Bulgogi Brothers Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Bulgogi Brothers Menu & Updated Prices in Philippines 2024

Bulgogi Brothers, a renowned Korean BBQ restaurant, offers a diverse menu that tantalizes the taste buds with its flavorful and authentic dishes. The Bulgogi Brothers menu prices reflect the quality of ingredients, the skillful preparation, and the overall dining experience that Bulgogi Brothers aims to deliver.

Bulgogi Brothers Menu Prices
RestaurantBulgogi Brothers
Delivery Timing11 AM to 9 PM
LocationLevel 3 Greenbelt, 5 Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63276216216
Food Categories13

At Bulgogi Brothers, each menu item is a testament to culinary excellence. The menu prices are a reflection of the restaurant’s commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish is a gastronomic delight. From the signature bulgogi, a marinated and grilled beef dish, to the assortment of banchan (side dishes), the menu is a journey through the rich and vibrant flavors of Korean cuisine.

The Bulgogi Brothers Menu Prices cater to a diverse range of preferences. Whether you’re a fan of sizzling meats cooked at the table, crave hearty stews, or prefer vegetarian options, the menu has something for everyone. The pricing structure considers the variety of options available, allowing patrons to customize their dining experience according to taste and preference.

Bulgogi Brothers Menu Categories

All-You-Can-EatAdd Ons
Ala Carte (Salads & Starters)Specialty Drinks
Ala Carte (Soups and Stews)Sodas in Can
Ala Carte (Specialties)Bottled Water
BarbecueAlcoholic Drinks
Classic Bibimbap

Bulgogi Brothers Menu Prices

Menu itemsPrices
Korean Green Salad₱475
Bulgogi Salad₱475
Cheezy Tteok-bokki₱450
Kimchi Dumplings (Solo)₱425
Kimchi Dumplings (To Share)₱595
Korean Japchae₱450
Seafood Pancake₱435
Sesame Garlic Soy Tofu (Solo)₱195
Sesame Garlic Soy Tofu (To Share)₱295
Spicy Seafood Dumpling (Solo)₱545
Spicy Seafood Dumpling (To Share)₱795
Spicy Sesame Tofu (Solo)₱195
Spicy Sesame Tofu (To Share)₱295
Spicy Tteok-bokki₱275
Tofu Steak (Solo)₱275
Tofu Steak (To Share)₱425
Menu itemsPrices
Army Stew₱1005
Beef Belly Soup with Soft Tofu₱695
Chicken Ginseng₱795
Galbi Tang (Solo)₱695
Galbi Tang (To Share)₱1050
Kimchi Stew (Solo)₱595
Kimchi Stew (To Share)₱775
Seafood Soybean₱695
Seoul Style Bulgogi₱795
Menu itemsPrices
Chikin’ Chops Solo₱465
Galbi Jim₱795
Gangnam Grilled Mackerel₱795
Korean Fried Chicken (Solo)₱655
Korean Fried Chicken (To Share)₱1125
Korean Stir-Fried Rice₱185
Korean Style Pork BBQ₱705
Menu itemsPrices
Beef Bulgogi Bowl₱425
Pork Samgyupsal Bowl₱385
Spicy Chicken Bowl₱350
Menu itemsPrices
8oz NY Steak₱1205
Big Grill₱1695
Bulgogi Brothers Special₱1795
Gwangyang Style Bulgogi₱695
Korean BBQ Pair₱795
Marinated Beef Belly (Solo)₱325
Marinated Beef Belly (To Share)₱425
Marinated Boneless Short Ribs₱1075
Marinated Pork Belly (Solo)₱325
Marinated Pork Belly (To Share)₱425
Marinated Squid₱525
Nami KBBQ Platter₱2250
NY Steak₱805
Premium BBQ Trio₱1725
Samgyupsal (4 flavors)₱1100
Samgyupsal (6 flavors)₱1495
Unyang Style Bulgogi₱795
Menu itemsPrices
Bulgogi Bibimbap (Solo)₱395
Bulgogi Bibimbap (To Share)₱625
Chicken Bibimbap (Solo)₱375
Chicken Bibimbap (To Share)₱545
Pork Bibimbap (Solo)₱385
Pork Bibimbap (To Share)₱565
Vegetable Bibimbap₱325
Menu itemsPrices
Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake₱335
Menu itemsPrices
Korean Salad₱95
Steamed Egg₱105
Unlimited Lettuce Wrap₱75
Menu itemsPrices
Berry Milky₱195
Iced Tea (Refillable)₱150
Mint For You₱165
Ripe Mango Shake₱170
Summer Sunset Fizz₱195
Tropical Three₱195
Watermelon Shake₱170
Menu itemsPrices
Coke Zero₱95
Menu itemsPrices
Bottled Water₱75
Menu itemsPrices
SMB Light in can₱110
SMB Pale in can₱110
Tiger Crystal₱155

Location of Bulgogi Brothers

Video of Bulgogi Brothers

Opening & Closing Time

Saturday11 AM10 PM
Sunday11 AM9 PM
Monday11 AM9 PM
Tuesday11 AM9 PM
Wednesday11 AM9 PM
Thursday11 AM9 PM
Friday11 AM10 PM

Service Options

  • Takeout
  • Dine-in


  • Alcohol
  • Beer

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +63276216216

About Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers stands as a distinguished emblem of Korean culinary excellence, offering a gastronomic journey that captures the heart of traditional Korean flavors. Established as a renowned Korean BBQ restaurant, Bulgogi Brothers has earned its reputation by combining premium-quality ingredients with skilled culinary craftsmanship. At the heart of its menu is the signature bulgogi, a meticulously marinated and grilled beef dish that encapsulates the essence of Korean barbecue. Beyond the delectable dishes, Bulgogi Brothers creates a warm and inviting ambiance, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Korean culture. With a commitment to freshness, authenticity, and exceptional service, Bulgogi Brothers has become a destination where diners can experience the vibrant and diverse culinary heritage of Korea.

Best Selling item of Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers’ undisputed star and best-selling item is none other than their signature Bulgogi. This delectable dish showcases the culinary mastery of the restaurant, featuring thinly sliced, marinated beef that is grilled to perfection. The marinade, a carefully guarded secret blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and other spices, imparts a symphony of flavors to the meat, creating a mouthwatering and savory experience. Served with an array of fresh vegetables, the Bulgogi at Bulgogi Brothers is a harmonious balance of textures and tastes, offering a tantalizing journey for the taste buds. Its popularity is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to delivering an authentic and unforgettable Korean dining experience.

Alternative of Bulgogi Brothers

For those seeking an alternative to Bulgogi Brothers, “K-Town Grill” stands out as a compelling choice. This contemporary Korean BBQ establishment captures the essence of Korean cuisine with a diverse menu and a vibrant atmosphere. K-Town Grill offers a range of marinated meats for grilling at the table, reminiscent of the interactive dining experience found at Bulgogi Brothers. The menu also features an array of traditional Korean dishes and modern twists, providing options for various preferences. With a commitment to quality ingredients and attentive service, K-Town Grill, Burger Beast Menu and Grumpy Joe Menu offers a delightful alternative for those looking to explore the rich flavors of Korean barbecue in a fresh and inviting setting.

Career Opportunities at Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers presents promising career opportunities for individuals passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality. As a renowned Korean BBQ restaurant, the establishment values talent that shares its commitment to delivering an authentic dining experience.

Positions range from skilled chefs adept in the art of Korean barbecue to front-of-house staff dedicated to providing exceptional service. Opportunities for growth and advancement are inherent within the organization, fostering a dynamic environment for individuals to hone their skills and contribute to the success of the restaurant. Whether one aspires to master the intricacies of traditional Korean cuisine or seeks a role in guest relations, Bulgogi Brothers offers a platform for career development within the vibrant and exciting realm of the culinary industry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is Bulgogi, and why is it a highlight on the menu?

Bulgogi is a signature Korean dish featuring thinly sliced, marinated beef. It’s a highlight on our menu due to its exceptional flavor, created through a secret blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and other spices.

Is the grilling done at the table, and do you provide assistance for first-timers?

Yes, we offer a unique table-grilling experience for certain dishes. Our staff is well-trained to assist first-timers, guiding you through the process to ensure an enjoyable and interactive dining experience.

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