Calamares Fritos₱247
Ebi Tempura₱343
Crispy Fish Skin₱204
Menu itemsPrices
Grilled Tofu with Pesto and Greens₱343
Pinakbet Salad₱296
Juanita’s Caesar Salad₱324
Cafe Juanita Salad Menu
Menu itemsPrices
Tom Yum Soup₱341
Buddha’s Pillow₱244
Tinolang Manok₱342
Cream Mushroom₱205
Cream of Asparagus₱205
Molo Soup₱179
Maya-Maya sa Miso₱466
Menu itemsPrices
Bistek Tagalog₱442
Beef and Pork Pochero₱607
Lengua Estofado₱539
Beef Caldereta₱498
Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Pata₱745
Two-Way Pork Adobo Ribs₱596
Sisig on tofu₱410
Bagnet Salad₱422
Special Dinuguan₱325
Crispy Pork Binagoongan₱422
Menu itemsPrices
Malunggay Chicken₱364
Dalandan Chicken₱343
Tinolang Manok₱342
Chicken Inasal₱321
Chicken Teriyaki₱334
chicken Panmdan₱334
Garlic Chicken₱296
Chicken Mozzarella₱340
Menu itemsPrices
Lapu Lapu₱635
Iloilo Sea Bass₱434
Tanigue Tail₱591
Laguna Fish₱281
Sugpo sa Gata₱553
Grilled Salmon Teriyaki₱389
Fish Fillet₱478
Boneless Bangus₱304
Cafe Juanita Seafoods Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Pinoy Ratatoy₱278
Ginataang Gulay₱313
Bicol Express₱343
Veggie Curry₱258
Grilled Tofu with Pesto and Greens₱343
Ampalaya ni Doc₱324
Adobong Kangkong₱248
Budhha’s Pillow₱244
Menu itemsPrices
Fillet Mignon₱724
Pepper Steak₱659
Menu itemsPrices
Pad Thai₱334
Pasta Filipina₱342
Pesto in Fettuccini with Maya Fillet₱428
Pancit Canton₱253
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara₱289

Location of Cafe Juanita

Video of Cafe Juanita

Opening & Closing Time

Wednesday10 AM9 PM
Thursday10 AM9 PM
Friday10 AM9 PM
Saturday10 AM9 PM
Sunday10 AM9 PM
Monday10 AM9 PM
Tuesday10 AM9 PM

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible seating


  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Small plates
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Wine

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Catering
  • Lunch
  • Seating
  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Debit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63286320357

About Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita stands as a culinary gem, nestled in the heart of gastronomic diversity. With its roots firmly planted in the Philippines, this beloved establishment has earned a reputation for delivering not just delicious food but a sensory journey through Filipino culinary traditions.

The ambiance of Cafe Juanita is as distinct as its menu, offering a vibrant and eclectic setting adorned with vintage memorabilia, creating an atmosphere that feels both nostalgic and contemporary. Known for its warm hospitality and commitment to culinary excellence, Cafe Juanita invites patrons to embark on a culinary adventure where every dish tells a story of passion and flavor. It’s a place where the love for food, culture, and community converges, making Cafe Juanita not just a restaurant but a cherished experience that resonates with both locals and visitors alike.

Best Selling item of Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita’s culinary repertoire boasts a myriad of tantalizing dishes, but one that consistently steals the spotlight as the best-selling item is the flavorful Beef Kare-Kare. This iconic Filipino dish, with its rich peanut sauce and tender beef chunks, embodies the essence of Filipino comfort food.

The careful balance of savory and nutty flavors, coupled with the accompanying bagoong (fermented shrimp paste), elevates the dining experience to a symphony of taste. As patrons embark on their culinary journey at Cafe Juanita, the Beef Kare-Kare stands out as a must-try, encapsulating the restaurant’s commitment to excellence in Filipino cuisine. Its popularity is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional flavors and modern culinary finesse that defines the essence of Cafe Juanita’s menu.

Alternative of Cafe Juanita

For those seeking an alternative to the unique charm and culinary delights of Cafe Juanita, venturing into the vibrant atmosphere of Locavore presents a captivating option.

Locavore, like Cafe Juanita, is celebrated for its innovative take on Filipino cuisine. Renowned for its farm-to-table concept, Locavore introduces diners to a modern twist on traditional Filipino dishes. The restaurant’s commitment to sourcing local ingredients and crafting inventive flavors provides an alternative culinary experience that resonates with those looking for a contemporary yet authentic taste of Filipino gastronomy. With its chic ambiance and a menu that pays homage to local flavors, Locavore emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking an alternative culinary journey in the heart of the Philippines. However you can also try Zoo Coffee Menu and Talisay the Garden Cafe Menu as a Alternatives of Cafe Juanita.

Career Opportunities at Cafe Juanita

Embarking on a career with Cafe Juanita is an invitation to become part of a dynamic and esteemed culinary family. The restaurant, with its rich history and commitment to delivering exceptional Filipino-Spanish gastronomy, offers a range of career opportunities for individuals passionate about the hospitality industry.

From roles in the bustling kitchen, where creativity and culinary expertise come to life, to customer-facing positions that emphasize warmth and service excellence, Cafe Juanita provides a diverse array of paths for professional growth. With its unique ambiance, innovative menu, and dedication to creating memorable dining experiences, joining the Cafe Juanita team is not just a job but an opportunity to contribute to the legacy of one of the Philippines’ culinary treasures. Aspiring chefs, servers, managers, and hospitality enthusiasts alike can find a fulfilling and exciting career journey at Cafe Juanita, where a commitment to excellence is at the heart of every role.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is Cafe Juanita’s menu influenced more by Filipino or Spanish cuisine?

The menu at Cafe Juanita is a delightful fusion of both Filipino and Spanish culinary traditions, offering a unique and diverse array of dishes.

What is the signature dish at Cafe Juanita that I must try?

One of the must-try signature dishes at Cafe Juanita is the flavorful Beef Kare-Kare, celebrated for its rich peanut sauce and tender beef chunks.

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